Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tooth and Nail by Jennifer Safrey

Gemma Fae Cross is an amatuer boxer who works out at Smiley's a gym that she has literally grown there.  She is a tough girl, one of the guys.  But she is feminine too, her one true love Avery McCormack is running for House of Representatives and she has taken a leave from work to support his campaign.  A recurring nightmare about losing her teeth has always foretold major change in her life.  After the most recent nightmare, she meets Fredrica who explains that she is half fae and half human but all warrior.  As a halfling, Gemma can do what no other fae can do--Fight.  The fae are peaceful and trying to hold onto the "Olde Way" an ideal loving peaceful utopia that humans have almost squeezed out of the world.  To get this dream of the Olde Way back, the morning fae collect baby teeth because they contain the essence of innocence that can bring back this way of life.  But for the first time in years, a threat is somehow draining the the innocence from the teeth and making them dead.  The children are also losing their innocence and becoming violent.
Gemma must make a choice whether to embrace her destiny and train to become the warrior she is said to be or turn her back on the dream of the "Olde Way".  Becoming the Warrior could jeopardize her relationship with Avery and his chances at winning his election.  As if that isn't enough, the DC digger, a political blogger is trailing Gemma looking for a story only she can provide.  Gemma gets further confused by Svein Nielsen, her mentor and trainer/partner.
I was expecting a more whimsical fae story as a tooth fairy story.  I was curious how this would be worked into a paranormal story.  The reason for tooth collecting seemed was worked in with great thought.  I love when paranormal stories are woven into reality with enough believablity and offer an alternative explanation for parts of real society such as children killers.  The other unique part of this story is that Gemma already has a wonderful love in her life that is quite frankly perfect.  Avery is a sexy and sweet yet so loving with Gemma.  You can't help but love the interaction between them and despair with Gemma about possible exposure of her true heritage.  Svein is also a tasty morsel that offers a world of naughty possibilities for you to wonder about.  However, There is no real triangle in this book but the possiblity is there for sequel. I recommend this to all paranormal and fae readers for a unique story that will keep you reading.

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