Thursday, September 1, 2011

Meant to Be by Tiffany King

Meant to Be was an interesting read.  There is a soulmate thread to the romance that makes Meant to Be passionate story.  Krista moves to Santa Cruz after her Mom decides they need a new start after the death of her adoptive Dad.  One of the most interesting things is that Krista knows she was adopted after being abandoned at a rest stop at the age of 2.  She also has and oversensitivity to others emotions and often gets sick from being overwhelmed.  On the first day of class in her new private school, Krista meets a teaching intern who is literally the man of her dreams.  Mark immediately recognizes her and tries to meet her but Krista is spooked until the following night where Mark reveals his face to her in the dream.
Sam is Krista's first real friend and feels the energy from Krista.  They are drawn together and find they suffer the same emotional turmoil.  Sam has been dating Shawn who is like Mark and the four of them share so many similarities that they start investigating to find out the common thread.  The couples share dreams that all take place on the beach outside of the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. 
Most of the first half of the book was about the couples finding each and their relationships and doubts.  Many theories are posed about all the similarities and paranormal aspects of the quartet.  The only thing that annoyed me a little was I felt the couples showed off PDA in juvenille ways sometimes but it is YA.  The second half of the book was non-stop action.  Just as Krista is finding out about her mother who was seriously injured in a hit and run accident, She and Mark are kidnapped from the hospital parking lot.  They are taking to a lab facility and experimented on by some people who want to make Mark stronger and Krista weaker.  The truth behind all the mysteries were shocking and totally unique.  I was really glad I stuck with it because the ending makes the book.

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