Saturday, October 29, 2011

Devour by Shelly Crane

Devour is another unique paranormal romance from Shelly Crane.  Ms. Crane continues to create unique stories that will keep you guessing.  You will not be able to put it down.  Becoming known for her sweet soul-mate romances, Ms. Crane has the beginning to another addicting series.
Clara is a sensitve young girl who is sad but still optimistic.  Her parents were killed in a burglery which left her sister to re-enlist in the army and Clara living with the town pastor's family.  Clara is popular and has the star wrestler as her long time boyfriend. She seems to have it all and is content to live the life her parents wanted for her.  Elijah shakes up Clara's perfect life when he moves to town.  She is drawn to him but isn't going to betray Tate her boyfriend. Tate is acting possessive which makes Clara re-examine her relationship especially as he violently tries to get her into his control.  Eli challenges her to be who she really is by standing up to her friends for their treatment of others.  Clara changes throughout the novel to grow into who she is supposed to be.
Eli and Clara's chemistry is sweetly tangible.  Eli is friendly and likeable with just enough bad boy to make him interesting.  Eli has many secrets which I don't want to expose but trust me when I say this is a unique story that cannot be compared.  Just as Eli and Clara begin to define what is happening between them, Eli's family has tracked him down causing all sorts of danger for the new couple.  Ms. Crane has a talent for writing couples that have a soul deep connection.  It is extremely refreshing to have a couple that is fighting together instead of fighting against their attraction.  In fact, in a couple of places Crane pokes fun at these usual storylines by Clara telling Eli that she knows this is where he leaves her for her own good.  Eli however, isn't your typical hero. He and Clara are tied together as soul mates making her the only person who can feed him. 
This is only one of Shelly Crane's awesome books!  Her series Significance and Collide are also unique paranormal romances with soul deep love matches.  I always know I am getting a good read when I sit down with one of her books.

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