Friday, September 16, 2011

Crave by Melissa Darnell

Crave drew me in and made me hungry for more.  Set in the small town of Jacksonville in East Texas, Crave is a paranormal romance for teens that takes a new twist.  Most of the area is controlled by the Clann.  The Clann are descendants of Witches and Warlocks.  They have powers and are in control both politcally and socially.  The kids of the descendants rule the school especially Golden Boy, Tristan Coleman who is the son of the Clann's leader.  Tristan is a football star and Savannh's secret crush who is totally off limits.
Savannah Colbert is a normal teenager with a close group of friends.  She and the Clann kids have grown up together and used to be friends until 4th grade.  At recess, Savannah and Tristan pretended to be getting married but the next day Savannah was shunned as a freak.  Since then, Savannah has gotten used to the teasing and bullying that happens by the Clann but never really understood what happened.  She becomes ill and finds she is part Vampire and part Witch or a Dhampir.  She is the only known child of a vampire.  Vampires and the Witches have an age old hostility and her parents violated rules to be together.  Both societies are afraid of Savannah's powers or that she will tip the scale for the other side.  Savannah begins to have strange symptoms that she cannot control.  She afraid to ask her Dad about anything because he reports to the Vampire Council who practically want her dead.  She is afraid someone will attack her Mom and Nanna if she exhibits too many powers and is strictly forbidden to do magic or consort with the Clann.
Tristen is also drawn to Savannah but knows his parents strictly forbid him to be around Savannah.  Tristen is sweet, romantic, and protective of Savannah.  Savannah tries to stay away from him but Tristen is everywhere and decides he wants to see her.  He even starts showing up in her dreams.  There romance will make your heart swoon with the flutters of first love.  At times, their relationship seems so starcrossed and hopeless but just meant to be.  Crave will leave you wanting more and I can't wait to continue Savannah and Tristen's romance in Covet.

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