Saturday, October 29, 2011

Devour by Shelly Crane

Devour is another unique paranormal romance from Shelly Crane.  Ms. Crane continues to create unique stories that will keep you guessing.  You will not be able to put it down.  Becoming known for her sweet soul-mate romances, Ms. Crane has the beginning to another addicting series.
Clara is a sensitve young girl who is sad but still optimistic.  Her parents were killed in a burglery which left her sister to re-enlist in the army and Clara living with the town pastor's family.  Clara is popular and has the star wrestler as her long time boyfriend. She seems to have it all and is content to live the life her parents wanted for her.  Elijah shakes up Clara's perfect life when he moves to town.  She is drawn to him but isn't going to betray Tate her boyfriend. Tate is acting possessive which makes Clara re-examine her relationship especially as he violently tries to get her into his control.  Eli challenges her to be who she really is by standing up to her friends for their treatment of others.  Clara changes throughout the novel to grow into who she is supposed to be.
Eli and Clara's chemistry is sweetly tangible.  Eli is friendly and likeable with just enough bad boy to make him interesting.  Eli has many secrets which I don't want to expose but trust me when I say this is a unique story that cannot be compared.  Just as Eli and Clara begin to define what is happening between them, Eli's family has tracked him down causing all sorts of danger for the new couple.  Ms. Crane has a talent for writing couples that have a soul deep connection.  It is extremely refreshing to have a couple that is fighting together instead of fighting against their attraction.  In fact, in a couple of places Crane pokes fun at these usual storylines by Clara telling Eli that she knows this is where he leaves her for her own good.  Eli however, isn't your typical hero. He and Clara are tied together as soul mates making her the only person who can feed him. 
This is only one of Shelly Crane's awesome books!  Her series Significance and Collide are also unique paranormal romances with soul deep love matches.  I always know I am getting a good read when I sit down with one of her books.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick

Silence is definitely the best of the 3 books in the Hush, Hush series so far.  This book starts 11 weeks after Crescendo ends.  You are thrust into the story as Nora finds herself in the graveyard with no memory of how she got there or where she has been.  She is shocked to find out she has been missing for 11 weeks and the last things she can remember is 5 months ago, sitting in Biology with her best friend, Vee.  Nora memory is gone and she doesn't remember the fallen angels, nephilim, or Patch.  She can't leave the missing memories alone and start over either.  She is compelled to solve the puzzle and continues to insert herself into dangerous situations. 
The best part of Silence is that Nora and Patch get to fall in love all over again.  Patch is more yummy in this book and of course, he hasn't lost any memories.  He believes that he is keeping Nora safe by staying away but he doesn't realize that Hank Millar has continued to be in Nora's life.  Hank is openly dating Nora's Mom and haunts Nora's new exsistence at every turn.  Nora's instinct continues to lead her in the right direction and helps her to find her memories.  Once Patch realizes that Hank hasn't lived up to their bargin, all bets are off.
This series really has sort of a love/hate relationship for me.  I love/hate that I can totally predict the story.  I never realize how much I enjoy being right about where a story is headed.  These stories are unpredictable and dark which at times irritates me.  I enjoyed the more open and vunerable Patch in this book.  I know like every YA book, this series has been compared to twilight.  But truthfully, other than the being where Nora and Patch meet and the circumstances surrounding, I think this series has veared off into it's own territory. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Demonglass by Rachel Hawkins

Demonglass is the second book in the Hex Hall series.  This book takes place about 6 months after the first book ends at the end of the school year.  After killing her great-grandmother who was a crazed demon, Sophie finds out that she is a quarter demon and that her powers actually come from being a demon and not a dark witch.  Because demons can be fine for years but then lose it one day and kill everyone, Sophie has decided she wants to ask the council for removal of her powers.  The removal could kill her and her father wants her to come to London and get to know her demon heritage before making a decision.  Sophie agrees as long as BFF Jenna can come along.  Her father also insists on bringing Cal who happens to be Sophie's betrothed. 
In London, Sophie meets the council and is suprised by a couple of other demon teenagers, Daisy and Nick.  Daisy and Nick can't remember who made them or where they came from.  They have been living at council headquarters under protection from the EYE.  Sophie's escaped demon hunter love, Archer Cross has also been seen in London.  Fate puts Sophie in Archer's path where Archer actually saves her life again.  Archer reveals all of his secrets and boy are they good ones.  Archer shows Sophie that someone is raising demons at Hex Hall and trying to use them as weapons.  Before Sophie can really tell her Dad, Archer is captured with Sophie and Daisy and Nick completely Demon out.  Because the council has captured Archer, the Eye attacks Thorne Abbey where the council is staying.  The second half of this book is action packed that leads up to a huge cliff hanger making me eagerly awaiting the next book.
Sophie and Archer have hot chemistry and I was glad to see her stay loyal to him.  However, I found myself waiting for Cal to reveal more of his feelings for Sophie which I felt are there.  It was frustrating that nothing big really happened between them.  I really love Cal's character and want him to fight for her.  Don't get me wrong I love Archer but something about the quiet reserved Cal makes me think their is a loyal tiger under there.  I really enjoy the world that Ms. Hawkins has created and both books are easy to identify with and get into.  I am eagerly awaiting the next installment!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

Hex Hall is one one those books that you pick up and it just draws you immediately into the story.  Sophie has moved around most of her life with the knowledge that she is a witch.  The story opens as Sophie tries to do a love spell to help a girl who is crying at the prom.  As with most of Sophie's spells this one blows up in her face.  She is sentenced to the juvenille hall for Prodigium(fairies, witches, and shifters)which is nicknamed Hex Hall.  She immediately finds out that is rooming with the only vampire on campus and almost gets attacked by a shifter.  She also meets her crush Archer Cross. 
Archer Cross is the crush-worthy student who is already dating the most phenominal girl on campus, Elodie.
Elodie, Chaston, and Anna are the most powerful Dark witches on campus and want Sophie to join their coven only Sophie has having never grown up around magic is frightened of their power and doesn't.  To get back at her Elodie pulls a Queen Bee move and gets Sophie on Cellar Duty for the semester.  However, Archer defends Sophie and ends up sharing the cellar duty with her.  Cellar duty is purely a redundant crazy cataloging magical items that move themselves each night making Archer and Sophie start over each time.  Mostly, Archer and Sophie became friends and Sophie's crush grows. 
But, romance aside, something dark and sinister is happening at Hex Hall.  Last year, a girl was murdered and found with punture wounds on her neck and slit wrists with her blood drained.  Next other students are attacked the mystery deepens.  Everyone wants to blame Sophie's best friend and vampire roommate, Jenna.  So Sophie sets out to find out who is behind the attacks. 
Hex Hall jumps into the supernatural by creating a school for those who risk exposing the secret of their exsistance to the world.  Sophie and Archer's chemistry sparkles and the characters are well rounded.  I highly recommed the Hex Hall series.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bleeding Hearts (Drake Chronicles 4) by Alyxandra Harvey

Alyxandra Harvey writes another great Drake Brother romance with Bleeding Hearts.  This romance gives the reader more insight into Conner Drake and my Favorite, Lucy.  Cristabel is also introduced as a love match for Connor.  Cristabel is Lucy's cousin whose Dad died and her Mom's coping mechanism is alcohol.  Lucy's Parents therfore, have Christabel move in with them.  However, no one wants to tell her about the Vampires, Hel-Blar, or Helios-ra.  Although Christa thinks Lucy's parents are way overprotective about curfew and other rules, she follows them.  The story centers around the coming Blood Moon festival that vampires are gathering for and the fact that the Hel-Blar's leader Saga emerges and wants a seat on the council.  Saga decides she needs some leverage for her agenda and decides to kidnap Lucy but gets Christabel instead.  Connor being the hot Drake brother that he is decides to rescue her.  It is during this captivity that she discovers the secrets.
Lucy and Nicholas are also central to the story which brings us many hilarious chapters from Lucy's point of view.  I just love Lucy as she is sassy, fearless, and self-confident.  Nicholas and Lucy are one of my favorite couple so it is a delight to see them as a part of this story.  Solange is also in this story but is definitely acting weird and I can't believe the cliffhanger of this book.  It will leave you going---What?  No Way!!!   I hate waiting for the next book in a favorite series.  But with the Drake chronicles it is always worth the wait.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cry Wolf by Angela Campbell

Cry Wolf is an unusual werewolf mystery.  It is more modern and truthful and not based in so much paranormal fantasy.  Andrea Lockhart is a reporter for a leading Tabloid and usually gets to work on celebrity pieces but her new boss who happens to be an ex sends her to woodbine, South Carolina to chase after a wereworlf story.  It isn't until she meets the local Paper Editor, Sean Hunter that things get interesting.  Sean Hunter had been her mentor and competitor in college and she had a crush on him.  But Sean told her she would never make it as a reporter because she was too nice.  Andrea is still smarting from the last meeting and isn't sure what to make of this new Sean.  Andrea is determined to make and break the real story of the Werewolf and accepts help from Sean as professional curtesy.  Soon the pages heat up with attraction and passion.  But can Andrea get past her feelings in the past and trust that Sean has always had her best interests in mind?
The Werewolf is a mystery that has been cultivated by local business owners much like the loch ness monster to influence tourism.  Some of the townfolk are supportive and some are down right mean and want to run the silly girl reporter out of town.  Andrea must deal with her feelings for Sean, the mystery of the Werewolf and cranky townspeople.  It is a very interesting read and not you everyday werewolf romance

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Blood Like Poison: For the Love of a Vampire by M. Leighton

M. Leighton creates an enticing sexy romance between Ridley and Bo.  This isn't your average vampire romance but creates a new mythology that I haven't encountered before.  Bo is the most amazing hero who is intense, romantic and protective.  Bo takes Ridley's life by storm upsetting her carefully planned escape from her life where she is just biding her time until she can escape her small town to Stanford.  Ridley's life is very pretend and she seems to just keep going through the motions with her home and school life.  Bo makes her feel again and draws her in on a complete soul level.  Their romance is intense and will make your heart flutter and swoon.  This pair of soul mates will keep you reading and wanting the next book to continue their story right away.
Ridley is the captian of the cheerleaders and looking forward to college.  She has a steady boyfriend, Drew, and belongs to the 'it' crowd.  Suddenly she notices and is drawn to Bo who is a new transfer to Harker High.  Ridley discovers Bo's secret and is caught up in his dangerous world.  Since losing her sister in a car accident 3 years ago, Ridley has been going throught the motions.  Her mother is a drunk and her Dad is out of town more than home.  Ridley is on her own.  Bo shows her love and understanding that has been missing in her life.  However Bo has revenge on his mind.  He is killing vampires to find and revenge his Dad's death.  Together Bo and Ridley must discover the underground world of their small town and try to keep their love alive.

Almost Final Curtain by Tate Halloway (Vampire Princess 2)

Almost the Final Curtain is the second book in the St. Paul Vampire Princess series.  I enjoyed the first book which introduced Ana as a half witch/half vampire who walks between two warring factions of paranormal society.  In this story, Ana is identifying with her vampire side more.  In this particular story, Vampires were brought over across the veil between worlds by witches who enslaved them with a talisman of sorts.  This special artifact was stolen and the spell was undone thus freeing the vampires.  However, vampires can only live on witch blood so the witches want to enslave them because they are blood suckers and sometime killers and the vampires want to be free but must drink witches blood to live. 
At the beginning, Ana has a hot true witch rocker boyfriend, Nik who happens to be from a long line of Vampire hunters.  But Nik is love with Ana and doesn't see her as a vampire.  Ana is afraid of what will happen if Nik passes his last rite to being a full fledged hunter and what will happen if the talisman resurfaces and the enslavement of the vampires will do to her.  Ana is also accidently engaged to Elias her father's vampire knight who regularly visits her to court.  Ana's father is trying to keep his kingdom free and his power.  Ana's Mom is revealed to have more power than first thought and the power struggle between her and Ana's father is causing Ana to be torn apart.
This story is very complex in the struggle presented for Ana.  At times, my heart really was torn but I really love Nik and was frustrated with the story between the two young lovers but like the way it ends.  The end of this book feels a little like a wrap up so I am wondering where or if it will continue.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fourth And Goal (Seattle Lumberjacks #1) by Jami Davenport

Great Sports Romance! Rachel is hired by Derek who happens to be her former best friend and one night stand. Derek hires her to watch over his house and animals when he away at out of town games. Derek is a professional wide reciever for NFL team. Rachel is also trying to get close to Derek to find out information that could clear her Dad's reputation from a points shaving scandel. Rachel grew up around sports and is awesome at coaching and agrees to work with Derek and his cousin Tyler to get their game back. In the midst of this, Derek and Rachel's chemistry continues to build to where they agree to have a no strings attached affair. This is an adult erotic romance and should not be read by anyone under 18. The romance is hot, steamy and adventurous. The NFL team also adopts a terminally sick kid, Ryan, whose hero worship of Derek puts his world in prospective. The ending was a happily ever after that will have you in tears and cheering at the same time. I loved this!