Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Almost Final Curtain by Tate Halloway (Vampire Princess 2)

Almost the Final Curtain is the second book in the St. Paul Vampire Princess series.  I enjoyed the first book which introduced Ana as a half witch/half vampire who walks between two warring factions of paranormal society.  In this story, Ana is identifying with her vampire side more.  In this particular story, Vampires were brought over across the veil between worlds by witches who enslaved them with a talisman of sorts.  This special artifact was stolen and the spell was undone thus freeing the vampires.  However, vampires can only live on witch blood so the witches want to enslave them because they are blood suckers and sometime killers and the vampires want to be free but must drink witches blood to live. 
At the beginning, Ana has a hot true witch rocker boyfriend, Nik who happens to be from a long line of Vampire hunters.  But Nik is love with Ana and doesn't see her as a vampire.  Ana is afraid of what will happen if Nik passes his last rite to being a full fledged hunter and what will happen if the talisman resurfaces and the enslavement of the vampires will do to her.  Ana is also accidently engaged to Elias her father's vampire knight who regularly visits her to court.  Ana's father is trying to keep his kingdom free and his power.  Ana's Mom is revealed to have more power than first thought and the power struggle between her and Ana's father is causing Ana to be torn apart.
This story is very complex in the struggle presented for Ana.  At times, my heart really was torn but I really love Nik and was frustrated with the story between the two young lovers but like the way it ends.  The end of this book feels a little like a wrap up so I am wondering where or if it will continue.

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