Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Legend of Kilkenney by Devyn Dawson

The Legacy of Kilkenney is a fresh new young adult paranormal romance.  Abel Casey is an average guy in a small town near OK city, when Pru Phelan moves into town.  While this seems like the reverse of new mysterious guy, let me assure you that is the only similar theme in Legacy.  Pru is a beautiful red head that has drawn the attention of everyone when she attends the FBLA meeting just to meet Abel.  Abel is shocked when she comes over to him afterwards because hot girls just don't befriend him.  Pru and Abel quickly hit it off.  The alternating POV allows the reader to get real insight into Pru and Abel.  I was immediately drawn in and immersed in the world that Ms. Dawson has created. 
Pru befriends Abel because she believes he is the prophesied Great Wolf who will be the Alpha of all the packs.  Pru is the pack shaman and has been assigned to train Abel and help him get his soul in tune for his first shift.  Not only does she need to gain the trust of Abel but has to explain that the monsters of myth and legend are real and he is one of them.  Abel is such a cute guy and I really liked that he takes everything very cool and doesn't freak out.  Pru and Oakley, another pack member assigned to train and protect Abel, begin to train Abel in fighting and coming into his own senses. 
This story is multi-layered and beyond his relationships to Pru's Dad, General (current Alpha), Dolly (Pru's Mom), Byron and other pack memebers, Abel has to deal with his sister becoming a pawn in the war between the vampires and werewolves.  Becomming the Great Wolf means that while everyone will revere him, his friends and family will be targets of not only other supernaturals but rogues and other packs who want Abel's power.  Not to mention the girl he has a crush on has eyes for another. 
This was such joy to read.  The story flows and draws you into a complete world created by the author.  These characters will have you thinking about them even after you put the book down(if you can put it down).  It is really hard to summarize Legacy into a review because I don't feel I can really do it justice. There is just so many plots and subplots and I don't want to ruin the natural unfolding of the story for anyone. I highly recommend The Legacy of Kilkenney to anyone who enjoys the paranormal!  It has some sweet romance, Hot shifters, and a great start to a series that will keep you capivated and checking the publishing date for book 2.

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