Thursday, December 22, 2011

Blood Rites by Quinn Loftis (Prince of Wolves 2)

I am in love with this series--It's official!  I re-read Prince of Wolves,book 1, before diving into blood Rites just because I loved the chemistry between Jacque and Fane.  Besides a supercharged romance, Jacque has loyal friends and family that provide an amazing and somewhat amusing supporting cast.  This wonderful series never fails to make me laugh and cry right along with the characters. I am not sure why but it always reminds me of "Jessica's Rules to Dating on the Darkside".  I think it is the strong Romanian Prince only this one is a very Hot Werewolf. 
Blood Rites starts about a week after "Prince of Wolves" concludes.  Jacque and her best friends, Sally and Jen, are getting ready for her bonding ceremony with Fane.  On the way to the bonding, Jacque, her friends, and her mother Lily are in a dangerous car accident.  Fane is nearly crazy with worry.  It turns out that the one doctor on staff that is Wolf is the sister of Lucas Steele, the Alpha Fane killed at the end of book 1.  To make matters worse, Dillion, Jacque's real father and Alpha of the Denver Pack, decides he should intervene to protect her until she is 18.  What follows is a roller coaster of emotions and laughter that will have you unable to put the book down.  Seriously, clear your day!
Jacque also gets kidnapped from the hospital while still ill and Fane has to find her before it is too late.  It is a race against time to get Jacque what she needs to recover.  The end was perfectly romantic and swoon worthy.  I cried tears of happiness for tese characters.  I absolutely can't wait to read the next one which is due out in Feb/March 2012.  Jen, Jacque's smartmouthed friend, will come to terms with what she really wants and who she really is.  I would absolutely recommend this series to anyone who enjoys YA paranormal romance.

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Ascended by Tiffany King (Meant to Be 3)

I was so glad I could move onto The Ascended as I finished Forgotten Souls.  I was a little disappointed that it didn't start right off where Souls left off.  Instead, Ascended starts almost 6 months later after Mark has left Krista.  I was totally bereft at the thought of them not getting back together.  I laughed and cried right along with Krista.  I enjoyed seeing all the guides and protectors interacting in this sequel.  It is a quick read and a great ending to the series.  I also enjoyed that a prequel to the series is included at the end of the ebook.  The prequel tells the story of what happened to Victor's band through the eyes of Mark's mother.  It was adorable to see all the characters as babies and already aware of their bonds.  I highly recommend this series as a wonderful inventive paranormal romance.

Forgotten Souls by Tiffany King (Meant to Be 2)

Forgotten Souls continues the story of Soul Mates Krista and Mark who together with their best friends, Sam and Shawn, and Lyn and Robert continue to uncover their unusual birthright.  Not only are they celestrial beings sent to earth to help save souls but they begin to train and understand their mission better.  Brought together by Haniel, an archangel overseeing their training, the band of guides and protectors get to meet up with other bands of different ages.  As they train, they all know that ultimately Victor, Mark's father who has turned evil is still out in the world waiting to plot his next move to use the bands for the Dark One. 
I loved the first book in this series and Forgotten Souls continues the story I love.  Krista is such a fun character and I enjoyed getting to see her grow more secure in herself and her bond.  Again, Ms. King gives a cliffhanger that will lead you to scooping up the sequel, Ascended. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Legend of Kilkenney by Devyn Dawson

The Legacy of Kilkenney is a fresh new young adult paranormal romance.  Abel Casey is an average guy in a small town near OK city, when Pru Phelan moves into town.  While this seems like the reverse of new mysterious guy, let me assure you that is the only similar theme in Legacy.  Pru is a beautiful red head that has drawn the attention of everyone when she attends the FBLA meeting just to meet Abel.  Abel is shocked when she comes over to him afterwards because hot girls just don't befriend him.  Pru and Abel quickly hit it off.  The alternating POV allows the reader to get real insight into Pru and Abel.  I was immediately drawn in and immersed in the world that Ms. Dawson has created. 
Pru befriends Abel because she believes he is the prophesied Great Wolf who will be the Alpha of all the packs.  Pru is the pack shaman and has been assigned to train Abel and help him get his soul in tune for his first shift.  Not only does she need to gain the trust of Abel but has to explain that the monsters of myth and legend are real and he is one of them.  Abel is such a cute guy and I really liked that he takes everything very cool and doesn't freak out.  Pru and Oakley, another pack member assigned to train and protect Abel, begin to train Abel in fighting and coming into his own senses. 
This story is multi-layered and beyond his relationships to Pru's Dad, General (current Alpha), Dolly (Pru's Mom), Byron and other pack memebers, Abel has to deal with his sister becoming a pawn in the war between the vampires and werewolves.  Becomming the Great Wolf means that while everyone will revere him, his friends and family will be targets of not only other supernaturals but rogues and other packs who want Abel's power.  Not to mention the girl he has a crush on has eyes for another. 
This was such joy to read.  The story flows and draws you into a complete world created by the author.  These characters will have you thinking about them even after you put the book down(if you can put it down).  It is really hard to summarize Legacy into a review because I don't feel I can really do it justice. There is just so many plots and subplots and I don't want to ruin the natural unfolding of the story for anyone. I highly recommend The Legacy of Kilkenney to anyone who enjoys the paranormal!  It has some sweet romance, Hot shifters, and a great start to a series that will keep you capivated and checking the publishing date for book 2.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tooth and Nail by Jennifer Safrey

Gemma Fae Cross is an amatuer boxer who works out at Smiley's a gym that she has literally grown there.  She is a tough girl, one of the guys.  But she is feminine too, her one true love Avery McCormack is running for House of Representatives and she has taken a leave from work to support his campaign.  A recurring nightmare about losing her teeth has always foretold major change in her life.  After the most recent nightmare, she meets Fredrica who explains that she is half fae and half human but all warrior.  As a halfling, Gemma can do what no other fae can do--Fight.  The fae are peaceful and trying to hold onto the "Olde Way" an ideal loving peaceful utopia that humans have almost squeezed out of the world.  To get this dream of the Olde Way back, the morning fae collect baby teeth because they contain the essence of innocence that can bring back this way of life.  But for the first time in years, a threat is somehow draining the the innocence from the teeth and making them dead.  The children are also losing their innocence and becoming violent.
Gemma must make a choice whether to embrace her destiny and train to become the warrior she is said to be or turn her back on the dream of the "Olde Way".  Becoming the Warrior could jeopardize her relationship with Avery and his chances at winning his election.  As if that isn't enough, the DC digger, a political blogger is trailing Gemma looking for a story only she can provide.  Gemma gets further confused by Svein Nielsen, her mentor and trainer/partner.
I was expecting a more whimsical fae story as a tooth fairy story.  I was curious how this would be worked into a paranormal story.  The reason for tooth collecting seemed was worked in with great thought.  I love when paranormal stories are woven into reality with enough believablity and offer an alternative explanation for parts of real society such as children killers.  The other unique part of this story is that Gemma already has a wonderful love in her life that is quite frankly perfect.  Avery is a sexy and sweet yet so loving with Gemma.  You can't help but love the interaction between them and despair with Gemma about possible exposure of her true heritage.  Svein is also a tasty morsel that offers a world of naughty possibilities for you to wonder about.  However, There is no real triangle in this book but the possiblity is there for sequel. I recommend this to all paranormal and fae readers for a unique story that will keep you reading.