Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Blood Like Poison: For the Love of a Vampire by M. Leighton

M. Leighton creates an enticing sexy romance between Ridley and Bo.  This isn't your average vampire romance but creates a new mythology that I haven't encountered before.  Bo is the most amazing hero who is intense, romantic and protective.  Bo takes Ridley's life by storm upsetting her carefully planned escape from her life where she is just biding her time until she can escape her small town to Stanford.  Ridley's life is very pretend and she seems to just keep going through the motions with her home and school life.  Bo makes her feel again and draws her in on a complete soul level.  Their romance is intense and will make your heart flutter and swoon.  This pair of soul mates will keep you reading and wanting the next book to continue their story right away.
Ridley is the captian of the cheerleaders and looking forward to college.  She has a steady boyfriend, Drew, and belongs to the 'it' crowd.  Suddenly she notices and is drawn to Bo who is a new transfer to Harker High.  Ridley discovers Bo's secret and is caught up in his dangerous world.  Since losing her sister in a car accident 3 years ago, Ridley has been going throught the motions.  Her mother is a drunk and her Dad is out of town more than home.  Ridley is on her own.  Bo shows her love and understanding that has been missing in her life.  However Bo has revenge on his mind.  He is killing vampires to find and revenge his Dad's death.  Together Bo and Ridley must discover the underground world of their small town and try to keep their love alive.

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