Friday, February 24, 2012

More Than Magic: Semester Abroad By Elizabeth Kirke

What if you went out to stargaze while on a cruise and saw someone get pushed over the side of the boat?  This is exactly what happens to Jennifer one night on her Semester Abroad Program.  Needing some air, she decides to come up to the deck to watch the stars and sees a group in other students talking and horsing around.  Suddenly, one gets pushed off the side as a joke.  Jennifer rushes foward when nobody acts to help the student.  They try to convince her she didn't see anything and when Dani, the student suddenly vaults back onto the deck, Jennifer is stunned.  The next day, she is followed from class to class by different members of the group all day long.  They won't tell her what is going on until they met with Jon, their boss.  After Jon determines that Jennifer is a witch and all of the students in the group are magics of different types.  As Jen is introduced to a world that she didn't dream exsisted, there is suddenly a danger on the ship: a vampire.
Jennifer is immediately submerged into a wonderous world learning about magic and magical creatures.  She is able to bond with the others and becomes one of the tight group of friends.  Jennifer and her new friends are tested by having to face the horror of a vampire roaming the ship creating dhampirs and killing students.  Jennifer faces grave danger because her blood is changing as she gets in touch with her magic.  Witch blood is 3x as potent as a humans and makes Jen a target. 
Semester Abroad immediately engaged me and drew me into a world of magics.  At first, I was a little frustrated with Jen as her questions went unanswered.  But soon answers are revealed in a manner that slowly builds a believable fantasy.  I loved Jen who is somewhat niave but believable to me because I was just like her.  Dani, Charlie, Thomas, TS and Mariana became my friends as I read about them and learned their stories.  The adventures they have both fighting the vampire and going on trips at the ports was well told and a roller coaster ride of emotion.  The only thing that would have made this more perfect was more romance.  I can't wait to see where this goes in the next book.  This story would be a good read for even younger teens who enjoy paranormal but I highly recommed this for fans of Harry Potter and the Paranormal.  This was an excellent read and so worth the price. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

What the Heart Wants By Kelli McCraken (Soulmate Series 1)

What the Heart Wants is a beautiful story about a soul deep connection between two people that was forged through dreams.  I love romance and the notion that there is one person that your soul reaches out too.  Heaven has been dreaming of a dark haired boy embracing her under a weeping willow tree for the past six months.  The dreams are so real and so romantic she compares every guy she meets to her dream guy.  Dylan has been dreaming of a beautiful girl under the same tree and recognizes her instantly when she turns up at his band-mates wedding.  Heaven is the maid of honor and isn't sure that Dylan is her dream guy.  Dylan is afraid to move too fast and that he will scare her off or think he is nuts.  The result is a moving romance that had me swooning and reading way past my bedtime.
Dylan is a swoon worthy and it is such a shame he's a fictional character.  I think he beats Edward hands down.  I don't think I have ever read a better scene than the night they stay in the guest house and decide to be a couple.  This is such a great book it is very hard to do it justice in a review.  I highly recommend this book to romance lovers of all ages.  Altough there are some paranormal elements of soul connection and tarot cards, it was a relief to read a romance that the main male character doesn't turn all furry or suck blood.  Don't get me wrong- I love the paranormal but this story will stay with you long after you put the book down.  It has definitely made my keeper shelf.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Destined to Die (Briar Creek Vampires 3) by Jayme Morse and Jody Morse

Destined to Die is the third in an interesting new vampire series from sisters, Jayme and Jody Morse.  I was excited to read this installement after the cliff hanger of the last book where Austin rescues Lexi and is shockingly alive.  Lexi finds out Lexi and Gabe have been working together and Austin was turned right before his parents tried to kill him.  Gabe has been having visions and in almost all of them end in Lexi's death at the hands of the vampires in Briar Creek.  Lexi has been declared the suspect in a murder so she must hide in order not to be turned into authorities by the well-meaning public.  In order to hide, Gabe and Austin take Lexi and enroll in Huntington High a Vampire Hunter school in the nearby town.  Lexi finds out that the "Hunters" were a line of vampire hunters and she might be too.  But also at Huntington is the slutty vamp that made Gabe and wants him back.  After Lexi catches them in a compromising position, she seeks solace in the arms of an old flame. 
The main reason I didn't give this 5 stars is I didn't understand why Lexi would just go to Craig.  Craig is a character that I have never been able to believe as a love interest for me he is just sort of creepy.  I can't explain it really but I don't see him and Lexi as a couple.  Because of this ackwardness, part of the story is hard for me to fully get into.  It seemed like Lexi just immediately turned to Craig instead of mourning her relationship with Gabe.  She didn't really seem that upset about it--no sleepless crying nights.  But I still enjoy the unique storyline.  Briar Creek is a wonderful new paranormal vampire romance series that I would highly recommend.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Just One Drop (Prince of Wolves 3) by Quinn Loftis

This is the third book in a series that just keeps getting better and better.  Not only do we get to continue to see Fane and Jacque but all of the snarky friends.  I love the way Jacque, Sally and Jen interact with each other and finish each other's sentences.  Jen has finely fell in love with Decebel the Beta for the Romanian Pack.  However, it would seem that Jen has a drop of wolf blood and therefore could be a mate.  Decebel acts like Jen is his mate by going all Alpha protective of her.  His wolf has claimed her but the mating signs are not there.  Without being able to prove they are mates. Decebel is getting out of control.
Then packs from all over plan a "The Gathering" a great nuetral gathering of unmated males and females in hope of finding true mates.  Since Jen hasn't found her true mate that can be proven and she has a drop of wolf blood, she is forced to participate.  Decebel must watch her interact with unmated males while his wolf is barely in control of his temper. 
Also, unbeknownst to all, there is a plot underfoot to take down the strongest Alpha of all, Vasile. 
I love this series.  The interaction between characters is funny, touching, and hot.  Decebel is a hunk of burning Alpha male and loved seeing him trying to deal with his inner wolf and Jen's loud mouth.  They are essentially perfect for each other with a chemistry that is smoking.  I can't wait for the next book.  This one ends abruptly in a horrible cliffhanger that will have me biting my nails until the next one comes out.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Making You Mine by Elizabeth Reyes (Moreno Brothers 5)

The latest in the Moreno Brothers series gives the reader a inside look at the eldest brother, Sal.  While, Sal has been more of a fixture in the last couple of books, he is by far the most reserved of all the brothers.  Sal spent most of the series in college getting his business degree.  He has big plans to expand the Moreno's restuarants and is meeting with investors and in charge of staffing. 
Grace is a Culinary student who has been cooking since she was little and is desperate to get a job to get her and her sister out of a bad home life.  She lies about her age to increase her odds of getting a job.  Sal immediately fights his fascination with Grace and is shocked when Alex overrides him by hiring Grace. 
As soon as Sal has to be around Grace at work, the Moreno blood makes him possesive and he falls quickly for Grace.  Like all good Moreno brothers, once he decides what he wants, Sal goes after it with full force.  This is what I LOVE about the Moreno brothers--they know what they want and go get it.  Again, Sal is one of the Alpha Males that is possesive to a point and loves with his whole heart.  This books also follows with updates on all the couples and family members near the end. 
BTW, There needs to be one more book for Rose and Vincent. :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Romero (Moreno Brothers 4) by Elizabeth Reyes

Romero is the 4th book in the Moreno Brothers series.  Although, Romero isn't a Moreno by blood, he is as close as family with the Moreno family.  With this book, the author introduces us to Romero's less than perfect world and the things that have shaped him.  Romero's Dad is in jail and he has been raised by his two uncles who own a topless bar.  Manny and Max, Romero's uncles are crass and in your face loud but they love Romero beyond words.  Romero has never been ashamed of his upbringing and been a somewhat player.  Moreno meets up with Valerie's roommate Isabelle at Angel's wedding.  This book starts with a few insightful scenes into Romero and Isabelle before they met.  These scenes build the characters and storyline investing the reader into their lives. 
Isabelle couldn't be more different than Romero. Isabelle's family are all over-achievers and push Isabelle to her type A personally.  But Romero and Isabelle balance each other and the chemistry is HOT.  I love that all these books have a strong male character that have a devoted soft side.  Romero enjoys ruffling Isabelle's perfect world and getting a reaction from her.  Pretty soon he is addicted to watching her expressions and can't imagine his world without her.  When Isabelle's father decides to make a run for San Diego Mayor and thrusts his family into the spotlight, Romero isn't sure he will be able to fit in.  Then there is Isabelle's witchy older sister who is all about impressions and thinks Romero isn't good enough for Izzy.  Between trying to fit in and her meddling older sister, Romero has his work cut out for him.  But Romero is his own worst enemy who lets his rage and short fuse get the best of him. 
I love these books and have given 5 stars to all of them.  I highly recommend these books to any fan of romance.  They have all made my keeper shelf.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sweet Sofie (Moreno Brothers 3) by Elizabeth Reyes

One of the best Moreno Brothers books yet.  Sweet Sofie allows the reader to see the growth of Eric and Sofia's relationship over time.  This books starts in childhood and follows the couple through several emotional growing pains.  Eric such a sweet guy who has loved Sofie since childhood.  He treats her so well and is slightly less possessive than the Moreno Brothers.  Sofie tends to be the Fiery tempered one in the relationship.  Eric does get over-emotional when Sofie kisses a childhood acquaintence. He feels hurt and unsure of whether he can get over the feelings of betrayal.  Sofia is slightly naive but loves Eric deeply.
I loved the sweet romantic relationship between Eric and Sofia.  It was so much fun to see all of the Moreno family throughout childhood as they grew up.  This book again takes place along side of Forever Mine.  Ms. Reyes does an excellent job of keeping the story consistant and yet more insightful into the couples.  The brothers try to keep Sofia protected and away from boys and sex.  But Sofia has other plans, she has always felt drawn to Eric. 
I highly recommend this series for anyone who enjoys romance.  This books is slightly explicit. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Always Been Mine (Moreno Brothers 2) by Elizabeth Reyes

The Moreno Brothers is a highly addictive YA romance series.  I can't put them down and I am so glad there is another one to move onto immediately.  It is so much fun to read the story of different characters and continue to visit previous couples.  As a reader, I feel included as part of the Moreno family.
Always Been Mine is the story of Valerie and Alex who met in the first book and began dating.  This book takes place several years after most of the Moreno's are out of college and Angel and Sarah are getting married.  Valerie is the maid of honor and is required to participate in all wedding activities.  At the first wedding shower, Alex and Valerie meet again and share a hot kiss stirring all the feelings that both thought they buried.  But Alex and Valerie have never been commited to each other and Valerie thinks that Alex was completely a player.  Alex's only problem was being to proud to tell Valerie that he needed tutoring and the extra time to study. 
Besides the rocky relationship, Valerie has a co-worker, Luke whom she began to date hoping to get over her feeling for Alex.  Valerie is afraid to give Alex another chance.  Valerie hasn't had any luck dating during their break-up.  In fact, Valerie is in danger from a previous guy she dated.  Alex has her followed for protection and ends up finding out things he shouldn't.  Alex and the other Moreno Brothers are Alpha male and his protectiveness does walk a fine line of posession.  I love Alex and was celebrating the fact that he continued to protect Valerie because of the danger.  I would have been shouting at the book if he had backed down so the Alpha Male was just right for me.
Pick up a Moreno Brothers book and I can assure you a great romantic read.  This book is a little more on the adult romance side than the first book.  Valerie and Alex have a hot explosive chemistry that lights the story up.  You will be pulling for their relationship.