Friday, September 23, 2011

Geek Girl by Cindy C. Bennett

When I read the summary for Geek Girl, I expected a fun light hearted teen romance that is reminiscent of "She's All That" or "Can't Buy Me Love".  As much as I love these movies and light-hearted romance, Geek Girl is a poignant Romance about a Girl fighting for control of her own heart.  Jen is a gothic foster kid who has been in the system since she was 13 and been bounced around so much she has learned to act out and not make friends.  As a "bad" girl,  Jen bets her friends Ella and Beth that she can turn Trevor, a straight laced 'A' student, into a "Bad" Boy.  Jen thinks it would be funny and laughs at Trevor's politeness and morals.
What starts as a bet, turns into a journey of finding her own place to belong and who she really is.  As Jen begins her plan, Trevor is accepting and includes Jen in with his friends who don't seem to mind her goth. Although, out of place the group gets to know Jen.   Jen begins to enjoys the Geek movies and study dates.  But even as her attraction grows for Trevor, she still feels like she isn't good enough for him and that even if she really wanted to date him she would have to bring him down to her level.  She always feels like she isn't good enough for Trevor.  Trevor is not only good, kind, and accepting but perceptive of Jen's secrets and knows exactly what she needs even when Jen doesn't know herself.  It is so refreshing to have such an honest look at life and not have characters be stupid in their reactions to heavy subject material.  Geek Girl beautiful blends honesty with romance and the result is story that will make you laugh and cry. 
This opposites attract romance is also a road to self discovery and acceptance for Jen whose secrets have tainted her view on human behavior.  Trevor and her foster family manage to teach Jen that sometimes people do things and don't expect things in return.  Jen learns about real love and acceptance. 
Anyone who loves YA romance and coming of age stories will love Geek Girl.  Jen's story is inspiring and Trevor will have you wanting to find yourself a Geek of your own.

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