Sunday, September 18, 2011

Stone Cold Seduction by Jess Macallen

Elleodora Fredricks has always known her Dad was evil and in fact that is what lead her start stealing precious artifacts from him in the first place.  Elle has always felt the need to correct the wrongs he has done by selling his stolen property and giving the money to the victims of his evil temper.  Then while narrowly escaping from her latest heist, Elle finds out she is being to show powers such as shadowing because her father is the King of the Shadow Elves.  With the help of her best guy friend, Teryl who is an Oracle, and her new love Jax a gargoyle she must solve the mystery of her fate and parentage.
"I have know idea who I am.  In the last week, I found out I'm a shadow elf, daughter of a demigod, granddaughter to a god, a ward thief, and I can manipulate minds and flame.  I saw a dead woman, was hunted and kidnapped, and then beaten and stabbed by a psychopath.  All while traveling, around the world.  I got my fate, which was a glorified riddle that provided more questions than answers and now I'm expected to choose between the man I loved ten years ago and the man I love now, while you two fight."  Stone Cold Seduction is an action filled story with a unique blend of new creatures that I would have never imagined could be sexy.  Ms.  Macallan makes gargoyles a big sexy bodygaurds that anyone would want to have around.  Jax is a strong protector who claims to be Elle's mate but what of Maclean, a phoenix who burns hot and is Elle's ex fiance.  Elle's sadistic father Jedren has manipulated her mind and stolen her memories so she cannot remember whole people or situations from her past. 
I loved the fantasy world that Ms. Macallan builds.  This is an awesome start to a series with non-stop mystery and action.  There are hot romantic passion between Elle and Jax.  Yet, Elle is beginning to get warm memories back of her love of MacLean.  The end of the book will leave you wanting more.  I will eagerly anticipating the sequel.

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