Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Dragon Saga: Legend of the Ociena Dragons by J. F. Jenkins

Dragons are fascinating creatures of myth that eat virgin sacrifices and breath fire.  Well, not really in Oceina.  In this wonderful world of fantasy, Dragons are revered in religon sacred and a direct line to God.  Priests and Priestesses are the only ones who can communicate with them.  This tale opens to an Ociena Dragon asking the priests for a virgin sacrifice.  The dragon is very particular and wants only Kai, a regular girl who is her mother's only child.  Kai doesn't want to leave her mother and doesn't think it is quite the honor when the Priests come to her home and tell her she has been requested.  Little does she know that through the ceremonial vows she has been wed to a shapeshifter that is a water dragon.  Darien,the Ociena dragon lord, has been loving Kai from afar for 6 years.  Kai has always seen the dragon flying over her but never knew he was really human part of the time.  She is placed on the island as a sacrifice and passes out when Darien uses his magic to calm her fears.  When she comes to she finds her handsome husband who tells her of their marriage.  Kai decides she doesn't want to die a virgin and doesn't realize Darien is the dragon she fears so they consumate the marriage. 
Kai wakes up in Darien's family home in their bed.  Kai is angry and outraged at being decieved and marriaged without any control over her own life.  Darien is attentive, kind, and sexy.  He continues to give her anything she wants in hopes that she will love him back.  Kai is certainly attracted to him but doesn't want to be told what to do.  Darien, as a dragon, also has powerful magic that will now transform Kai into a dragon mate so that they can produce heirs.  Although Kai knows she cannot go back home without exposing the dragons secret, she is completely appalled by the lack of control she has over the situation.  The romance between Kai and Darien is hot and sweet.  I love the fact that Darien is so in love with Kai and will do anything to make her happy.
Darien's family is also the leaders of the Ociena dragons.  Darien's father, Orion is the leader.  Darien feels like his family blames him for the loss of their mother who died in childbirth.  However, there are dangerous plots and intrigue to get the power of Darien's family.  Darien will have to step up and become more involved in politics than he would like.  He will need all the support he can get. 
This is such a well written unique plot that I highly recommend the book especially for the price.  The story immediately engages the reader and I didn't want to put it down.

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