Thursday, December 22, 2011

Blood Rites by Quinn Loftis (Prince of Wolves 2)

I am in love with this series--It's official!  I re-read Prince of Wolves,book 1, before diving into blood Rites just because I loved the chemistry between Jacque and Fane.  Besides a supercharged romance, Jacque has loyal friends and family that provide an amazing and somewhat amusing supporting cast.  This wonderful series never fails to make me laugh and cry right along with the characters. I am not sure why but it always reminds me of "Jessica's Rules to Dating on the Darkside".  I think it is the strong Romanian Prince only this one is a very Hot Werewolf. 
Blood Rites starts about a week after "Prince of Wolves" concludes.  Jacque and her best friends, Sally and Jen, are getting ready for her bonding ceremony with Fane.  On the way to the bonding, Jacque, her friends, and her mother Lily are in a dangerous car accident.  Fane is nearly crazy with worry.  It turns out that the one doctor on staff that is Wolf is the sister of Lucas Steele, the Alpha Fane killed at the end of book 1.  To make matters worse, Dillion, Jacque's real father and Alpha of the Denver Pack, decides he should intervene to protect her until she is 18.  What follows is a roller coaster of emotions and laughter that will have you unable to put the book down.  Seriously, clear your day!
Jacque also gets kidnapped from the hospital while still ill and Fane has to find her before it is too late.  It is a race against time to get Jacque what she needs to recover.  The end was perfectly romantic and swoon worthy.  I cried tears of happiness for tese characters.  I absolutely can't wait to read the next one which is due out in Feb/March 2012.  Jen, Jacque's smartmouthed friend, will come to terms with what she really wants and who she really is.  I would absolutely recommend this series to anyone who enjoys YA paranormal romance.

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Ascended by Tiffany King (Meant to Be 3)

I was so glad I could move onto The Ascended as I finished Forgotten Souls.  I was a little disappointed that it didn't start right off where Souls left off.  Instead, Ascended starts almost 6 months later after Mark has left Krista.  I was totally bereft at the thought of them not getting back together.  I laughed and cried right along with Krista.  I enjoyed seeing all the guides and protectors interacting in this sequel.  It is a quick read and a great ending to the series.  I also enjoyed that a prequel to the series is included at the end of the ebook.  The prequel tells the story of what happened to Victor's band through the eyes of Mark's mother.  It was adorable to see all the characters as babies and already aware of their bonds.  I highly recommend this series as a wonderful inventive paranormal romance.

Forgotten Souls by Tiffany King (Meant to Be 2)

Forgotten Souls continues the story of Soul Mates Krista and Mark who together with their best friends, Sam and Shawn, and Lyn and Robert continue to uncover their unusual birthright.  Not only are they celestrial beings sent to earth to help save souls but they begin to train and understand their mission better.  Brought together by Haniel, an archangel overseeing their training, the band of guides and protectors get to meet up with other bands of different ages.  As they train, they all know that ultimately Victor, Mark's father who has turned evil is still out in the world waiting to plot his next move to use the bands for the Dark One. 
I loved the first book in this series and Forgotten Souls continues the story I love.  Krista is such a fun character and I enjoyed getting to see her grow more secure in herself and her bond.  Again, Ms. King gives a cliffhanger that will lead you to scooping up the sequel, Ascended. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Legend of Kilkenney by Devyn Dawson

The Legacy of Kilkenney is a fresh new young adult paranormal romance.  Abel Casey is an average guy in a small town near OK city, when Pru Phelan moves into town.  While this seems like the reverse of new mysterious guy, let me assure you that is the only similar theme in Legacy.  Pru is a beautiful red head that has drawn the attention of everyone when she attends the FBLA meeting just to meet Abel.  Abel is shocked when she comes over to him afterwards because hot girls just don't befriend him.  Pru and Abel quickly hit it off.  The alternating POV allows the reader to get real insight into Pru and Abel.  I was immediately drawn in and immersed in the world that Ms. Dawson has created. 
Pru befriends Abel because she believes he is the prophesied Great Wolf who will be the Alpha of all the packs.  Pru is the pack shaman and has been assigned to train Abel and help him get his soul in tune for his first shift.  Not only does she need to gain the trust of Abel but has to explain that the monsters of myth and legend are real and he is one of them.  Abel is such a cute guy and I really liked that he takes everything very cool and doesn't freak out.  Pru and Oakley, another pack member assigned to train and protect Abel, begin to train Abel in fighting and coming into his own senses. 
This story is multi-layered and beyond his relationships to Pru's Dad, General (current Alpha), Dolly (Pru's Mom), Byron and other pack memebers, Abel has to deal with his sister becoming a pawn in the war between the vampires and werewolves.  Becomming the Great Wolf means that while everyone will revere him, his friends and family will be targets of not only other supernaturals but rogues and other packs who want Abel's power.  Not to mention the girl he has a crush on has eyes for another. 
This was such joy to read.  The story flows and draws you into a complete world created by the author.  These characters will have you thinking about them even after you put the book down(if you can put it down).  It is really hard to summarize Legacy into a review because I don't feel I can really do it justice. There is just so many plots and subplots and I don't want to ruin the natural unfolding of the story for anyone. I highly recommend The Legacy of Kilkenney to anyone who enjoys the paranormal!  It has some sweet romance, Hot shifters, and a great start to a series that will keep you capivated and checking the publishing date for book 2.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tooth and Nail by Jennifer Safrey

Gemma Fae Cross is an amatuer boxer who works out at Smiley's a gym that she has literally grown there.  She is a tough girl, one of the guys.  But she is feminine too, her one true love Avery McCormack is running for House of Representatives and she has taken a leave from work to support his campaign.  A recurring nightmare about losing her teeth has always foretold major change in her life.  After the most recent nightmare, she meets Fredrica who explains that she is half fae and half human but all warrior.  As a halfling, Gemma can do what no other fae can do--Fight.  The fae are peaceful and trying to hold onto the "Olde Way" an ideal loving peaceful utopia that humans have almost squeezed out of the world.  To get this dream of the Olde Way back, the morning fae collect baby teeth because they contain the essence of innocence that can bring back this way of life.  But for the first time in years, a threat is somehow draining the the innocence from the teeth and making them dead.  The children are also losing their innocence and becoming violent.
Gemma must make a choice whether to embrace her destiny and train to become the warrior she is said to be or turn her back on the dream of the "Olde Way".  Becoming the Warrior could jeopardize her relationship with Avery and his chances at winning his election.  As if that isn't enough, the DC digger, a political blogger is trailing Gemma looking for a story only she can provide.  Gemma gets further confused by Svein Nielsen, her mentor and trainer/partner.
I was expecting a more whimsical fae story as a tooth fairy story.  I was curious how this would be worked into a paranormal story.  The reason for tooth collecting seemed was worked in with great thought.  I love when paranormal stories are woven into reality with enough believablity and offer an alternative explanation for parts of real society such as children killers.  The other unique part of this story is that Gemma already has a wonderful love in her life that is quite frankly perfect.  Avery is a sexy and sweet yet so loving with Gemma.  You can't help but love the interaction between them and despair with Gemma about possible exposure of her true heritage.  Svein is also a tasty morsel that offers a world of naughty possibilities for you to wonder about.  However, There is no real triangle in this book but the possiblity is there for sequel. I recommend this to all paranormal and fae readers for a unique story that will keep you reading.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Slip Point by Karalynn Lee

Slip Point is a sweet love story set in the futuristic society of space.  Shayalin and Jayce met as children on an outer 'homesteader' planet while watching the supply ships dock at the space port.  They are drawn together by their love of space travel and their desire to join the Corps and become space pilots.  They are in love and waiting to apply for the corps together as soon as Shay becomes of age.  However, Shay isn't accepted into the corp because her long thought dead father is actually a very alive notorious space pirate.  Shay is so shocked by the revelation that she runs off embarassed and stunned.  Jayce is abandoned and left to go through his dreams alone.  Shay cannot possibly return to her home planet and face her mother who has lied to her for 18 years.  Instead she bargins her way on to a cargo ship and comes up with a plan to meet her father.  Once she meets him she demands he give her a ship and teach her to fly since it is his fault her dreams were crushed. 
10 years later, Shay is a notorious pirate in her own right.  Her father accepts a smuggling mission to get a special government official's wife off a medical planet and through a barricade.  The corp pilot assigned to the mission is none other than Jayce.  Sparks fly as he realizes that his Shay is actually the legendary pirate Lin Bailey. 
This was a novella of a 100+ pages and a quick read.  I enjoyed the premise and thought the romance between Jayce and Shay was sweet.  There are what I would call tame erotica.  There are sex scenes but they are very sweet and loving.  I really wanted to give this 3.5 stars.  I would recommend it as a quick read for anyone who enjoys a futuristic romance.  The only criticism I have is that it could have used some expansion on background for the characters and space society.  It sort of felt as the the world was very well though out but I was reading a book that was part of a bigger series that I had picked up out of order.  It does stand alone but I wanted more character development of Jayce and Shay.  I also would have liked to understand more about the governing body and spokes of the space travel she describes.  This is a good start for a relatively unknown author.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Last Breath (Morganville Vampires 11) by Rachel Caine

Rachel Caine never fails to provide a roller coaster of action.  I always know when I sit down with a Morganville Vampire book I am in for a ride.  Last Breath starts with the engagement of Eve and Michael.  The town is torn by the impending engagement because the last Vampire-Human Marriage ended badly.  There is also a surge of Human Pride that is shunning Claire and Eve as traitors.  Prejudice tempers the climate in Morganville but this is not the only danger brewing.  There is something coming that has even the most ancient and powerful vampires scared enough to run away from it.  Shane almost gets killed just because he and Claire were in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Claire feels betrayed by the vampires she trusted most.  Vampires and Humans alike are vanishing and stores and businesses are being forced to close.  Morganville is like a disaster zone after an apopcolypse. 
I honestly don't want to say much more because that would ruin the ride.  If you are a Morganville fan, this book will shock you to the core.  Any fans of Urban Fiction will love this series.  This is one for the keeper shelf.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Marked (Delacroix Academy 2) by Inara Scott

The Marked continues the story of Dancia and her fellow students at the Delacroix Academy.  The book opens with Dancia pledging into THE PROGRAM.  Dancia has an earth talent which is rare and will begin her training early due to events that happened near the end of the first book, The Canidates.  On one hand, Dancia is relieved to be in on the secret at Delacroix but totally unprepared for how to keep the it from her friends.  Dancia is a very strong level 3 talent that works on the forces of gravity and begins to train in her focus classes.  Dancia and Cam can finally begin dating in public since Cam will no longer be her Watcher. 
Dancia thought things would get easier but instead keeping secrets is eating at her.  She had to hide her bruises and injuries from training.  She also finds that Delacroix hasn't given up all it's secrets yet.  Not only is there an opposing sect of talents called the Irin but the violence keeps escalating and so does her training. 
The Marked is a roller coaster ride of action and emotion.  Dancia is falling in love with Cam but still feels a certain loyality to Jack.  Jack stays in contact with her even though they are on opposing sides.  Dancia knows something is rotten in The Program but isn't sure to trust.  Cam is so embedded into the team that he won't believe anything is amiss. 
I love the Delacroix series.  From the very first word, I am drawn into the story and rooting for Dancia to uncover all the mysteries.  In Book 2, Dancia begins to understand and come into her own power.  It was nice to see her transform from the ackward young girl into a confident young woman.  She also develops a sense of her confidence in her decisions.  She works out her loyalties and stands on her own convictions.  I would highly recommend this to any fans of the paranormal YA Romance.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thicker than Water (Briar Creek Vampires 2) by Jayme Morse and Jody Morse

I was so glad to be able to read Thicker than Water right after finishing Kiss of Death.  I actually liked this book better than the first.  This one was 602 pages and felt less hurried than the first one. If you haven't read the first book, stop reading right now and go read it as I am going to try not to spoil but because the story picks up after quite a cliffhanger in the first book, it will have to be given away a little bit.

At the beginning, Lexi is having a dreamlike experience where she sees her Mom and Austin.  Both have been issuing clues and warnings.  Lexi wakes in the hospital and pretends she has amnesia about the events leading up to the accident.  She hides her true feelings about Dan but also tries to avoid dating him anymore.  Her Aunt and Uncle seem to treat Lexi better immediately after the accident.  However, her aunt insists that Lexi goes right back to work which seems strange but then Violet is a total wack-job.  Gabe is missing from the accident scene and although Lexi is glad he's alive she can't help but feel he tried to kill her.  She begins getting helpful hints from an anonymous friend.  Lexi knows about Gabe being a vampire and suspects others but this book begins to unravel the secrets of Briar Creek. 
Dan is still around and Lexi tries to avoid him.  Aunt Violet insists that Dan drive Lexi to and from school.  Everyone at school wants to be her friend and talk about the accident.  All the guys she meets seem fascinated with her and ask her out.  Lexi is wary of everyone and her instinct tells her that they are lying.  She is alone and has no one she can trust.  The story continues to build until Halloween Night. 
Gabe reappears and is shocked to find Lexi lived through the crash.  Lexi immediately confronts him.  Gabe is in hiding from the rest of Briar Creek and he has to be careful about anyone seeing him.  He manages to meet with Lexi and most of the story unravels thanks to Gabe.
Thicker than Water has me sold.  I enjoyed Kiss of Death but loved this one.  I can't wait for the next one.  The Morse Sisters do have a wicked sense of a good cliffhanger which leaves you immediately wanting the next installment.  This is an awesome series and I can't wait to read more.

Kiss of Death (The Briar Creek Vampires 1) by Jayme Morse and Jody Morse

I found Kiss of Death as an Amazon Suggestion. The synopsis looked interesting and I admit it the cover is pretty. The story drew me in immediately and had enough twists and turns to keep me guessing which is hard to do.  The only reason I didn't give this five stars was because certain parts of the story felt like they happened too quickly such as parts of the romance. But I would recommend this for anyone who likes vampire romance with mysterious storylines.
Lexi Hunter and her Mom come home to Briar Creek after years away for Lexi's cousin, Austin's wake.  Austin was supposedly killed by a wild animal to Lexi this just doesn't add up.  As her Mom and her stay with her Aunt Violet and Uncle Tommy, Lexi asks around about Austin's death.  Everyone in Briar Creek is odd and there are so many secrets that keep you glued to the book.  Dan, Austin's best friend, shows interest in Lexi but so does the mysterious Gabe from across the street. On the night before, Lexi and her Mom as planning to go home, Lexi gets attacked and Lexi's Mom is killed.  The autopsy says that Lexi's Mom died from E.Coli but since she was a vegetarian, Lexi is sure her Mom was murdered.  Her Aunt and Uncle become her Gaurdians and become very controlling.  Lexi is frustrated by her Aunt's lies and insistance that she date Dan.  Although she likes Dan, Lexi feels swept away by Gabe who her aunt forbids her to see.  Gabe and Lexi still manage to connect here and there but to me it seemed as though Lexi just suddenly climbs in his lap and is all over him.  Dan is very creepy to me and the fact that her Aunt makes her date him made me root for Gabe.  But you can never really tell who is on Lexi's side.  Aunt Violet continues to control Lexi's life by grounding her, not turning on her internet, shutting off her cell phone, and forcing her to work and give them all her money. 
I really don't want to give too much away except this is an excellent read and be sure to buy the next book, Thicker than Water because there is a heck of a cliffhanger.  I was glad to be able to go on.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Perfect Play by Jaci Burton

At first glance, the cover definitely grabs your attention and makes you pick up this book.  I expected a hot romance with a sports stud but I wasn't expecting it to be such a great sweet romance.  Mick Riley is nearing the end of sports career but still on top.  He has had it all: hot women, money, fame,etc.  But when he approaches Tara Lincoln at the team party event she planned, not only does Tara politely refuse him but walks away.  Mick can't seem to get the natural beauty out of his mind and they spend the night together.  Tara is a driven business owner who has a 14 year old son who doesn't need a man or a relationship getting in the way.  She expects never to hear from Mick again.  So when he looks up her business and walks in to ask her out, Tara is thrown off kilter.  Mick and Tara have great chemistry and the romance is sweet and perfect.  Mick falls for Tara and is a great friend to her son, Nathan.  Tara continues to be cautious and worried about the 2 different worlds they live in. 
One of the best things about this book was the fact that the romance and relationship was allowed to build without all the drama.  Yes, Tara and Mick are world's apart in lifestyle but both are drawn together.  I like that Tara although scared didn't let Liz bully her and didn't freak out and act on her fears.  Mick was sweet and treated both Tara and Nathan with respect and love.  The only turn off for me personally was the use of a few certain words.  Personally, I don't find the F word sexy or a turn on so all the sex talk was a bit raw for me.  Don't get me wrong--I enjoy a good erotica but I appeciate it with a little more finesse than "F me hard".

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Devour by Shelly Crane

Devour is another unique paranormal romance from Shelly Crane.  Ms. Crane continues to create unique stories that will keep you guessing.  You will not be able to put it down.  Becoming known for her sweet soul-mate romances, Ms. Crane has the beginning to another addicting series.
Clara is a sensitve young girl who is sad but still optimistic.  Her parents were killed in a burglery which left her sister to re-enlist in the army and Clara living with the town pastor's family.  Clara is popular and has the star wrestler as her long time boyfriend. She seems to have it all and is content to live the life her parents wanted for her.  Elijah shakes up Clara's perfect life when he moves to town.  She is drawn to him but isn't going to betray Tate her boyfriend. Tate is acting possessive which makes Clara re-examine her relationship especially as he violently tries to get her into his control.  Eli challenges her to be who she really is by standing up to her friends for their treatment of others.  Clara changes throughout the novel to grow into who she is supposed to be.
Eli and Clara's chemistry is sweetly tangible.  Eli is friendly and likeable with just enough bad boy to make him interesting.  Eli has many secrets which I don't want to expose but trust me when I say this is a unique story that cannot be compared.  Just as Eli and Clara begin to define what is happening between them, Eli's family has tracked him down causing all sorts of danger for the new couple.  Ms. Crane has a talent for writing couples that have a soul deep connection.  It is extremely refreshing to have a couple that is fighting together instead of fighting against their attraction.  In fact, in a couple of places Crane pokes fun at these usual storylines by Clara telling Eli that she knows this is where he leaves her for her own good.  Eli however, isn't your typical hero. He and Clara are tied together as soul mates making her the only person who can feed him. 
This is only one of Shelly Crane's awesome books!  Her series Significance and Collide are also unique paranormal romances with soul deep love matches.  I always know I am getting a good read when I sit down with one of her books.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick

Silence is definitely the best of the 3 books in the Hush, Hush series so far.  This book starts 11 weeks after Crescendo ends.  You are thrust into the story as Nora finds herself in the graveyard with no memory of how she got there or where she has been.  She is shocked to find out she has been missing for 11 weeks and the last things she can remember is 5 months ago, sitting in Biology with her best friend, Vee.  Nora memory is gone and she doesn't remember the fallen angels, nephilim, or Patch.  She can't leave the missing memories alone and start over either.  She is compelled to solve the puzzle and continues to insert herself into dangerous situations. 
The best part of Silence is that Nora and Patch get to fall in love all over again.  Patch is more yummy in this book and of course, he hasn't lost any memories.  He believes that he is keeping Nora safe by staying away but he doesn't realize that Hank Millar has continued to be in Nora's life.  Hank is openly dating Nora's Mom and haunts Nora's new exsistence at every turn.  Nora's instinct continues to lead her in the right direction and helps her to find her memories.  Once Patch realizes that Hank hasn't lived up to their bargin, all bets are off.
This series really has sort of a love/hate relationship for me.  I love/hate that I can totally predict the story.  I never realize how much I enjoy being right about where a story is headed.  These stories are unpredictable and dark which at times irritates me.  I enjoyed the more open and vunerable Patch in this book.  I know like every YA book, this series has been compared to twilight.  But truthfully, other than the being where Nora and Patch meet and the circumstances surrounding, I think this series has veared off into it's own territory. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Demonglass by Rachel Hawkins

Demonglass is the second book in the Hex Hall series.  This book takes place about 6 months after the first book ends at the end of the school year.  After killing her great-grandmother who was a crazed demon, Sophie finds out that she is a quarter demon and that her powers actually come from being a demon and not a dark witch.  Because demons can be fine for years but then lose it one day and kill everyone, Sophie has decided she wants to ask the council for removal of her powers.  The removal could kill her and her father wants her to come to London and get to know her demon heritage before making a decision.  Sophie agrees as long as BFF Jenna can come along.  Her father also insists on bringing Cal who happens to be Sophie's betrothed. 
In London, Sophie meets the council and is suprised by a couple of other demon teenagers, Daisy and Nick.  Daisy and Nick can't remember who made them or where they came from.  They have been living at council headquarters under protection from the EYE.  Sophie's escaped demon hunter love, Archer Cross has also been seen in London.  Fate puts Sophie in Archer's path where Archer actually saves her life again.  Archer reveals all of his secrets and boy are they good ones.  Archer shows Sophie that someone is raising demons at Hex Hall and trying to use them as weapons.  Before Sophie can really tell her Dad, Archer is captured with Sophie and Daisy and Nick completely Demon out.  Because the council has captured Archer, the Eye attacks Thorne Abbey where the council is staying.  The second half of this book is action packed that leads up to a huge cliff hanger making me eagerly awaiting the next book.
Sophie and Archer have hot chemistry and I was glad to see her stay loyal to him.  However, I found myself waiting for Cal to reveal more of his feelings for Sophie which I felt are there.  It was frustrating that nothing big really happened between them.  I really love Cal's character and want him to fight for her.  Don't get me wrong I love Archer but something about the quiet reserved Cal makes me think their is a loyal tiger under there.  I really enjoy the world that Ms. Hawkins has created and both books are easy to identify with and get into.  I am eagerly awaiting the next installment!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

Hex Hall is one one those books that you pick up and it just draws you immediately into the story.  Sophie has moved around most of her life with the knowledge that she is a witch.  The story opens as Sophie tries to do a love spell to help a girl who is crying at the prom.  As with most of Sophie's spells this one blows up in her face.  She is sentenced to the juvenille hall for Prodigium(fairies, witches, and shifters)which is nicknamed Hex Hall.  She immediately finds out that is rooming with the only vampire on campus and almost gets attacked by a shifter.  She also meets her crush Archer Cross. 
Archer Cross is the crush-worthy student who is already dating the most phenominal girl on campus, Elodie.
Elodie, Chaston, and Anna are the most powerful Dark witches on campus and want Sophie to join their coven only Sophie has having never grown up around magic is frightened of their power and doesn't.  To get back at her Elodie pulls a Queen Bee move and gets Sophie on Cellar Duty for the semester.  However, Archer defends Sophie and ends up sharing the cellar duty with her.  Cellar duty is purely a redundant crazy cataloging magical items that move themselves each night making Archer and Sophie start over each time.  Mostly, Archer and Sophie became friends and Sophie's crush grows. 
But, romance aside, something dark and sinister is happening at Hex Hall.  Last year, a girl was murdered and found with punture wounds on her neck and slit wrists with her blood drained.  Next other students are attacked the mystery deepens.  Everyone wants to blame Sophie's best friend and vampire roommate, Jenna.  So Sophie sets out to find out who is behind the attacks. 
Hex Hall jumps into the supernatural by creating a school for those who risk exposing the secret of their exsistance to the world.  Sophie and Archer's chemistry sparkles and the characters are well rounded.  I highly recommed the Hex Hall series.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bleeding Hearts (Drake Chronicles 4) by Alyxandra Harvey

Alyxandra Harvey writes another great Drake Brother romance with Bleeding Hearts.  This romance gives the reader more insight into Conner Drake and my Favorite, Lucy.  Cristabel is also introduced as a love match for Connor.  Cristabel is Lucy's cousin whose Dad died and her Mom's coping mechanism is alcohol.  Lucy's Parents therfore, have Christabel move in with them.  However, no one wants to tell her about the Vampires, Hel-Blar, or Helios-ra.  Although Christa thinks Lucy's parents are way overprotective about curfew and other rules, she follows them.  The story centers around the coming Blood Moon festival that vampires are gathering for and the fact that the Hel-Blar's leader Saga emerges and wants a seat on the council.  Saga decides she needs some leverage for her agenda and decides to kidnap Lucy but gets Christabel instead.  Connor being the hot Drake brother that he is decides to rescue her.  It is during this captivity that she discovers the secrets.
Lucy and Nicholas are also central to the story which brings us many hilarious chapters from Lucy's point of view.  I just love Lucy as she is sassy, fearless, and self-confident.  Nicholas and Lucy are one of my favorite couple so it is a delight to see them as a part of this story.  Solange is also in this story but is definitely acting weird and I can't believe the cliffhanger of this book.  It will leave you going---What?  No Way!!!   I hate waiting for the next book in a favorite series.  But with the Drake chronicles it is always worth the wait.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cry Wolf by Angela Campbell

Cry Wolf is an unusual werewolf mystery.  It is more modern and truthful and not based in so much paranormal fantasy.  Andrea Lockhart is a reporter for a leading Tabloid and usually gets to work on celebrity pieces but her new boss who happens to be an ex sends her to woodbine, South Carolina to chase after a wereworlf story.  It isn't until she meets the local Paper Editor, Sean Hunter that things get interesting.  Sean Hunter had been her mentor and competitor in college and she had a crush on him.  But Sean told her she would never make it as a reporter because she was too nice.  Andrea is still smarting from the last meeting and isn't sure what to make of this new Sean.  Andrea is determined to make and break the real story of the Werewolf and accepts help from Sean as professional curtesy.  Soon the pages heat up with attraction and passion.  But can Andrea get past her feelings in the past and trust that Sean has always had her best interests in mind?
The Werewolf is a mystery that has been cultivated by local business owners much like the loch ness monster to influence tourism.  Some of the townfolk are supportive and some are down right mean and want to run the silly girl reporter out of town.  Andrea must deal with her feelings for Sean, the mystery of the Werewolf and cranky townspeople.  It is a very interesting read and not you everyday werewolf romance

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Blood Like Poison: For the Love of a Vampire by M. Leighton

M. Leighton creates an enticing sexy romance between Ridley and Bo.  This isn't your average vampire romance but creates a new mythology that I haven't encountered before.  Bo is the most amazing hero who is intense, romantic and protective.  Bo takes Ridley's life by storm upsetting her carefully planned escape from her life where she is just biding her time until she can escape her small town to Stanford.  Ridley's life is very pretend and she seems to just keep going through the motions with her home and school life.  Bo makes her feel again and draws her in on a complete soul level.  Their romance is intense and will make your heart flutter and swoon.  This pair of soul mates will keep you reading and wanting the next book to continue their story right away.
Ridley is the captian of the cheerleaders and looking forward to college.  She has a steady boyfriend, Drew, and belongs to the 'it' crowd.  Suddenly she notices and is drawn to Bo who is a new transfer to Harker High.  Ridley discovers Bo's secret and is caught up in his dangerous world.  Since losing her sister in a car accident 3 years ago, Ridley has been going throught the motions.  Her mother is a drunk and her Dad is out of town more than home.  Ridley is on her own.  Bo shows her love and understanding that has been missing in her life.  However Bo has revenge on his mind.  He is killing vampires to find and revenge his Dad's death.  Together Bo and Ridley must discover the underground world of their small town and try to keep their love alive.

Almost Final Curtain by Tate Halloway (Vampire Princess 2)

Almost the Final Curtain is the second book in the St. Paul Vampire Princess series.  I enjoyed the first book which introduced Ana as a half witch/half vampire who walks between two warring factions of paranormal society.  In this story, Ana is identifying with her vampire side more.  In this particular story, Vampires were brought over across the veil between worlds by witches who enslaved them with a talisman of sorts.  This special artifact was stolen and the spell was undone thus freeing the vampires.  However, vampires can only live on witch blood so the witches want to enslave them because they are blood suckers and sometime killers and the vampires want to be free but must drink witches blood to live. 
At the beginning, Ana has a hot true witch rocker boyfriend, Nik who happens to be from a long line of Vampire hunters.  But Nik is love with Ana and doesn't see her as a vampire.  Ana is afraid of what will happen if Nik passes his last rite to being a full fledged hunter and what will happen if the talisman resurfaces and the enslavement of the vampires will do to her.  Ana is also accidently engaged to Elias her father's vampire knight who regularly visits her to court.  Ana's father is trying to keep his kingdom free and his power.  Ana's Mom is revealed to have more power than first thought and the power struggle between her and Ana's father is causing Ana to be torn apart.
This story is very complex in the struggle presented for Ana.  At times, my heart really was torn but I really love Nik and was frustrated with the story between the two young lovers but like the way it ends.  The end of this book feels a little like a wrap up so I am wondering where or if it will continue.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fourth And Goal (Seattle Lumberjacks #1) by Jami Davenport

Great Sports Romance! Rachel is hired by Derek who happens to be her former best friend and one night stand. Derek hires her to watch over his house and animals when he away at out of town games. Derek is a professional wide reciever for NFL team. Rachel is also trying to get close to Derek to find out information that could clear her Dad's reputation from a points shaving scandel. Rachel grew up around sports and is awesome at coaching and agrees to work with Derek and his cousin Tyler to get their game back. In the midst of this, Derek and Rachel's chemistry continues to build to where they agree to have a no strings attached affair. This is an adult erotic romance and should not be read by anyone under 18. The romance is hot, steamy and adventurous. The NFL team also adopts a terminally sick kid, Ryan, whose hero worship of Derek puts his world in prospective. The ending was a happily ever after that will have you in tears and cheering at the same time. I loved this!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Accordance (Significance 2) by Shelly Crane

Do you know that feeling when you get a book and you just know you are in for an awesome story and can't wait another minute to start?  Accordance is that book.  I so thoroughly enjoyed this book that I couldn't put it down and didn't want the page count to dwindle.  This will definitely be on the keeper shelf and be re-read. 
Accordance continues the Significance series by Shelly Crane.  If you haven't read Significance, you need to stop right now and go read it.  This series is a beautiful love story between two soulmates, Maggie and Caleb.  Ms. Crane has a wonderful voice that describes the best love story since Bella and Edward.  Her writing weaves such a vivid romance that you can touch the love and your heart will flutter right along with Maggie and Caleb
Maggie and Caleb are hiding out at the beach house with their unwelcome chaperones, Bish and Kyle.  Bish is so protective of Maggie and knows that she and Caleb are hiding something from him.  He is like a bad penny always turning up with they don't need him and interupting at the worst possible moments.  Caleb and Maggie take their interuptions and chaperones in stride.  But while at the Beach, Maggie learns her purpose and role in the Jacobsen clan.  She begins to really understand her role as a seer and begins to have visions.  Some of her visions include answers to the imprinting struggles and how to get the Aces back to the proud race that they should be.  Caleb is her rock and her protector.  Together they will stand and fight the evil that threatens to choke the clans of their imprints and abilities.  This book is the perfect blend of action, obstacles, and heart pounding romance.
I can't express how wonderful Ms. Crane's books are and Significance is definitely my favorite book series now above Twilight, Harry Potter, Morganville Vampires, and Iron Fey.  I am a hopeless romantic at heart but Ms. Crane writes a hero that is so swoon-worthy that you can't help but fall in love with him yourself.  Her Heroine, Maggie, is easy to identify with and she writes Maggie in such a way that you can't help but put yourself in her place.  If you are a fan of any YA Romance you will absolutely love the Significane series by Shelly Crane.

Geek Girl by Cindy C. Bennett

When I read the summary for Geek Girl, I expected a fun light hearted teen romance that is reminiscent of "She's All That" or "Can't Buy Me Love".  As much as I love these movies and light-hearted romance, Geek Girl is a poignant Romance about a Girl fighting for control of her own heart.  Jen is a gothic foster kid who has been in the system since she was 13 and been bounced around so much she has learned to act out and not make friends.  As a "bad" girl,  Jen bets her friends Ella and Beth that she can turn Trevor, a straight laced 'A' student, into a "Bad" Boy.  Jen thinks it would be funny and laughs at Trevor's politeness and morals.
What starts as a bet, turns into a journey of finding her own place to belong and who she really is.  As Jen begins her plan, Trevor is accepting and includes Jen in with his friends who don't seem to mind her goth. Although, out of place the group gets to know Jen.   Jen begins to enjoys the Geek movies and study dates.  But even as her attraction grows for Trevor, she still feels like she isn't good enough for him and that even if she really wanted to date him she would have to bring him down to her level.  She always feels like she isn't good enough for Trevor.  Trevor is not only good, kind, and accepting but perceptive of Jen's secrets and knows exactly what she needs even when Jen doesn't know herself.  It is so refreshing to have such an honest look at life and not have characters be stupid in their reactions to heavy subject material.  Geek Girl beautiful blends honesty with romance and the result is story that will make you laugh and cry. 
This opposites attract romance is also a road to self discovery and acceptance for Jen whose secrets have tainted her view on human behavior.  Trevor and her foster family manage to teach Jen that sometimes people do things and don't expect things in return.  Jen learns about real love and acceptance. 
Anyone who loves YA romance and coming of age stories will love Geek Girl.  Jen's story is inspiring and Trevor will have you wanting to find yourself a Geek of your own.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Stone Cold Seduction by Jess Macallen

Elleodora Fredricks has always known her Dad was evil and in fact that is what lead her start stealing precious artifacts from him in the first place.  Elle has always felt the need to correct the wrongs he has done by selling his stolen property and giving the money to the victims of his evil temper.  Then while narrowly escaping from her latest heist, Elle finds out she is being to show powers such as shadowing because her father is the King of the Shadow Elves.  With the help of her best guy friend, Teryl who is an Oracle, and her new love Jax a gargoyle she must solve the mystery of her fate and parentage.
"I have know idea who I am.  In the last week, I found out I'm a shadow elf, daughter of a demigod, granddaughter to a god, a ward thief, and I can manipulate minds and flame.  I saw a dead woman, was hunted and kidnapped, and then beaten and stabbed by a psychopath.  All while traveling, around the world.  I got my fate, which was a glorified riddle that provided more questions than answers and now I'm expected to choose between the man I loved ten years ago and the man I love now, while you two fight."  Stone Cold Seduction is an action filled story with a unique blend of new creatures that I would have never imagined could be sexy.  Ms.  Macallan makes gargoyles a big sexy bodygaurds that anyone would want to have around.  Jax is a strong protector who claims to be Elle's mate but what of Maclean, a phoenix who burns hot and is Elle's ex fiance.  Elle's sadistic father Jedren has manipulated her mind and stolen her memories so she cannot remember whole people or situations from her past. 
I loved the fantasy world that Ms. Macallan builds.  This is an awesome start to a series with non-stop mystery and action.  There are hot romantic passion between Elle and Jax.  Yet, Elle is beginning to get warm memories back of her love of MacLean.  The end of the book will leave you wanting more.  I will eagerly anticipating the sequel.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Crave by Melissa Darnell

Crave drew me in and made me hungry for more.  Set in the small town of Jacksonville in East Texas, Crave is a paranormal romance for teens that takes a new twist.  Most of the area is controlled by the Clann.  The Clann are descendants of Witches and Warlocks.  They have powers and are in control both politcally and socially.  The kids of the descendants rule the school especially Golden Boy, Tristan Coleman who is the son of the Clann's leader.  Tristan is a football star and Savannh's secret crush who is totally off limits.
Savannah Colbert is a normal teenager with a close group of friends.  She and the Clann kids have grown up together and used to be friends until 4th grade.  At recess, Savannah and Tristan pretended to be getting married but the next day Savannah was shunned as a freak.  Since then, Savannah has gotten used to the teasing and bullying that happens by the Clann but never really understood what happened.  She becomes ill and finds she is part Vampire and part Witch or a Dhampir.  She is the only known child of a vampire.  Vampires and the Witches have an age old hostility and her parents violated rules to be together.  Both societies are afraid of Savannah's powers or that she will tip the scale for the other side.  Savannah begins to have strange symptoms that she cannot control.  She afraid to ask her Dad about anything because he reports to the Vampire Council who practically want her dead.  She is afraid someone will attack her Mom and Nanna if she exhibits too many powers and is strictly forbidden to do magic or consort with the Clann.
Tristen is also drawn to Savannah but knows his parents strictly forbid him to be around Savannah.  Tristen is sweet, romantic, and protective of Savannah.  Savannah tries to stay away from him but Tristen is everywhere and decides he wants to see her.  He even starts showing up in her dreams.  There romance will make your heart swoon with the flutters of first love.  At times, their relationship seems so starcrossed and hopeless but just meant to be.  Crave will leave you wanting more and I can't wait to continue Savannah and Tristen's romance in Covet.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Dragon Saga: Legend of the Ociena Dragons by J. F. Jenkins

Dragons are fascinating creatures of myth that eat virgin sacrifices and breath fire.  Well, not really in Oceina.  In this wonderful world of fantasy, Dragons are revered in religon sacred and a direct line to God.  Priests and Priestesses are the only ones who can communicate with them.  This tale opens to an Ociena Dragon asking the priests for a virgin sacrifice.  The dragon is very particular and wants only Kai, a regular girl who is her mother's only child.  Kai doesn't want to leave her mother and doesn't think it is quite the honor when the Priests come to her home and tell her she has been requested.  Little does she know that through the ceremonial vows she has been wed to a shapeshifter that is a water dragon.  Darien,the Ociena dragon lord, has been loving Kai from afar for 6 years.  Kai has always seen the dragon flying over her but never knew he was really human part of the time.  She is placed on the island as a sacrifice and passes out when Darien uses his magic to calm her fears.  When she comes to she finds her handsome husband who tells her of their marriage.  Kai decides she doesn't want to die a virgin and doesn't realize Darien is the dragon she fears so they consumate the marriage. 
Kai wakes up in Darien's family home in their bed.  Kai is angry and outraged at being decieved and marriaged without any control over her own life.  Darien is attentive, kind, and sexy.  He continues to give her anything she wants in hopes that she will love him back.  Kai is certainly attracted to him but doesn't want to be told what to do.  Darien, as a dragon, also has powerful magic that will now transform Kai into a dragon mate so that they can produce heirs.  Although Kai knows she cannot go back home without exposing the dragons secret, she is completely appalled by the lack of control she has over the situation.  The romance between Kai and Darien is hot and sweet.  I love the fact that Darien is so in love with Kai and will do anything to make her happy.
Darien's family is also the leaders of the Ociena dragons.  Darien's father, Orion is the leader.  Darien feels like his family blames him for the loss of their mother who died in childbirth.  However, there are dangerous plots and intrigue to get the power of Darien's family.  Darien will have to step up and become more involved in politics than he would like.  He will need all the support he can get. 
This is such a well written unique plot that I highly recommend the book especially for the price.  The story immediately engages the reader and I didn't want to put it down.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Must Love Lycans by Michele Bardsley

Must Love Lycans is the 8th book in the Broken Heart Series.  Broken Heart is the paranormal community and a haven for witches, shifters, vampires, and a demon.  The Lycan Triplets, Damien, Darrius, and Drake are gorgeous Alpha male Shifters who are royal lycans that can shift at will.  They are the head of Broken Heart's security force.  This book happens 3 years after the last book in the series as most of the town has settle into normality and the attacks have been far between.
Damien finds himself naked and being held in a specialized clinic because he has amnesia.  He has been rescued from a labratory where he is being tested.  Kelsey Morningside is the head psychiatrist.  She is fresh from a personal tragedy from having believed she had reformed a serial killer only to be attacked by him.  She is haunted by having to kill him to escape.  She was rescued by financial ruin by her employer. 
One night Damien escapes and bites Kelsey claiming her as a his mate.  She is transitioning to Lycan and may Die if Damien cannot interpet her dream correctly and uncover his true past.  Damien has to come to terms with his heritage and claim his birthright.
Broken Heart OK is one of my favorite series of all time.  These books are funny, sexy, and romantic!  Each books stands along but they are so good you should read them all and in order.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Coexist by Julia Crane

Coexist is about Elves but not the short toy-making kind but human looking elves that blend seamlessly into our own society.  Keegan is a bubbly high school girl who is hiding the fact that she and her family are elves.  Elves also have special abilities that allow them to use magic.  Keegan can turn invisible and her brother Thaddeus is already a strong warrior and seer.  Thaddeus tells Keegan her Chosen's name so that she can call to him in a time of need.  Elves are given their chosen at birth but cannot meet them or know of them until a special ceremony at the age of 18.  Rourk, Keegan' chosen, is a skilled warrior who is drawn to her every time she thinks of him. Rourk watches her from afar to protect her.  Rourk already loves her and the magic of the chosen makes them halfs of the same whole. 
Thaddeus forsees a great battle between the light and dark elves in Ireland around Keegan's 17th birthday.  He also sees Keegan's death.  As a result, Rourk is put on full time watch to protect Keegan and she begins training to learn to fight with Thaddeus.  Rourk and Keegan meet at a get together for the warriors and their families.  They are instantly drawn together like magnets.  Richard, Keegan's father and leader of the light elves, decides to give them a weekend together and then after the great battle when Keegan is 17, they can be together. 
Keegan and Rourk are adorable together.  Rourk is a sexy warrior who is only concerned with Keegan's happiness.  However, during the big battle, Keegan rushes into save her friends and Thaddeus' prophey comes true.  The book ends with Keegan not knowing Rourk or feeling the chosen magic.  Rourk, however, still does and is miserable.  Keegan finds that she isn't the only supernatural among her friends and is also attracted to another boy at school.  I am sure book 2 will address Rourk trying to win Keegan back the "human" way and Donald trying to court her also.  I hated that Keegan can't remember Rourk.  I loved Rourk and didn't want them to end;.  I hope he can win her back. 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

After Eden by Katherine Pine

After Eden was easy to read and I liked the story about an outcast Devi, who meets a mysterious guy at her favorite used book store.  Devi's twin brother Kai was taken by an Angel when she was 10.  She has always felt she was missing something ever since that day.  She has been plagued by migraines since his disappearance.  Her father commited suicide on their couch because he couldn't stand the loss of his son.  Davi's Mom is an alcoholic and more absent than present in her life.  When Devi meets Oz, the bookstore guy, he seems to know all about her headaches.  She is attracted to him but has been a loner for so long that she keeps him at a distance.  It turns out Devi was born without a spirit and therefore when she dies she will cease to be.  Apparently this makes her a Demon magnet.  Oz protects her and she seems to have an Angel.  She wants to make her Angel appear so he can take her to her brother.  Oz helps her because he loves her.  She doesn't realize his feelings and I often wanted to shake her.  I loved Oz even though he was a demon.  I wanted her to be with him but it just never really happened.  Oz is sexy and saves her more than once.
The book deals with some interesting mythology  regarding Angels and Demons.  Demons are the Angels that were sent to gaurd and watch over Eden but fell in love with God's creation and therefore were banished from Heaven to life immortally in the creation they loved so much.  Oz is one of these Demons.  Oz makes being a Demon not seem bad.  It is almost as if it wasn't their fault they loved creation so much.  Then there are Devils who are the Angels whom were thrown out of Heaven for wanting to become better than God.  Lucifer is the Prince of all.  Lucifer has sent his Devils to collect Devi as she is the only person who has been born without the spirit in centuries.  Then there is Devi's brother Kai who was pure spirit and therefore belonged to Heaven.  It was a little like they shouldn't have been 2 people but one.  This was a good story and I will definitely read the next one but I do wish Devi would get more together with Oz. 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Fire and Shadow by Imogene Howson

Fire and Shadow was a fantasy that I wasn't expecting.  I originally thought going in that this was about a fire starter in real life but it turned out to be a fantasy world.  Shadows are evil creeping phantoms that are killing and taking villagers away.  No one is sure if they die or are absorbed.  Just a single touch from a shadow will freeze and seemingly kill whatever part of the body it touches.  All of the land is being affected and anywhere light cannot permeate isn't safe.  The swamps and dense forest are all enought to bring the shadows out in day light.  Light must be kept on at all times to keep people safe from them.  Children are growing up in fear of the dark. 
Some develop special abilities during adolesence which can be uncontrollable at first. 
Fern is a late bloomer and develops firestarter capabilities on her 18th birthday and makes the journey to a special house where the gifted can work on controlling their powers.  As the sun sets and the shadows chase Fern and her brother up the hill to the house, she meets Nik who rescues them and escorts them into the house.  Nik is older than most of the kids and works on inventions and solving patterns to fight against the shadows.  He instinctively realizes that Fern's power is the one thing that can kill the shadows and heal those who have been touched by the shadows.  Nik begins to work daily with Fern on her ability.  At first, Nik and Fern can't stand each other as Nik knows her powers are provoked through anger, but soon Fern's feelings change. 
This was a great story but the romance felt a little rushed.  It was only about 102 pages on ebook and I felt that the author could have expanded on the interactions between Fern and Nik.  A couple of more scenes would have done a world of good for the story.  I did enjoy this read and most who enjoy fantasy blended with paranormal romance will like the story.  The story is creative and fresh and worth the read for the price.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Meant to Be by Tiffany King

Meant to Be was an interesting read.  There is a soulmate thread to the romance that makes Meant to Be passionate story.  Krista moves to Santa Cruz after her Mom decides they need a new start after the death of her adoptive Dad.  One of the most interesting things is that Krista knows she was adopted after being abandoned at a rest stop at the age of 2.  She also has and oversensitivity to others emotions and often gets sick from being overwhelmed.  On the first day of class in her new private school, Krista meets a teaching intern who is literally the man of her dreams.  Mark immediately recognizes her and tries to meet her but Krista is spooked until the following night where Mark reveals his face to her in the dream.
Sam is Krista's first real friend and feels the energy from Krista.  They are drawn together and find they suffer the same emotional turmoil.  Sam has been dating Shawn who is like Mark and the four of them share so many similarities that they start investigating to find out the common thread.  The couples share dreams that all take place on the beach outside of the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. 
Most of the first half of the book was about the couples finding each and their relationships and doubts.  Many theories are posed about all the similarities and paranormal aspects of the quartet.  The only thing that annoyed me a little was I felt the couples showed off PDA in juvenille ways sometimes but it is YA.  The second half of the book was non-stop action.  Just as Krista is finding out about her mother who was seriously injured in a hit and run accident, She and Mark are kidnapped from the hospital parking lot.  They are taking to a lab facility and experimented on by some people who want to make Mark stronger and Krista weaker.  The truth behind all the mysteries were shocking and totally unique.  I was really glad I stuck with it because the ending makes the book.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Prince of Wolves by Quinn Loftis

Prince of Wolves is about soulmates and fated love.  If you happen to be a hopeless romantic who loves the idea of finding your one and true mate, then this is the book for you.  This is actually a large ebook being 1000+ pages on Nook but I was so invested in the story and characters that I read it in a day and a half.  Jaque is a girl in a small town that is spying on the new foreign exchange student that is moving in across the street.  As soon as he arrives, Fane is immediately drawn to Jaque and can send thoughts to her.  Jaque actually thinks she is having a mental breakdown but soon recongnizes the mental voice as Fane's.  Fane is a foreign exchange student from Romania where he is next in line to be Alpha of the biggest pack of Grey werewolves in the world.  He is drawn inexplicably to the small town and finds Jaque his one true mate. 
Ms. Loftis has a great new voice in writing paranormal romance.  I loved the interaction between Jaque and her two BFF's, Sally and Jen.  The quips fly as well as the sarcastic wit.  I laughed outloud several times at Jen and Jaque's outrageous personalities.  I loved the fact that Jaque didn't swoon and just bend to the fate that was handed to her.  Jaque is a spitfire and enjoys putting Fane in his place.  Fane loves Jaque's spunk and the fact that she isn't afraid to speak her mind.  The chemistry is awesome. 
Fane was very careful when he choose his exhange town so that he wouldn't encroach on another pack's territory but apparently there is an unregistered grey pack in town.  Since the ratio of Alpha Females is 1 to 30, Lucas, the local Alpha is trying to claim Jaque for himself.  Lucas challenges Fane in a fight to the death.  The action is great and the emotional turmoil for Jaque is easily identifiable to the reader.  This book had the same feel of "Jessica guide to dating the dark side" being that Lucias and Fane are both princes from Romainia and come to find their soulmates.  But Prince of Wolves develops a quicker romantic tie between Fane and Jaque because they are able to share thoughts and are immediately attracted to each other.  I loved this book and consider it a great independent find.  I am hoping for a follow up that includes the bonding ceremony and Jaque's life in Romania. 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Uprising by Shelly Crane

Uprising continues with Shelly and Merrick's love story that began in the apocolypic Collide.  The chemistry is explosive and draws the reader into the relationships that build among the rebels.  This book opens as the resistance has built an expanding underground bunker under a convenience store.  It is the perfect hideout outside of town and provides much needed shelter for the group.  Throughout the book, the group continues to grow in numbers as they seek out other Keepers and Specials who need shelter.  Sherry has taken a caregiver role by cooking and mothering the group.  Merrick and Jeff are looked to as the leaders and protectors of the ragtag family.
Relationships are what really make this book shine.  Sherry and Merrick continue their wonderful love affair and are the glue that binds the group together. Lines between Specials, Keepers, Lighters, Enforcers, and Regular People blend and flow naturally as wonderful new relationships blossom and grow.  This book will make the reader question the definitions that we put on people in our lives and how that affects your relationships.  The labels for people in our lives are nothing compared to love.  There are many suspenseful scene of action, resistance fighting and rescue also that round out this story.  Again, Ms. Crane delivers a great tale of love and relationships set in a world of paranormal creatures from another place.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Collide by Shelly Crane

Collide is one of those books that takes you on a wonderful journey.  There is so much to this book that I don't know how to do it justice.  Collide is a apocolyptic book that weaves a story that tests courage and family.  Sherry has always felt there was something more and someone watching over her.  When the Moon disappears from the night sky, strange things come to earth.  People start to disappear only to return later acting differently.  Danny, her little brother has had to move in and sleep on her couch since her hippie parents have packed up to stand with others to welcome the aliens to our planet.  Sherry also has to dodge her abusive, egotistical ex-boyfriend Matt.  Matt has been coming by drunk and pounding down her door until she is afraid to death of him.
Sherry's journey begins as a normal day when she is confronted by Matt on her way home in the parking lot of her apartment.  Except Matt says he isn't Matt but a Keeper and she and Danny need to come with him right away if they want to live.  Sherry thinks that not only is Matt abusive but he has gone crazy.  So Matt drugs her with a special drug that keeps her aware but unable to move or communicate.  Matt puts her in the car and then she hears him return with Danny.  Matt drives them to an underground bunker where she wakes to him in room without Danny.  Matt tells her that his name is really Merrick and he is a Keeper sent to watch over Danny because he is a Special and must be saved so that he can complete his a task for the good of the human race.  Sherry believes him because his mannerisms and eye color have changed.  None of Matt's swagger or cockiness are present in Merrick.  Together they convince Danny of Merrick's change.  Merrick also tells Sherry and Danny that Lighters have come to take over the earth and they are responsible for the disappearance of the moon.  However, Lighters are using complusion through the news to blame Keepers as a means to track down Specials and kill them.  If the Lighters manage to kill Specials, they will be able to take over the earth because society will no longer advance and they will be in control.  They will use fear to rule.
A ragtag bunch of Specials and Keepers soon assembles in the underground bunker.  Sherry notices that Merrick is very uncomfortable with her and misinterpets this as dislike.  Sherry and Merrick are drawn to each other but Keepers are only supposed to be here for a short period of time and are more pure than humans.  Merrick is sure that someone as good as Sherry couldn't love anyone like him who isn't even human.  Sherry doesn't care that Merrick isn't human but enjoys the way he is always there for her and knows everything about her.  Merrick and Sherry's love story is epic and draws the reader into the book.  Love manages to win even at the end of the world.
I highly recommend this for anyone who enjoys romance with dystopian or paranormal twists.  The Action is really good as the group has to run from Lighters and Markers.  Warning you will want to read the next book Uprising almost immediately.  I believe Ms. Crane is an author to watch and feel so "special" to have discovered her talent so early in what will surely be a long career.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Significance by Shelly Crane

Significance is the perfect paranormal romance.  The chemistry and descriptions are create a beautiful love story between Maggie and Caleb.  Maggie has been having a really sucky life.  Her mother abandoned her family but not before she took all their money with her.  Her Dad is practically catatonic and she had to start working to help pay for things around the house.  Her academic year is shot and she isn't sure she could get into a good college if she tried.  Maggie used to have friends but has pulled away from them because of her family troubles.  She has been hiding her life from everyone.  Her High School sweetheart Chad, breaks up with her three days after her Mom leaves with everything.  She is devastated and withdrawals from everything she has known. 
Significance begins at Maggie's graduation where she is sitting among her peers but still just going through the motions.  Kyle turns around and asks her to hang out and for some reason after turning him down several times over the past year, Maggie says Yes.  After graduation, Maggie's Dad behaves like a complete jerk and she ends up just escaping out of her house for a walk.  As she begins to walk around she is waiting to cross the road when she notices a cute tan guy with headphones in his ears.  She ends up saving him from being run over by jerking back from the curb at the last minute.  She feels attracted to him from the start but finds out he is Kyle's cousin Caleb who is actually in town celebrating Kyle's graduation.  They walk to Kyle's together.  Kyle isn't thrilled when he sees them together thinking Caleb is encroching his girl.  Just as Maggie goes to leave on her date with Kyle, she shakes Caleb's hand and then the magic starts.  She starts to change and she and Caleb imprint with each which means they are soulmates. 
Maggie finds herself the center of a large paranormal family with amazing abilities and the perfect guy in Caleb.  This book is pure magic and romance.  Many times I read a book and feel like the just as the couple gets together it ends and you miss all the good stuff.  Well, Significance is all "good stuff"!  Caleb is sweet, protective, and HOT!  I would bet Caleb could beat Edward and Jacob in a best boyfriend contest hands down.  Although they are dependent on each other, I feel this just adds to the mystical connection between them.  Maggie and Caleb compliment each other as so many of the significants do in the story.  Significance is not all romance but has some rival clans, a kidnapping and soulmate withdrawals that Maggie and Caleb must get through. 
I hope that more people will read this 5-star romance.  I would recommend this for YA Romance lovers who like paranormal.  I will definitely be picking up Ms. Crane's other books and cannot wait for Accordance to continue Maggie and Caleb's story.  For me this book was better than Twilight which I read over and over.  I am sure this is the first of many readings for signifance that are in my future!

Love Story by Jennifer Echols

Jennifer Echols is one of my favorite romance writers.  Love Story is a story of a girl and guy who in the past have both pined for each other but several incidents of life have gotten in the way.  Erin is somewhat of a Stable Heiress who has gone her own way and is trying to make it through college without any help from her estranged Grandmother.  Hunter is the stable boy who sets to inherit her birthrite because he wants to study business and Erin wants to be a writer.  Hunter shows up in Erin's creative writing class just as they are sharing a story about him the Stable Boy.  She is embarassed and doesn't know what to do.  Hunter and Erin then begin to trade story through class both writing memories or stories to get their point across.  Everyone around them can see the love they clearly have for each other.  The biggest question is whether life will continue keep them apart or if they will get over all the obstacles. 
This isn't my favorite from Echols but it is still a good read.  I was thrown because it starts by reading Erin's Stable boy story which is set in the Victorian age.  At first I thought there was a problem with my edition!  But if you hang on there really is a good reason that the papers are included in the book.  They are a metaphorical dialogue between Erin and Hunter.  Hunter is really good a pushing Erin's buttons to get her to react.  Erin often misconstues what he is saying.  Echols characters always wrap me up in their termoil and romance.  I can't really put my finger on why.  He guys are always sweet yet very attractive without being push overs.  I always know I am getting ready for an awesome romance if Jennifer Echols is on the cover!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Overprotected by Jennifer Laurens

Overprotected was a quick read about a rich New York Socialite, Ashlyn Adair who was kidnapped by her nanny at the age of 5.  As a result, Ashlyn's Dad is completely obsessed with her safety to the point of hiring bodyguards, security system, and screening her friends.  She is only allowed to have one friend that he approves of and cannot go out of the house without her bodyguard or her Dad with her.  At the beginning of the story she is creeped out by her bodyguard,Stuart who has fallen in love with her.  She gets her Dad to fire him.  Her Dad then finds Colin, an old family friend who teased Ashlyn mercilessly as a kid to take the job.  Colin moves in and Ashlyn at first hates him but is also fascinated by the man he has become.  I really enjoyed the chemistry between Ashlyn and Colin.  This is a very interesting read that played like a movie in my head.  Ashlyn's home is cold and very abnormal to the point of Daddy dearest.  The irony is that in the end Ashlyn is kidnapped and the only people who ever threatened her were people her father hired. 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Beautiful Dark by Jocelyn Davies

A Beautiful Dark drew me in with it's storyline right from the start.  The beginning was similar to other paranormal reads:  mysterious new guys, girl with tragedy.  Part of the fun was trying to piece together the way Skye, Devin, and Asher fit together.  About half way through the book, you begin to understand who and what Asher and Devin stand for.  I found this a really interesting take on this mythology.  The dilema Skye finds herself struggling with is what really what attracted me to the story.  "On one level, that was totally true.  I was torn, trying to choose between two things: Asher or Devin, The Order or the Rebellion, Self-preservation or heartbreak.  Control--or finally letting go"  This quote perfectly describes the conflict that Skye feels.  Most of time is trying to piece together who is good for Skye.  I found myself questioning things I always thought about light and dark.  In other words, this book made me think. 
The second half of the book is faster paced with more action and twists coming that I really didn't forsee.  The only reason I didn't give this a full 5 stars was because of the abrupt cliffhanger!  It is really a good one which can be frustrating for someone impatient for a nice ending like me.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Fate Fixed: An Erris Coven Novel by Bonnie Erinna Wheeler

Fate Fixed opens as Lexie is moving to a small town in Maine with her new blended family.  Lexie's real father died about a year ago in a car crash where she was driving.  Since then, she has been drowning in guilt and trying to break through her little sister's anger.  Her Mom, Ruby has remarried after falling in love with a Romanian immigrant through eHarmony.  Dragos has 3 sons: Maxim, Alix, and Nikolai.  The move is a big change and Lexie is trying to get used to her new brothers.  Lexie's family is at best creepy and unusual.  The mystery around her family continues to build until the action explodes.  Ms. Wheeler does an excellent job at building the mystery and creepiness of Maxim.  Alix is social and friendly building a comradere with Lexie.  Both brothers seem to be at times too posessive and attracted to Lexie.  Shortly after the move, Lexie's Mom begins to change and has mood swings that are unlike herself.  She turns off Lexie's phone and internet which further creates a isolated strangeness about her new family.
Torin is a mystery that I don't want to give too much away about because that is part of the fun. There are four fine cousins with Torin being one, Teagan, Cian, and Braden rounding out the group.  Braden has completed the change and is the "older brother" personality of the bunch.  Teagan is the ladies man, Cian the devoted boyfriend and Torin the brooding and tortured soul over what he will become.  When Lexie the girl of his dreams, turns up in Erris, he immediately knows she is his other half.  But before Lexie and Torin can get too comfortable, there are animals being slain and gruesome finds in the woods surrounding the town.  The cousins are trying to piece together the mysterious slayings before they get exposed or someone gets hurt.  Torin and Lexie must fight to put together the mystery before it rips them apart or kills those they love most.  This isn't your usual teen paranormal romance where everyone is "good" deep down.  In this world, monsters do exsist.

Reading the summary for Fate Fixed intriqued me so much that I downloaded it from smashwords for my Nook and began reading it almost immediately.  The story is told from different points of view- Mostly Lexie and Torin but also a mysterious wolf.  The story starts slow and really takes some time to build.  This is the first in a series so much of the first half is world and character building.  I'll admit that I am a romantic sucker for the whole fated love thing which is why I wanted to read this in the first place.  But Torin and Lexie seem to connect instantly but it didn't feel forced to me.  The connection and romance is beautifully written on a soul level.  It was like a beautiful symphony coloring the air.  What really makes this book unique is the action that starts about two-thirds and doesn't stop.  Secrets are exposed with some unique twists that I think will take most readers by surprise. I wouldn't recommend this book for younger teens as there are some mature graphic killings.  I fully enjoyed this and read it in about a day.  I love indie authors some of the best reads I have read lately have been indie.  The next book is coming out in Fall 2011 so hopefully it won't be a long wait!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sirensong by Jenna Black (Faeriewalker 3)

Sirensong begins a fitting ending for the Faeriewalker Series.  Dana has been invited to be presented in the Seelie Court to Queen Tatianna.  Of course this means leaving her safe house in Avalon and traveling through Faerie to the Sunne Palace.  Dana's Dad is convinced that they cannot refuse and must travel with Prince Henry's entourage back to the palace.  Dana convinces her Dad to allow her to bring her psuedo-boyfriend Ethan and her BFF Kimber along with her bodyguards Finn and Keane.  However, Ethan and Keane both have feelings for Dana and old gudges so the journey promises to be anything but boring.  Dana is holding secrets that not only unravel over the course of the journey but threaten her friendships. 
Through the journey to the palace,  the party is attacked by Bogles which most certainly would have to been sent on purpose.  Dana's horse is also bespelled to run off and without her secret spell and the help of the Erlking, she most likely be dead.  Once at the palace, Dana is framed by someone for an attempt on Tatianna'a Granddaughter.  After barely escaping the palace, Ethan, Dana, Kimber, and Keane are on the run literally through the dangerous forests of Faery.  The action is good and spiced with enough romance to make it fun. 
Dana's impossible situation with the Erlking does get resolved. But I don't want to give away how. I confess I secretly like Keane.  I don't know if it was the bad boy defiance thing or the fact that he could and would kick your A$$ but I always was rooting for him.  I finally came around to Ethan but Keane was always there.  Overall, I was really happy with the ending and really enjoyed this series.  I would recommend it for fans of faerie books.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Darkness Becomes Her by Kelly Keaton

When I picked up Darkness Becomes Her, I was drawn to the post-double-hurricane disaster world.  Living in FL, all my life we know hurricanes and I have lived through many.  I remember the year that Katrina devestated New Orleans and remember when another threatened the same coast that year.  I had always though "what if" myself, so this was a very interesting premise to me. 
The story start out with Ari learning from a mental institution that her mother commited sucide just months after giving her up to Children's Services at the age of 3.  Ari has had a hard life being in many abusive foster homes before ending up with her last good family who have trained her in self defense and made her a legal weapon carrier.  She is trained in the bail bonds business that her foster parents own.  This makes Ari somewhat of a bad-A.  She is a heroine that you can cheer for and will become her own savior. 

Ari decides that she must go in New 2 to get a look at her birth records in hopes that her father is listed or that she can find some other information about her parentage.  New 2 is the name for what is left of New Orleans of the distant future after 2 vicious devastating hurricanes have wiped out the city.  The US has sold the city to 9 founding families who have formed the Novem and rule the city.  It is rumored to be a haven for the paranormal.  Ari finds a letter from amongst her mother's things that warns that she is in danger and must RUN!  Almost as soon as she reads this eery warning, she is attacked by a huge fighter who is trying killed her and speaking in a strange foreign language.  She manages to kill him with his own blade only to have his body disappear.  Now she is freaked and hitches a ride into New 2 with a 15 year old UPS driver, Crank.  Crank introduces her to a band of misfits that squat in an abandoned mansion in the Garden District.  All of the kids are freaks like Ari.  Ari fits in for the first time in her life.  She also finds out the Novem has orders to bring her in also.  She doesn't trust anyone and doesn't know who is after her or why.  In an attenpt to find out what is exactly her curse is or what she will become, she visits a witch doctor who is deathy afraid of her.  Everyone is deathly afraid of her it seems and she cannot find out why.

This story is an incredible read as it takes you into a world that is realistic yet unreal.  The descriptions were awesome and I found myself wanting to visit.  Ari made me laugh, cheer and cry for her.  I love the band of misfits that surround her and develop into her family.  She also uncovers her curse and how it will manifest.  This story sucked me in and I didn't want to put it down.  I can't wait for the sequel to see how Ari will continue.  This book reminded me of the cult movie "Escape from New York" mixed with X-men and other paranormal.  There is a little of everything in this book.  I highly recommend it!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Marked Son by Shea Berkley

It isn't often that you get to read a book and be taken on a journey that is so fantastic and unique.  I didn't know what to expect with this book because the synopsis didn't really give me a feel for the the category this book would fit in: vampires, fey, etc.  I know understand that this book doesn't fit in any category and sort of in all of them.  The story is fresh and unique and I didn't want to put it down.  Although this isn't really a fey book, I enjoyed this book like the Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa.  Both books are full of wonderful rich descriptions of a world and has a story line that is unpredictable and a joy to read. 
This book starts with alternating points of view from Dylan in the Northwest and Kera in the mysterious land of Teag.  Dylan and Kera have visited each others dreams for years.  It isn't until Dylan is left at his Grandparents house by his deadbeat mother that he sees Kera.  Then strange things begin to happen to his grandfather's sheep and farm.  Dylan discovers the wall that seperates this world from Teag.  Kera and Dylan meet when Kera is drawn the surge of power that surrounds Dylan.  Dylan discovers powers that have always been apart of him because his tie to Teag.  Kera is sure that Dylan is the one who can not only save Teag from the evil greedy Navar but also her soul mate. 
The chemistry between Kera and Dylan is powerful and makes your heart swell with the love between them.  The world of Teag is a wonderful fantasy that is full of magical creatures and rich characters.  Navar is a greedy evil man that is power hungry and will go to any length to seize power over the realm of Teag. Teag is also having a genocide under the strong fist of Navar who has declared that halfbreeds are an abomination and will be killed on sight.  Firsts are the pure bloods of Teag who have fey like characteristics and cannot lie.  Half bloods can lie and therefore, fear of being decieved by them is what insights the mistrust and fear. There are so many layers to this story that it takes many unpredicatable twists and turns. 
I found the story about the Firsts not being able to lie really interesting as that I could understand how much better the world would be.  But doesn't it show more character to choose not to lie and be able to than to not lie because you are unable.  Dylan's heart is good and loyal and not full of deceit.  Navar is a far more evil alternative yet he is a First and therefore Teag citizens are much more loyal just because of his blood.  It is an interesting commentary on prejudice.
I would recommend this to readers who love fantasy, fey novels and YA romance.  It truly is a cross catergory book and hard to pinpoint.  Also, recommended to those who enjoy the Iron Fey series as this is a wonderful world and unpredicable story.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers

I picked up this book because I keep seeing quotes of the new book on FB and was very intriqued.  I haven't read a lot of angels and demons books but this was a very interesting and unique story.  The story switches between Luc and Frannie's point of view.  As good church kid, I always though I would pick the angel and though Gabriel is beautiful and described as summer snow, I honestly didn't feel the connection with him.  Luc, however had me at hello!  Luc is a demon sent to 'tag' Frannie's soul for Hell.  He isn't sure why or who at first but knows that two previous lesser demons failed on this mission.  As soon as he enrolls in Haden high, he runs into Frannie and lust begins. Frannie is a strong heroine who is a part of such a religious family that her and 4 sisters are all named "Mary ..." like she is Mary Francis, Mary Margaret, Mary Grace, and Mary Katherine.  She however has deep seated issues with religion which stem from the death of her twin brother.  She was kicked out of Catholic School for questioning the exsistence of God.  Just as Luc begins to get to know her, Gabrial her Gaurdian Angel also shows up to try and 'tag' her for heaven.  Luc must get Frannie to commit a series of sins such as lust and starts with different approaches.  The interesting thing is that Luc begins to change.  He falls in love with Frannie which should be impossible for a Demon who cannot feel real feeling let alone Love.  Frannie is also gifted with "sight" and "sway" which make her invaluable to both sides.  The story is one that you must suspend your ability to rationalize these real events--I mean if you are already reading about real demons and angels struggling over a soul then why can't Frannie have these abilities.  The story seems to be an impossible:  A Demon who will draw the legions of Hell to him who is love with his mark.  If he acts on his love, he pretty much will succeed but now doesn't want to.  But if Luc doesn't he will be thrown into the fiery pit.  Frannie must choose between Luc and Gabriel.  If she goes with her heart she will cause other one to be suffer the consequences.  Gabriel also feels for Frannie but cannot act on it or her fails because that wouldn't keep her soul pure.  I loved the ending and will definitely be reading the sequel.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Silver Moon By Rebecca A. Rogers

Silver Moon is full of mystery.  Candra Lawton is moved to East Hartford to live with Aunt Beth and Uncle Randy.  Candra is a rebel of a student and has a perchance for trouble.  This actually makes me like her all the more.  It is departure from the candy coated heroines that are so good and always do the right thing.  Candra is gritty and questions everything from what everyone is hiding to whether her love interest is sincere.  What was nice was that Candra didn't take the secrets sitting down and bemoan her fate, she investigates which quite often gets her in trouble. 
When she first moves in, Chandra starts to attend High School and is the new student that is ostracized for no reason.  He only friends are a couple by the name of Jana and Blake.  She also meets the Conways a family who dabbles in dark magic and are a clan with a grudge so deep that the Lawtons are mortal enemies.  Cameron and Ethan are the hench men of the family and are continually threatening and stalking her because of the bad blood.  But Ben Conway is something more, he seems to like her and Candra is drawn to him.  He begins to pick her up to drive her to and from school.  No one in the town likes the fact that they are hanging out.  Ben is continually in trouble with his brothers for even talking to her and she gets shunned by her supposed friends who are looking out for her.  Chandra is not duped but wants to use Ben to end the fued.  Ben suggests they talk with his mother and wants to help also.  But then everything goes wrong.  Chandra ends up in the hosptial.  Ben and Chandra decide that they can't be together even though they want to.  I have a feeling this will not be the end of them by any means. 
The only issues I had with Silver Moon is that everything felt over dramatc for me.  I don't know if it was because I didn't quite understand what the big deal is with Candra.  It still seems like there is something special about her that we do not yet know.  But the book doesn't necessarily hint that there is more to it.  Also, Ben and Chandra could have been explored a little more and although I in no way believe it is over between them.  I would have liked to see more romance.  But it was also refreshing that Chandra didn't lose herself and insist on true love with Ben.  I found Chandra a very strong self sufficient girl.  She doesn't fall all the way for Ben because part of her still doesn't trust him. She isn't like Twilight's Bella who falls deep in love and is only motivated about being with her boyfriend.  I am not even sure you would call Ben a boyfriend.
Some of the dream visions were confusing and black magic didn't seem to adequately explain it.  It is almost like there are so many beginnings of stories in this book and not enough tying together for me.  I am looking forward to reading the next book hoping that it will become clear. 
Chandra is a werewolf who will turn for the first time on her 18th birthday and inherit a power that has yet to reveal itself.  The Conways want to take her power to combine with theirs to make them more powerful.  The book ends with Chandra just trying to stay safe until she is 18.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Megan Meade's Guide to the McGowen Boys by Kate Brian

I read the premise for this YA Romance and thought this would be really cute.  I wasn't disappointed.  I read this in a day and really enjoyed it.  Megan is an Army Brat who chooses to stay with family friends when her parents are transferred to Korea.  The only problem?  The McGowen's have 7 boys and no girls.  Megan is soccer playing tomboy but is totally self conscienous about living with them.  There are 4 brothers who attend high school with Megan: Evan, Finn, Miller, and Doug.  Evan is described as an abercrombie model who is a flirt.  Megan has a crush on Evan which is not good because not only is he supposed to be her "brother" but his girlfriend is the mean girl who is vying for Captain of the soccer team.  Finn is the artist who is the easiest to talk to and Miller and Doug are twins.  Miller has Asperger's and as the mother of an Autistic Teen myself, I celebrated the way Megan researched and was determined to seek out Miller.  It was a heartwarming side-story that I really loved.  All of the boys develop unique relationships with Megan and she brings something new to each of them.  Megan also is adjusting to moving to a totally new city, state, and high school.  She makes some good friends at school only to have a vicious rumor about her and Evan ostracize her early on.  Megan shows incredible grace and poise in dealing with this rumor situation and I would be proud if she were my daughter. This is really a book about family, friendship, and relationships.  I really enjoyed it and didn't want it to end. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Stranger in Her Bed by Janet Chapman

This was a nice companion Romance to the book: The Seduction of his Wife by Janet Chapman.  Chapman does an excellent job of giving me just enough of a teaser in the first book which is about Alex Knight for me to want to read this one which follows Ethan Knight Alex's little brother.  Chapman again weaves a combustable romance between Ethan Knight a loyal man who is has all the right traits including a knight in shining armor complex.  Anna Segee returns to Maine after living in Canada with her French Father and step-family.  She has been the foreman at the Loon Cove Mill that the Knight Family buys.  Of course, Ethan is sent to Manage the Mill.  Ethan and Anna interplay wonderfully.  Anna is a self assertive woman who takes Ethan quite by storm.  My favorite quote is "We are like Oil and Vinegar most of the time.  But when you shake us up real good, the combination is heavenly." ~Anna Segee

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jessica Rules the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey

This is the first ARC I ever won *Squee*~  I absolutely loved "Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side" which I am kicking myself for not reading sooner.  I admit it:  for some reason the title kinda turned me off.  I don't know why.  Maybe it wasn't lyrical enough or too plain but the story is top notch and fresh.  After reading "Dating" I went to Beth Fantasky's website and found an awesome novella of Jessica and Lucius' wedding.  If you haven't read it, you definitely will want to read it before reading "Rules".  I only wish I could put it on the Nook. :)
This book takes place after Jessica and Lucius have been married.  Jessica is trying to adjust to being a princess and ruling over the elders.  Jessica is really adverse to the violence and power that is now a part of her world.  Lucius loves her very much and is supportive and trying to help her adjust. There interactions are just as intense as before.  But before Jessica can find her inner strength, Claudiu, Lucius' Uncle is murdered and Lucius' stake has his blood on it.  Because of the law, Lucius must be held in custody in the dungeon of the castle with no blood and only bread and water.  No blood will slowing make Lucius weak and desolve into madness that some vampires never recover from that is if he isn't destroyed for murder first.  Jessica is left to rule by default.  Lucias' cousin, Raniero comes back to protect Jessica and help solve the murder mystery.  Jessica isn't sure she can trust Raniero as uncovers his past as a vampire assasin.  Mindy, Jessica's BFF comes to help support Jessica.  Mindy and Raniero have a history from the wedding novella which is why you should read the novella first.  Raniero is a CA beatnik surfer who Mindy feels will never amount to anything like her deadbeat Dad.  But underneath, trust me, Raniero is all hot Romanian Vampire.  Jessica's only remaining family, Uncle Dorin and Cousin Ylenia also lend support and advice.  There is a lot of action and intrique in this book that keeps you reading and wondering what will happen next.  I refuse to spoil the mystery but can say I personally had a feeling about it.  Fantaskey's hunky Romanian Vampires are back and just as attractive.  My only complaint is that I personally would have loved to have more interaction with Jessica and Lucius but because of the storyline this was impossible.  Fantaskey did give me the honeymoon flashback which I craved after the Novella.  Lucius' quirky sarcastic wit that I loved in "Dating" is back but this time it's between Lucius-Raniero as email/note exchanges.
This is a well rounded original story and if you read "Dating" you will love the sequel.  If you haven't read it--what are you waiting for?! 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Indie Authors

I don't know what it is--Maybe the ebook revolution and the Nook I got for Christmas but I love Indie Authors.  I know I am in a bit of a reading slump as life is getting in the way of my reading time.  But while watching my mindless TV at night, I find myself trolling GoodReads or Amazons for Free and new books.  This has opened a whole new world for me.  Although, I just keep making my "my to-read" shelf bigger, I can't stop finding the hidden gems of new and independent authors. 

I think the first ebook I downloaded was the now famous indie, Amanda Hocking.  The Blood Approves series was my first devouring of ebooks and indie's.  I was in love.  I couldn't believe how wonderful the story was yet wasn't really "published" in the conventional sense.  How could this be?  I followed up with the innovative Trylle Trilogy which was not only fresh but surprising in it's uniqueness.  Now I have found, T. R. Graves Warriors of the Cross which seems to be taking off too.  Such innovative stories make me feel like I have found treasures that world needs to discover.  I applaud the new trend of e-publishing and being able to talk to authors through twitter, facebook, and goodreads.  Being able to express my excitement with the writers, adds a new way to read and enjoy books. 

The reason I named this blog "My Reading Realm" is reading has always been an escape for me.  A good book allows me to be someone else, go somewhere else, and vacation from life without ever leaving my chair.  This blog is mainly for myself to track my thoughts on books but to write true reviews that can somehow give back to the authors who bring such wonder and enjoyment.  Writing reviews for new authors is an unforseen joy I never though about.  Although I am a loyalist who will devour anything and everything by an author, I can't help but continue the search for new books and authors.

I also hope that fellow readers will tone down the snarkiness with reviews.  Honestly, I don't think I have read a book I really haven't liked.  I think I just don't finish the book if I have a hard time getting immersed in the story.  I also only read books I choose.  I admit it--I never really read those assigned books in High School as it rankled me to have to read an assigned book when there was so much I wanted to read.  Maybe this is why I never have to give poor rating or maybe I just always find the good elements of a story.  I really hate the way some people are so judgemental of a work that is essentially art.  If you start reading and you don't like it stop and move on, but don't create a book assination on GoodReads or your blog.  I read blogs and reviews to judge elements of the story and find more about the storyline before deciding if it makes my to read shelf.  Snarkiness is just ugly. For me, I am just a reader who loves a good story and wants to share my excitement of finding a hidden Gem in the landscape of literature.   Life is too short to read bad books. 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Seduction of his Wife By Janet Chapman

This is the first of Janet Chapman's books I have read.  I have seen many of her Highlander books and got curious.  I think I picked this one up because it such an interesting premise.  What if you married a man who was presumed dead but then was really alive?  Do you stay married?  Do you Divorce?  This is what happens to Sarah Banks.  Sarah grew up taking care of others at an Inn on Crag Island.  She also took care of her father and married a gay man.  She finally becomes the housekeeper for the Knights only to be talked into marrying the oldest brother, Alex, who is believed to be killed by South American Rebels.  When he shows up, Sarah and Alex aren't sure what to do.  Alex is sure Sarah is a gold-digger like his first wife and throws her out in the middle of the night.  After apologizing, Alex is not only attracted to Sarah but begins to fall in love with her.  Sarah is afraid to let herself really care for Alex.  This is a good solid romance.  I can't wait to read the companion book about the brother Ethan.