Monday, January 30, 2012

Forever Mine (Moreno Brothers 1) by Elizabeth Reyes

I picked up Forever Mine after being in a bit of a reading rut for paranormal romance.  It was just what I needed.  I was immediately drawn into the world of Sarah moving in with her aunt because her Mom has to go to jail.  Sarah was easy to identify with and I really enjoyed the fact that she wasn't necessarily outcast or picked on.  Sarah easily found her niche and although vulnerable, she seems to be sweet and strong.  Angel is a bit of the perfect boyfriend.  His is definitely crush worthy.  The story line was natural and realistic for me.  I enjoyed being able to gain insight into both Sarah and Angel's feelings through an alternating POV.
After Sarah has to move in with an Aunt's family while her mother serves time in jail, she meets Angel at a high school party.  Angel is struck by her beautiful green eyes and immediately wants to get to know her.  As soon as they begin talking, the chemistry is instant and the romance builds.  Angel immediately asks to see Sarah the next day.  Sarah and Angel's romance begins to build into a sweet exclusive deep first love.  Angel is protective and slightly Alpha Male when it comes to Sarah.  Previously reviews have pointed out the posessive nature as being borderline abusive.  However, I feel the author does a great job of explaining the fine line of difference between protectiveness and posessiveness.  I really feel Angel doesn't take it too far. 
I highly recommend this book for any romance fans!  I loved Angel and Sarah and sure this will book I revisit in the future.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Howl (Howl 1) by Jayme Morse and Jody Morse

Fifteen-year-old Samara McKinley is not your average teenager. Unlike her best friend, Emma Taylor, Samara’s life does not revolve around partying and trying to fit in at school. In between playing the peacekeeper for her troubled family and crushing on the cute new boy at school, Samara sets out to stay to true to herself. Luke finally asks her out after a game of beer pong at one of Emma's party.  At first, Luke and Sam have great chemistry and Luke plans a romantic stargazing date. But that all changes when she is bitten by a wolf. Samara begins living a double life – human by day, wolf by night.
Samara is finally approached by the wolf that bit her who mysteriously explains that he is her Alpha but can't tell her exactly why he bit her yet, who he really is or who is in the rest of her pack. Her Alpha can speak in her mind both as a wolf and human and no one else can do this but her Alpha and her Mate.  Soon another Alpha approaches her and reveals that she should be on their pack because of her bloodline but because she got bit she could be on either pack.  Sam will have to choose between packs, friends, and potential mates.
As Samara watches her relationships with those closest to her fall apart, she finds refuge in the mysterious wolf that bit her. Determined to keep her alter-ego secret from her family and friends, Samara soon discovers that her family has a few secrets of their own – secrets that could turn her life upside down forever.
I enjoyed the Briar Creek Vampire Series from the Morse Sisters and automatically wanted to read this new shifter series.  I wasn't disappointed!  The story is easy to lose yourself in and a great story that you won't want to put down trying to figure out who the mysterious Alpha and pack members are.  The world the Morse Sisters have developed is compelling and I can't wait to read more.  This book is a steal at this price being well written and edited.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Malevolence (Kilkenney 2) by Devyn Dawson

Malevolence is the continuing story of Abel Casey, a phophesied "Great Wolf".  Abel is growing into his role as Alpha of the Phelan pack.  Dolly has taken over the pack after the General's death while Abel is learning about his powers.  Dolly and Pru have taken off to track down the General's killer while Oakley and Abel are dealing with a sudden increase of "bitten" new werewolves near the Farm.  Abel and Oakley find a girl with amnesia who was left in a field with some cans of soup and a note for her to go to the Phelan Farm.  She doesn't know who bit her or who she is and Abel has to explain to her that not only do Werewolves exsist but she is now one of them.  Bitten werewolves have difficulty not going feral and with shifting back to human.  They will soon have to decide wether these werewolves are able to be saved or must be destroyed. 
Dolly and Pru are hunting down leads to the General's murderer when they stumble upon Allie, Abel's Sister and the self professed King of the Vampire's Pascale in Paris.  Pru calls the Pack for back-up when the vampires threaten to expose their secret exsistence to the world and a hit is placed on her mother. Abel and Oakley fly over and are joined by members from the Kilkenny and Maine Packs. 
Malevolence is a great follow up to 'The Legend of Kilkenney'.  Abel's journey to become the great wolf continues as he gets used to his new powers and sense of commanding the pack.  Abel is a natural for the Alpha.  Abel is such a cool and sexy character.  I would have loved to see more romance for Abel.  *hint, hint*  There are a few scenes between him and Crissy his girlfriend but I am a sucker for romance and want MORE :).  Oakley and Pru don't disappoint in the romance department but Pru has a new sexy bodygaurd, Gus and the chemistry between him and Pru cause some ripples in Pru and Oakley relationship.  The best part of the whole novel is the end when Abel literally becomes a kick ass Wolf.  It will have you cheering like any awesome action movie.  I can't wait to see what will happen next in this series.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Soul Mates: Scent By Elizabeth A. Lance

The title attacted me to this book--I am a sucker for soulmates and fate.  I found the book easy to read and was immediately drawn into the story.  It was a change to read a book from the hero/male POV.  Max was also an all-american boy quarterback who is dating the head cheerleader, Jenny.  It was different to have a popular normal hero.  So often the hero/heroine is odd, dark and mysterious but not Max.  The shifters in this novel are born from a gift bestowed on them from the goddess Diana. 
Max notices a dark haired beauty watching him and feels drawn to her.  It begins to cause fights between him and Jenny as the green eyed monster takes over.  When she shows up at school, Max is thrown for a loop and not only seems to forget about Jenny but can hear Anna in his mind.  Max confronts his mother about his history and finds he is a shifter, a jaguar and Anna is most likely his soulmate.  As long as Max shifts before his 18th birthday, he can become a felidae or feline shifters.  There is a Lion shifter, Fredrick who want  to marry Anna to get a spot on the ruling council. To marry Anna, Fredrick will kill anyone in his way i.e. Max. 
Max takes to shifting quickly and begins to show even new abilities that expose his other birthright, a fae prince.  Max is highly talented and begins to train in the fairie mound at Auberon's invitation. 
I enjoyed to the building of this world and it's characters.  It was a fun romance with mindtalk and soulmates--two things that although cheesy--I love.  Max is awesome and grows into his own man with great powers that demand respect.  Anna is sensitive and loving as a supportive mate to Max.  Anna had the potential of being a real witch but I felt the author did a good job making her sensitive to Jenny.  Tony is a great friend and side character who can see fae and becomes a great confidant to Max.
I would recommend this for those who loved Jessica's Guide to Dating On the Dark Side by Beth Fantasky and Prince of Wolves by Quinn Loftis.  Both have the fated love and mind talk that is present here too.  I hope there is a continuing story.  There are so many possibilities as the Unseelie fae are after Max, His baby sister is set to be a fae heir and of course any children Max and Anna have.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Guardians of the Cross by T. R. Graves (Warriors of the Cross 2)

Guardians of the Cross is the follow up to Warriors of the Cross by T. R. Graves, an epic series of good versus evil that defies placement in any genre.  Guardians is full of plot twists and a roller coaster of emotions that will have you unable to put the book down.  The paranormal/religous battle between good vs. evil reminds me of the blockbuster movie/book The DaVinci Code.  There are secret societies both dedicated to their belief's of good and evil.  At the center of the storm, Allison La Crosse has begun to embrace her role as the the Warrior Priestress and her ability to heal the most gravely injuried through the Salvedere.  Allison's relationships are also central to the plot.  She is bonded to those she has rescued in a way that defies logic.  They share emotions, symtoms and sometimes thoughts.  Clark the first person, Allison saved in utero, is bonded to her and her most fierce defender.  Brody, the Warrior Priest, is Allison's true love and ready to take their relationship into a lifelong commitment.  Allison is torn trying to keep everyone happy and safe and follow her heart.  She is also trying to prevent prophesies that have foretold of the suffering of those around her. 
Gaurdians further explains the inter-workings of the Disciples of the Cross and begins to explore the prophesies behind their mythology.  More history into the lives of Brody, Julia, and James are revealed.  There are so many layers to this series it is impossible to explain and put into a category.  This second installment explores more of the secrets of the Disciples by revealing Julia's most inner thoughts through her journals and diary.  Allison must learn who to trust and rely on without endangering those closest to her heart. 
Devin DeMorte is back as the leader of The Sect after the horrible assualt on Allison at the end of Warriors.  Allison believes that Darryl, Devin's deceased twin was forced into Devin's comatose body by his mother Angela's Satanic prayers.  As a result, Allison is bonded to Devin from her previous Salvedere to save him.  However, Devin is traped and being held mental hostage by Darryl.  Darryl has many evil plans to get Allison to bend to his will.  He will use or kill anyone who stands in his way, especially those Allison loves.
This series is a MUST read for anyone who loves paranormal romance.  It is fresh and unique and the plot twists will keep you reading long into the night.  There is so much going on in these books that they are best read in order.