Friday, September 23, 2011

Accordance (Significance 2) by Shelly Crane

Do you know that feeling when you get a book and you just know you are in for an awesome story and can't wait another minute to start?  Accordance is that book.  I so thoroughly enjoyed this book that I couldn't put it down and didn't want the page count to dwindle.  This will definitely be on the keeper shelf and be re-read. 
Accordance continues the Significance series by Shelly Crane.  If you haven't read Significance, you need to stop right now and go read it.  This series is a beautiful love story between two soulmates, Maggie and Caleb.  Ms. Crane has a wonderful voice that describes the best love story since Bella and Edward.  Her writing weaves such a vivid romance that you can touch the love and your heart will flutter right along with Maggie and Caleb
Maggie and Caleb are hiding out at the beach house with their unwelcome chaperones, Bish and Kyle.  Bish is so protective of Maggie and knows that she and Caleb are hiding something from him.  He is like a bad penny always turning up with they don't need him and interupting at the worst possible moments.  Caleb and Maggie take their interuptions and chaperones in stride.  But while at the Beach, Maggie learns her purpose and role in the Jacobsen clan.  She begins to really understand her role as a seer and begins to have visions.  Some of her visions include answers to the imprinting struggles and how to get the Aces back to the proud race that they should be.  Caleb is her rock and her protector.  Together they will stand and fight the evil that threatens to choke the clans of their imprints and abilities.  This book is the perfect blend of action, obstacles, and heart pounding romance.
I can't express how wonderful Ms. Crane's books are and Significance is definitely my favorite book series now above Twilight, Harry Potter, Morganville Vampires, and Iron Fey.  I am a hopeless romantic at heart but Ms. Crane writes a hero that is so swoon-worthy that you can't help but fall in love with him yourself.  Her Heroine, Maggie, is easy to identify with and she writes Maggie in such a way that you can't help but put yourself in her place.  If you are a fan of any YA Romance you will absolutely love the Significane series by Shelly Crane.

Geek Girl by Cindy C. Bennett

When I read the summary for Geek Girl, I expected a fun light hearted teen romance that is reminiscent of "She's All That" or "Can't Buy Me Love".  As much as I love these movies and light-hearted romance, Geek Girl is a poignant Romance about a Girl fighting for control of her own heart.  Jen is a gothic foster kid who has been in the system since she was 13 and been bounced around so much she has learned to act out and not make friends.  As a "bad" girl,  Jen bets her friends Ella and Beth that she can turn Trevor, a straight laced 'A' student, into a "Bad" Boy.  Jen thinks it would be funny and laughs at Trevor's politeness and morals.
What starts as a bet, turns into a journey of finding her own place to belong and who she really is.  As Jen begins her plan, Trevor is accepting and includes Jen in with his friends who don't seem to mind her goth. Although, out of place the group gets to know Jen.   Jen begins to enjoys the Geek movies and study dates.  But even as her attraction grows for Trevor, she still feels like she isn't good enough for him and that even if she really wanted to date him she would have to bring him down to her level.  She always feels like she isn't good enough for Trevor.  Trevor is not only good, kind, and accepting but perceptive of Jen's secrets and knows exactly what she needs even when Jen doesn't know herself.  It is so refreshing to have such an honest look at life and not have characters be stupid in their reactions to heavy subject material.  Geek Girl beautiful blends honesty with romance and the result is story that will make you laugh and cry. 
This opposites attract romance is also a road to self discovery and acceptance for Jen whose secrets have tainted her view on human behavior.  Trevor and her foster family manage to teach Jen that sometimes people do things and don't expect things in return.  Jen learns about real love and acceptance. 
Anyone who loves YA romance and coming of age stories will love Geek Girl.  Jen's story is inspiring and Trevor will have you wanting to find yourself a Geek of your own.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Stone Cold Seduction by Jess Macallen

Elleodora Fredricks has always known her Dad was evil and in fact that is what lead her start stealing precious artifacts from him in the first place.  Elle has always felt the need to correct the wrongs he has done by selling his stolen property and giving the money to the victims of his evil temper.  Then while narrowly escaping from her latest heist, Elle finds out she is being to show powers such as shadowing because her father is the King of the Shadow Elves.  With the help of her best guy friend, Teryl who is an Oracle, and her new love Jax a gargoyle she must solve the mystery of her fate and parentage.
"I have know idea who I am.  In the last week, I found out I'm a shadow elf, daughter of a demigod, granddaughter to a god, a ward thief, and I can manipulate minds and flame.  I saw a dead woman, was hunted and kidnapped, and then beaten and stabbed by a psychopath.  All while traveling, around the world.  I got my fate, which was a glorified riddle that provided more questions than answers and now I'm expected to choose between the man I loved ten years ago and the man I love now, while you two fight."  Stone Cold Seduction is an action filled story with a unique blend of new creatures that I would have never imagined could be sexy.  Ms.  Macallan makes gargoyles a big sexy bodygaurds that anyone would want to have around.  Jax is a strong protector who claims to be Elle's mate but what of Maclean, a phoenix who burns hot and is Elle's ex fiance.  Elle's sadistic father Jedren has manipulated her mind and stolen her memories so she cannot remember whole people or situations from her past. 
I loved the fantasy world that Ms. Macallan builds.  This is an awesome start to a series with non-stop mystery and action.  There are hot romantic passion between Elle and Jax.  Yet, Elle is beginning to get warm memories back of her love of MacLean.  The end of the book will leave you wanting more.  I will eagerly anticipating the sequel.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Crave by Melissa Darnell

Crave drew me in and made me hungry for more.  Set in the small town of Jacksonville in East Texas, Crave is a paranormal romance for teens that takes a new twist.  Most of the area is controlled by the Clann.  The Clann are descendants of Witches and Warlocks.  They have powers and are in control both politcally and socially.  The kids of the descendants rule the school especially Golden Boy, Tristan Coleman who is the son of the Clann's leader.  Tristan is a football star and Savannh's secret crush who is totally off limits.
Savannah Colbert is a normal teenager with a close group of friends.  She and the Clann kids have grown up together and used to be friends until 4th grade.  At recess, Savannah and Tristan pretended to be getting married but the next day Savannah was shunned as a freak.  Since then, Savannah has gotten used to the teasing and bullying that happens by the Clann but never really understood what happened.  She becomes ill and finds she is part Vampire and part Witch or a Dhampir.  She is the only known child of a vampire.  Vampires and the Witches have an age old hostility and her parents violated rules to be together.  Both societies are afraid of Savannah's powers or that she will tip the scale for the other side.  Savannah begins to have strange symptoms that she cannot control.  She afraid to ask her Dad about anything because he reports to the Vampire Council who practically want her dead.  She is afraid someone will attack her Mom and Nanna if she exhibits too many powers and is strictly forbidden to do magic or consort with the Clann.
Tristen is also drawn to Savannah but knows his parents strictly forbid him to be around Savannah.  Tristen is sweet, romantic, and protective of Savannah.  Savannah tries to stay away from him but Tristen is everywhere and decides he wants to see her.  He even starts showing up in her dreams.  There romance will make your heart swoon with the flutters of first love.  At times, their relationship seems so starcrossed and hopeless but just meant to be.  Crave will leave you wanting more and I can't wait to continue Savannah and Tristen's romance in Covet.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Dragon Saga: Legend of the Ociena Dragons by J. F. Jenkins

Dragons are fascinating creatures of myth that eat virgin sacrifices and breath fire.  Well, not really in Oceina.  In this wonderful world of fantasy, Dragons are revered in religon sacred and a direct line to God.  Priests and Priestesses are the only ones who can communicate with them.  This tale opens to an Ociena Dragon asking the priests for a virgin sacrifice.  The dragon is very particular and wants only Kai, a regular girl who is her mother's only child.  Kai doesn't want to leave her mother and doesn't think it is quite the honor when the Priests come to her home and tell her she has been requested.  Little does she know that through the ceremonial vows she has been wed to a shapeshifter that is a water dragon.  Darien,the Ociena dragon lord, has been loving Kai from afar for 6 years.  Kai has always seen the dragon flying over her but never knew he was really human part of the time.  She is placed on the island as a sacrifice and passes out when Darien uses his magic to calm her fears.  When she comes to she finds her handsome husband who tells her of their marriage.  Kai decides she doesn't want to die a virgin and doesn't realize Darien is the dragon she fears so they consumate the marriage. 
Kai wakes up in Darien's family home in their bed.  Kai is angry and outraged at being decieved and marriaged without any control over her own life.  Darien is attentive, kind, and sexy.  He continues to give her anything she wants in hopes that she will love him back.  Kai is certainly attracted to him but doesn't want to be told what to do.  Darien, as a dragon, also has powerful magic that will now transform Kai into a dragon mate so that they can produce heirs.  Although Kai knows she cannot go back home without exposing the dragons secret, she is completely appalled by the lack of control she has over the situation.  The romance between Kai and Darien is hot and sweet.  I love the fact that Darien is so in love with Kai and will do anything to make her happy.
Darien's family is also the leaders of the Ociena dragons.  Darien's father, Orion is the leader.  Darien feels like his family blames him for the loss of their mother who died in childbirth.  However, there are dangerous plots and intrigue to get the power of Darien's family.  Darien will have to step up and become more involved in politics than he would like.  He will need all the support he can get. 
This is such a well written unique plot that I highly recommend the book especially for the price.  The story immediately engages the reader and I didn't want to put it down.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Must Love Lycans by Michele Bardsley

Must Love Lycans is the 8th book in the Broken Heart Series.  Broken Heart is the paranormal community and a haven for witches, shifters, vampires, and a demon.  The Lycan Triplets, Damien, Darrius, and Drake are gorgeous Alpha male Shifters who are royal lycans that can shift at will.  They are the head of Broken Heart's security force.  This book happens 3 years after the last book in the series as most of the town has settle into normality and the attacks have been far between.
Damien finds himself naked and being held in a specialized clinic because he has amnesia.  He has been rescued from a labratory where he is being tested.  Kelsey Morningside is the head psychiatrist.  She is fresh from a personal tragedy from having believed she had reformed a serial killer only to be attacked by him.  She is haunted by having to kill him to escape.  She was rescued by financial ruin by her employer. 
One night Damien escapes and bites Kelsey claiming her as a his mate.  She is transitioning to Lycan and may Die if Damien cannot interpet her dream correctly and uncover his true past.  Damien has to come to terms with his heritage and claim his birthright.
Broken Heart OK is one of my favorite series of all time.  These books are funny, sexy, and romantic!  Each books stands along but they are so good you should read them all and in order.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Coexist by Julia Crane

Coexist is about Elves but not the short toy-making kind but human looking elves that blend seamlessly into our own society.  Keegan is a bubbly high school girl who is hiding the fact that she and her family are elves.  Elves also have special abilities that allow them to use magic.  Keegan can turn invisible and her brother Thaddeus is already a strong warrior and seer.  Thaddeus tells Keegan her Chosen's name so that she can call to him in a time of need.  Elves are given their chosen at birth but cannot meet them or know of them until a special ceremony at the age of 18.  Rourk, Keegan' chosen, is a skilled warrior who is drawn to her every time she thinks of him. Rourk watches her from afar to protect her.  Rourk already loves her and the magic of the chosen makes them halfs of the same whole. 
Thaddeus forsees a great battle between the light and dark elves in Ireland around Keegan's 17th birthday.  He also sees Keegan's death.  As a result, Rourk is put on full time watch to protect Keegan and she begins training to learn to fight with Thaddeus.  Rourk and Keegan meet at a get together for the warriors and their families.  They are instantly drawn together like magnets.  Richard, Keegan's father and leader of the light elves, decides to give them a weekend together and then after the great battle when Keegan is 17, they can be together. 
Keegan and Rourk are adorable together.  Rourk is a sexy warrior who is only concerned with Keegan's happiness.  However, during the big battle, Keegan rushes into save her friends and Thaddeus' prophey comes true.  The book ends with Keegan not knowing Rourk or feeling the chosen magic.  Rourk, however, still does and is miserable.  Keegan finds that she isn't the only supernatural among her friends and is also attracted to another boy at school.  I am sure book 2 will address Rourk trying to win Keegan back the "human" way and Donald trying to court her also.  I hated that Keegan can't remember Rourk.  I loved Rourk and didn't want them to end;.  I hope he can win her back. 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

After Eden by Katherine Pine

After Eden was easy to read and I liked the story about an outcast Devi, who meets a mysterious guy at her favorite used book store.  Devi's twin brother Kai was taken by an Angel when she was 10.  She has always felt she was missing something ever since that day.  She has been plagued by migraines since his disappearance.  Her father commited suicide on their couch because he couldn't stand the loss of his son.  Davi's Mom is an alcoholic and more absent than present in her life.  When Devi meets Oz, the bookstore guy, he seems to know all about her headaches.  She is attracted to him but has been a loner for so long that she keeps him at a distance.  It turns out Devi was born without a spirit and therefore when she dies she will cease to be.  Apparently this makes her a Demon magnet.  Oz protects her and she seems to have an Angel.  She wants to make her Angel appear so he can take her to her brother.  Oz helps her because he loves her.  She doesn't realize his feelings and I often wanted to shake her.  I loved Oz even though he was a demon.  I wanted her to be with him but it just never really happened.  Oz is sexy and saves her more than once.
The book deals with some interesting mythology  regarding Angels and Demons.  Demons are the Angels that were sent to gaurd and watch over Eden but fell in love with God's creation and therefore were banished from Heaven to life immortally in the creation they loved so much.  Oz is one of these Demons.  Oz makes being a Demon not seem bad.  It is almost as if it wasn't their fault they loved creation so much.  Then there are Devils who are the Angels whom were thrown out of Heaven for wanting to become better than God.  Lucifer is the Prince of all.  Lucifer has sent his Devils to collect Devi as she is the only person who has been born without the spirit in centuries.  Then there is Devi's brother Kai who was pure spirit and therefore belonged to Heaven.  It was a little like they shouldn't have been 2 people but one.  This was a good story and I will definitely read the next one but I do wish Devi would get more together with Oz. 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Fire and Shadow by Imogene Howson

Fire and Shadow was a fantasy that I wasn't expecting.  I originally thought going in that this was about a fire starter in real life but it turned out to be a fantasy world.  Shadows are evil creeping phantoms that are killing and taking villagers away.  No one is sure if they die or are absorbed.  Just a single touch from a shadow will freeze and seemingly kill whatever part of the body it touches.  All of the land is being affected and anywhere light cannot permeate isn't safe.  The swamps and dense forest are all enought to bring the shadows out in day light.  Light must be kept on at all times to keep people safe from them.  Children are growing up in fear of the dark. 
Some develop special abilities during adolesence which can be uncontrollable at first. 
Fern is a late bloomer and develops firestarter capabilities on her 18th birthday and makes the journey to a special house where the gifted can work on controlling their powers.  As the sun sets and the shadows chase Fern and her brother up the hill to the house, she meets Nik who rescues them and escorts them into the house.  Nik is older than most of the kids and works on inventions and solving patterns to fight against the shadows.  He instinctively realizes that Fern's power is the one thing that can kill the shadows and heal those who have been touched by the shadows.  Nik begins to work daily with Fern on her ability.  At first, Nik and Fern can't stand each other as Nik knows her powers are provoked through anger, but soon Fern's feelings change. 
This was a great story but the romance felt a little rushed.  It was only about 102 pages on ebook and I felt that the author could have expanded on the interactions between Fern and Nik.  A couple of more scenes would have done a world of good for the story.  I did enjoy this read and most who enjoy fantasy blended with paranormal romance will like the story.  The story is creative and fresh and worth the read for the price.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Meant to Be by Tiffany King

Meant to Be was an interesting read.  There is a soulmate thread to the romance that makes Meant to Be passionate story.  Krista moves to Santa Cruz after her Mom decides they need a new start after the death of her adoptive Dad.  One of the most interesting things is that Krista knows she was adopted after being abandoned at a rest stop at the age of 2.  She also has and oversensitivity to others emotions and often gets sick from being overwhelmed.  On the first day of class in her new private school, Krista meets a teaching intern who is literally the man of her dreams.  Mark immediately recognizes her and tries to meet her but Krista is spooked until the following night where Mark reveals his face to her in the dream.
Sam is Krista's first real friend and feels the energy from Krista.  They are drawn together and find they suffer the same emotional turmoil.  Sam has been dating Shawn who is like Mark and the four of them share so many similarities that they start investigating to find out the common thread.  The couples share dreams that all take place on the beach outside of the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. 
Most of the first half of the book was about the couples finding each and their relationships and doubts.  Many theories are posed about all the similarities and paranormal aspects of the quartet.  The only thing that annoyed me a little was I felt the couples showed off PDA in juvenille ways sometimes but it is YA.  The second half of the book was non-stop action.  Just as Krista is finding out about her mother who was seriously injured in a hit and run accident, She and Mark are kidnapped from the hospital parking lot.  They are taking to a lab facility and experimented on by some people who want to make Mark stronger and Krista weaker.  The truth behind all the mysteries were shocking and totally unique.  I was really glad I stuck with it because the ending makes the book.