Sunday, July 29, 2012

Stealing Grace by Shelly Crane

This was a very interesting book.  Only Shelly Crane could take a subject like human trafficking and write a romance.  This was the only book I haven't read by Ms. Crane.  Her Significance series is my all time favorite and has made me a full lifeime fanatic. 
Elena is stolen off the streets and taken through the seedy world of human trafficking.  She ends up being sold into being a wife as a part of a cult-like society.  But Alex, her husband, has always felt that the treatment of the women was abusive and wanted to pick a wife just to save her from his mother's own bitter fate.  As a result, Elena starts to see the good in Alex and a deep love is formed.  Together they make a difference by helping some of the other women escape.  In the end, they must run for their lives from not only the community but the human traffickers themselves.

Crash by Nicole Williams

Wow!  I loved this book. I started it and couldn't put it down until I finished it.  Crash is a fast paced passionate bad boy-I-want-to-save romance.  While some could read the bad boy with a bad temper as just another book that glorifies violence, Crash is so much more with deeper.  Beside let's face it, who hasn't wanted to save a bad boy or be the one special someone that can get through to him.  For me, Books are supposed to be a loose your reality type of story not necessarily what I would do in real life.  This is an excellent book for those of us who have loved Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McQuire.  Jude could actually take over my crush on Travis.
Lucy's family has downsized when her father lost his business which makes her family have to move to their lake cabin where she will go to private school.  She meets Jude Ryder whose reputation of local bad boy with a 2 page rap sheet.  But she sees something in him, Jude allows her to touch his soul. They are drawn to each other and their passion ignites.  I don't want to resummarize this book but trust me it's good.  I fully expect this one to follow in Beautiful Disaster's footsteps and wind up a best-seller that will put this Indie author on the radar.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wishing for Someday Soon by Tiffany King

Katelyn and her little brother Kevin arrive in a small town in Montana from California.  The town is so small there is only one grocery store and one gas station.  They live in the only run down trailer park.  But for Katelyn this is actually a step-up from living from homeless shelter to living in the car with a hole in the floorboard.  Katelyn is both abused and neglected by her Mom but gladly suffers and covers up the secrets to keep Kevin safe and with her.  She fears any interference from the state would end her and Kevin in seperate foster homes.  Then comes Max who likes Katelyn instantly and manages to break through all of her self protective walls. 
This is another wonderful love story written by Tiffany King that whispers of love at first sight and soulmates.  Katelyn's life is harsh and gritty that bases the story in reality.  Max and all the kids in Katelyn's class are friendly and welcoming to the newcomers.  The book made me experience all of Katelyn's highs and lows right along with her.  I couldn't put it down.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Consumed by Rebecca Zanetti

I have been a huge fan of the Kayrs brothers series since reading the first novel.  Jordan and Katie, two mountain lion shifters, were introduced in the first book and have appeared every part of the story.  Katie loves Jordan who rescued her as a kitten from an abusive foster home, but is afraid he will never see her as more than the little girl he rescued.  Now she has been infected with the dreaded Virus-27 that has taken her ability to shift but given her an ability to locate werewolves who have been turned into evil killing machines by the Kurjans.  Ten years have past since the last book and Katie has been living on her own as the leader of a hunting team.  However, Jordan shows up suddenly to take her home to the Realm's HQ.  Jordan has been infected and knows that he will be turned into a mindless werewolf by the next full moon.  Katie is determined to save him even if she has to take one for the team and seduce him to do it.
I have always loved Jordan and Katie and was so excited that they were getting their own story.  I couldn't put this down as Ms. Zanetti drawns the reader into her world and never lets go.  The series has a number of secondary characters and previous main characters that the reader will love getting to know also.  It was a great treat to see Janie growing up and the dynamic with her, Zane, and Kalin.  I can't wait for the next book.

Thomas & January by Fisher Amelie

When you first meet Tom in Callum & Harper, he is happy-go-lucky bass player known for his tied dye shirts.  Then his heart gets broken when his first love gets engaged to someone else.  Tom moves away from his New York "family" to Austin where he becomes a music scout with a hard veneer.  Tom is excellent at his job because he is tightly in control of his emotions and concentrates on the quality of the music.  January ends up at one of his scouting job and they are instantly drawn to each other.  The attraction is hot and severe that creates enough fireworks to burn the book out of your hands.  Tom is cruel and is afraid of what this attraction means for his frozen heart. 
As a twist of fate, has January and Tom teaming up through Europe to scout new bands in a contest against another scout.  Soon they can't fight the fire, but will it be enough for Tom to take a chance on love?
If you haven't read a Fisher Amelie book yet, you HAVE to drop everything and start now.  She is an AMAZING writer who immediately pulls you into the story with a well developed world that has realistic imperfect characters.  The relationships between these characters are what she does best.  Even the friendships inspire deep seated feeling in the reader and when she gets to love, the pages very nearly glow with passion.  I loved this book and can't wait to read more from this incredible author.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fae Not by Leah Speigel

Fae Not was a unique and intriquing read about a new version of fae.  The only thing that changed this from a 5 star to 4 star was that I wanted more background in the beginning.  I understand the building mystery to the society and supernatural beings, but I wanted the farm more clearly explained.  Sometimes it felt a little thrown into the middle of a story.  Because of this, the farm was sort of vaccuum that I wasn't real sure of the time period of the story.  It wasn't until the trip to Wal-Mart and mentions of the Garmin GPS that I was sure it was present day. 
However, that being said, I did immediately get drawn into the mystery of Ashton and the depressed Claire.  The new twist on the Fae keep me reading as I wanted to know all the details of how the society worked.  While the beginning bothered me with a lack of background details, the story really picks up halfway through and kept me reading until I finished it.  As Claire's true story emerges and her relationship with Ashton deepens, I really feel fans of the fae will be enthralled.  I loved the last half of the book and couldn't put it down but wanted more details of what happened.  The ending felt a little abrupt but did give me my happy ever after.

Easy By Tammara Webber

Jacqueline follows her long time high school sweetheart to the University of his choice instead of attending a Music Conservatory. She suddenly finds herself single and unsure of who is without her boyfriend. Then, to add to her turmoil she is in trouble of losing her scholarship because she has skipped the last two weeks of her economics class so she didn't have to sit in her assigned seat next to her ex.

After a meeting with her professor, Jacqueline starts using the class tutor Landon through email. Thus, begins an on-line relationship that kept me drawn with witty emails. Landon is smart and quick with intelligent emails that draws Jacqueline to him. It is a touch of my favorite movie "You've Got Mail" that I loved.

Then there is the bad boy Lucas who is covered in tattoos, sketches in the back of class, and saves Jacqueline who is almost raped by an aquaintance after a frat party. Lucas is just yummy but quiet. However, I was so drawn to him that I could identify with Jacqueline. Lucas and Jacqueline's romance is intense but there continues to be secrets and until they are fully discussed no relationship will ever work.

I loved this book. I began to read it as a number of my friends gave it great reviews. I have to agree it is a re-read for the keeper shelf. I loved how this romance went and was throughly satisfied.

Because Of Low By Abbi Glines

I can't tell you how glad I was that Marcus got his own romance in the next book of the Sea Breeze series.  I fell in love with Marcus in Breathe and couldn't wait for him to find his own love story.  The story begins several months after Breathe ended and Marcus' family is facing a crisis.  Of Course being the upstanding dependable guy that we all love, Marcus comes home to be there for his Mom and sister.  Marcus moves into an apartment back in Sea Breeze with Cage who reminded me a little of Travis Maddox(Beautiful Disaster--If you haven't read this you are missing out!!!).  Cage is a self proclaimed Man-whore who parties with a different girl every night.  Soon after Marcus moves in, Low shows up on the door step wanting to stay with Cage.  Marcus is immediately drawn to her but she sizes Marzus up by his father and instantly thinks she has no chance with Marcus.  Marcus is fascinated by the vulnerable girl who appeals to his protective side but gets shut down by Cage who proclaims he is going to marry Low.  Low always turns to Cage who has been her constant through her crappy childhood, shielding her and helping her out time and time again.  Marcus longs for Low to turn to him and trust him with her secrets.  Low feels like Marcus could never identify with her family drama. 
Again, Ms. Glines weaves a romance with real characters whose lives aren't perfect.  The imperfections make them indentifiable and allow them to crawl into your heart where I guarantee they will stay long after you put down the book.  This story made me laugh and cry along with the characters and will be a re-read on my keeper shelf.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Breathe (Sea Breeze) by Abbi Glines

Sadie White lives an unusual life for a 17 year old girl.  Having just moved to the small town of Sea Breeze with her 7 month pregnant mother, Sadie is forced to take over her mother's job so her Mom can rest.  Sadie soons finds out that she works in the summer getaway of the teen rocker Jax Stone.  But Sadie needs her job to keep a roof over her head and food in the kitchen.  She doesn't have time for swooning over Jax Stone.  Sadie never had time to swoon over stars as she has always been forced to mother her own mother.  She has had to grow up too fast and too soon.  At first, she isn't sure they will allow her to stay in her Mom's place but soon her hard work, dedication, and sweet attitude make her part of a close knit work family.  She soon becomes a person with people who care about her for the first time in her life.
Jax is fascinated with the beautiful etheral girl who seems to not care who he is and is there to do a good job.  He is drawn to Sadie and soon befriends her.  Sadie doesn't want to fall in love with him because she knows they come from opposing worlds.  Marcus her best friend tries to warn her and save her from heartache but knows it is too late.  Marcus is so sweet and damn near perfect too.  I loved him and I am so glad he is getting his own book and romance. 
At times, Jax talks like a cheesy poetic romance hero.  But so help me I love him anyway.  He is every woman's fantasy so who cares if he seems to good to be true.  We all secretly want one just like him.  Sadie's Mom Jessica may just be the most selfish excuse for a Mom that I have ever seen.  I alternately wanted to slap her and yell at her.  The ending was so good and made the whole book worth it.  I loved this book from beginning to end and it will definitely be on my keeper shelf. 

Effortless by S. C. Stephens

Effortless is the continuation of Kiera and Kellan's love story.  Since their romance started while Kiera was still dating Kellan's best friend, Denny, there is a great deal of mistrust between them.  Kiera is also st ruggling with her self-confindence and Kellan's rock star personna.  Kellan has written her name on his heart to keep Kiera close.  Kiera has to continually remind her self of Kellan's love to be able to deal with his on-stage flirting and the constant attention Kellan gets from women.  Not to mention, Kiera is constantly running into people Kellan has sleep with before. 
As Kellan and Kiera have just started to find their way back to themselves, after the pain and thoughless actions from before, the D-bags are given the biggest opportunity of their lives to go on tour with another popular band for six months.  Kiera must stay behind for school and both are terrified of what this seperation will mean for their relationship.  Kellan is afraid Kiera will get lonely and seek solice in the arms of another.  Kiera feels Kellan may be tempted to go back to his man-whore days.  Both must learn to trust each other and be open and honest on a new level of intimacy. 
This book is definitely my favorite of the two.  Kellan proves himself even sweeter and more dedicated to Kiera.  I don't want to spoil the things he thinks up to keep Kiera thinking of him but it is swoon-worthy.  Kiera is better to tolerate in this book.  I think one thing that makes her hard to take is the writing(Kiera's POV) is honest and frank and yet, Kiera often lies to herself and refuses to meet her suspicions head on.  If they would both just be honest!!! 
Kellan and Kiera are still completely hot and combustable together and some of their love scenes read with butterfly inducing intimacy.  There is sex and drinking in this book so it definitely is not for young teens.  But I would definitely recommend it.

Keeping Kennedy

Kennedy is a beautiful high paid PR consultant for the big wigs of politics in Washington DC.  She is happy with her life and has everything she wants but to get her friends and family to stop trying to fix her up and marry her off, she invented a fiance.  But not just any fiance, Drake her extremely HOT neighbor and friend.  Therefore, when her High School reunion rolls around she has to convince Drake to come home with her for the week to pose as her fiance.
Drake being the nice guy that he is agrees to her plan.  But things immediately get complicated as the friend lines get blurred.  The end result is a laugh out loud sweet romance that has just the right amount of heat.  The quirky townspeople will have you laughing and enjoying the read. 

Flat Out Love by Jessica Park

Julie Seagle is excited to be starting her college career in Boston away from her small town Middle America roots. However, she gets scammed out of her off campus apartment through Craig's List. As a last resort, her Mom calls an old college roommate, Erin Watkins who immediately sends her son Matt to her rescue. Erin offers to let Julie live there to solve her housing problem while keeping company with the eccentric youngest daughter Celeste.

This is such a wonderful character driven story. The characters are full dimensional despite the title and will have you falling in love with the family right along side Julie. Matt and Julie have the most excellent dialog that is a cross between nerd speak and academia. I absolutely loved the quirky Celeste who seems to be Asperger's to me. Her biggest quirk, carrying around a life sized color Flat cut-out of her world touring brother Finn. Julie is so accepting and treats Celeste with respect and while she tries to help her fit in, Julie never makes Celeste feel freakish or draws attention to her quirks. She is supportive in a way that I wanted to hire her for my own teenage daughter with autism.

Then there is Finn. Finn is the older brother whose is touring the world by volunteering in exotic locales and helping the impoverished. Finn and Julie begin to chat and post via facebook. Finn is social, witty, and Julie can't help but like him. Finn is sometimes quite the opposite of Matt.

There is a strange love triangle in the book between Finn-Julie-Matt and the crushes they have on each other. I loved both brothers equally and was on the edge of my seat and turning pages long into the night in my urge to know how this would work out. The ending is something I didn't see it coming but it made me swoon and smile to myself in delight.

Flat Out Love is a must read for anyone. The romance will appeal to every fan and the story is about real-life people who on the outside seem to have it all together. But love and friendship emerge when Julie looks deep beneath the surface.