Saturday, June 25, 2011

Beautiful Dead by Yvonne Woon

This books didn't turn out to be anything I thought it was going to be.  The story is definitely intriquing and did grab me from the start with mystery.  Renee is coming home from a beach trip with her BFF Annie for her birthday.  Something draws her to the to her parents car on the side of the road where she goes searching the forest armed with a flashlight.  When she finds her parents just mysteriously dead with guaze stuffed in their mouth and coins scattered around their bodies, her life irrevocably changes.  Her estranged grandfather becomes her gaurdian and moves her to the east coast to go to a boarding school in Maine.  Gottfried Academy is an old school where both her parents went to school.  Renee finds the school strange and feels out of her element in many ways.  She makes friends but finds the subjects at Gottfried strange and existential such as Latin, Horticulture, and lectures about burials.  She also meets a strange beautiful boy that she sits next to in science. (I know very Twilighty)  but Dante is fascinated with her in a very different way.  Renee makes himm feel alive.  The whole secret of what is going on at the school shapes the story.  There are disappearances and deaths all said to be a Gottfried Curse.  Renee struggles with the secret and what it means in her life.  It is hard to really talk about without spoiling the secret.  I really usually don't read paranormals on what this subject turns out to be.  This book tricked me and the subject was written from a beautiful almost ethereal quality.  I enjoyed the story and will probably continue with the next one.  I do have to say the last chapter was problem in itself.  Renee and Dante, one cannot live while the other is alive which causes the ultimate question of love and life.  It was very intriquing but not one of my all time favorite books.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rules of Attraction by Simone Elkeles

What is it about the Fuentas Brothers that just makes you swoon?  This is the second book in the series about the middle brother Carlos Fuentas from Simone Elkeles.  Elkeles writes such multi-layered realistic characters that you really can feel apart of the story.  Her story is always so real I feel like I know what it is like to be in the situations of Carlos.  Normally, a book about a deviant from society who dabbles in drugs and has gang ties wouldn't be my cup of tea.  But the Fuentas brothers always has a lot of depth and a heart of gold under a funny sarcastic wit.  They love loyally and deeply which probably answers my question.  They fight to protect their family and friends with fierceness. 
Carlos Fuentas is sent to live with his brother in Boulder, CO. where Alex goes to college.  His Mom hopes that Alex can get Carlos back on the path to better his life as she knows he has ties to a gang in Mexico.  Carlos enrolls in school and meets Kiara as a peer abassador for his first week.  Kiara is a strong self confident girl who isn't afraid to where what she wants and fix cars.  When she is anxious, she stutters and gets self conscious.  Kiara is not the most popular or prettiest girl but she can hold her own with Carlos which he needs.  These two often challenge each other and even dislike each at first.  But once Alex realizes that Kiara is also fiercely protective of her family and loyal the sparks fly.  I don't want to say too much because this book is just terrific.  This book gets under your skin and crawls into your heart.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Warriors of the Cross by T.R. Graves

If you are looking for a fresh paranormal romance thriller, Warriors of the Cross delivers.  I found the summary of this book to be intriquing.  Allison La Crosse is a resident doctor who was born and raised in a big family full of love in LA.  She gets her residency at a University Hospital in Galveston, TX and moves there by finding a room to rent sight unseen.  When she arrives she meets Clark her landlord who is a medical malpractice lawyer and has an instant connection with him.  Clark makes Allie feel as though she has known him her whole life and they fall into an instant friendship. At her residency, she has the stereotypical mean girls and one very hot chief resident, Brody.  Allie met Brody as he stormed out of Clark's just as she arrived in Galveston.  Brody is extremely attractive and sets Allie afire with intense looks and alternatingly avoiding her. 
Besides the Romance, there are many layers to this intriguing plot.  It takes place in a hospital and there are medical patients and cases coming and going like a really good episode of ER.  The descriptions are both realistic and enthralling.  It really reads well and I didn't want to put it down.  When I wasn't reading it, I was thinking about the characters and plot.  There begins to be a mysteriousness surrounding Allie's dreams and strange healing abilities.  She seems to take on the patient's symtoms and therefore suffers with each healing.  Brody helps her through and Clark is the ever present friend.  There are several clues about the real struggle than is the underlying plot of good and evil going on such as shadows, pulsing bright radiant light, and ornate crosses.  This books is so good I refuse to ruin it with any other spoilers about the plots.  For me this is one of those books that once your find out the secrets it is so illuminating that you want to go back and re-read the book to see it from an enlightened prospective.  I can wait to read the next book.  I can only hope it won't be too long of a wait.  For a limited time, this is a free book on Kindle and definitely worth putting on your to read list.  You will not be disappointed.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Captured Sun (A Highland Home Novel) By Shari Richardson

Captured Sun is the 2nd book in the Highland Home Series. Again the beginning of the book had a twilight-y plot feel to it. But I love the genre so this doesn't bother me, however if you want a completely different type of vampire plot line you may want to make a different choice. That being said, I was so glad I stuck with it as I really enjoy the characters. Captured Sun again follows Matthias and Mairin who having defeated the demi-god in the last book are happy and in love. Mairin still is having prophetic dreams but this time it is of a vampire she cannot quite see killing people in East Hampton. The problem is that by the time she dreams of it and alerts the panther pride, it is always too late. Mairin is unable to sleep and can only sleep when Matthais sneaks in her room and holds her through the night. Let's face it--isn't that every girl's fantasy. This book introduces quite a few new characters such as Alfred who is the vampire that rescued Matthias and guided him so he feels as though Matthias is his son. Alfred's Maker Serina comes looking for him as it seems the bond between maker and vampire can actually create a strong almost slave like blood bond. She ends up capturing Matthias as a prize to keep Mairin and her family safe. She takes him to England to torture him as a slave. Mairin has dreams of his torture and defiance. She gets Alfred to help her go to England to save him. She almost dies for his freedom. When they come home Matthias does the whole you will be safer without me and leaves. What I really appreciate is that although brokenhearted. Mairin is mad and doesn't mind letting her feelings known to Matthias. I think this is much more realistic a reaction than Bella's just forgiving him right away. Also in this book, Kerry who is Mairin's little sister takes a much bigger role as a supporting character along with her boyfriend Xavier the leader of the pride. My only complaint is that I want to know more about Kerry and Xavier. Maybe a companion book or a couple of chapters from their point of view! I enjoyed the read and I am sucker for a happy ending. Also, it is hinted that Kerry and Mairin have big things in their future and are not quite human which continues to peak my interest.
I would recommend this for fans of the first book and fans of the Twilight series.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Sometimes By Moonlight by Heather Davis

Thank You Heather Davis!  This novella is a follow up to "Never Cry Werewolf".  We finally get to find out what happens to Shelby and Austin.  Austin the son of a rockstar and followed by tabloids and also happends to be a werewolf.  Shelby saved Austin in the first book by helping him escape from 'brat camp' which blossomed into a relationship.  During the escape, Austin accidently bites Shelby.  I continued to wonder about that bite and what it would mean for Shelby.  I wanted to know!!  I am so glad Heather Davis when ahead and wrote this novella to satisfied my curiousity but now I want to know what will happen next.  sigh!  I recommend this if you enjoyed the first book as it will answer some lingering questions.shif

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Review: Virtue by Amanda Hocking

Amanda Hocking weaves a unique fairy tale that has elements of Snow White and the Princess Bride with Angels and Demons sewn into the story. The story drew me in and developed a fantasical world were imaginative creatures leap off the page. The story opens following Lux who is a mysterious man on a mission for an unknown creepy boss. Lilly is the Lord's daughter who stumbles upon Lux in the garden and is immediately drawn to him. They share a moment until Lily runs off and Lux is taken into the stepmother's secret room where she practices witchcraft. The stepmother wants Lux to take Lily to his boss. Lux immediately recoils at the idea of taking the breathtaking Lily to his evil boss but knows if he refuses someone else worse will be sent to do the task. So Lux persuades Lily to run off with him and then leaves her in the necrosilvam which is a dead magical wood that dark creatures live in. However, the magic of the place will mask Lily's location if the witch or Lux's boss Valefor try to find her. There is so much to this story I could write forever. Lux essentially has to try and save Lily from his boss who manages to steal her away at a certain point. There is a certain battle between good and evil. Peccati are minions of demons that represent the seven deadly sins. Irin are their good counterparts which represnt the seven virtues. Irin are born and peccati are basically made. Lux and Lily are on different sides of this equation. The world depends on this balance which Valefor is trying to destroy. This is different from Hocking other books but still an awesome tale. I recommend for fans of the Iron fey series, Princess bride and Fantasy worlds.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

First Post! Introduction!

Well, I have been wanting to do a blog about the books I read as I began to review on Goodreads.  I enjoy sharing books and likes with other readers.  I have found so many good books to read by the suggestions of others.  For example, I would have never found Amanda Hocking without suggestions from Goodreads friends.  Amanda Hocking has quickly become one of my favorite authors of all time.  I have devoured all of her books and eagerly await her new books.

I am a mom who works from home as a contractor for people with diabilities.  My oldest Daughter has Autism and has taught me to enjoys the simple things and tolerance for all people.  I have 2 other children who keep me hopping.  I often feel as through I am the ringmaster of a three ring circus.  Reading is an escape that has always been able to take me on wonderful adventures.  When I am reading, I am able to escape into another realm and recharge my energies.

I love paranormal romance and paranormal books of all kinds.  When reading to escape, why not enjoy escaping reality as far as you can get?  I also enjoy reading all types of romance:  sappy, quick, historical, and yes even erotic.  I really enjoy reading young adult fiction even though I am far from a young adult.  The stories are usually have great endings and leave the mystery to romance when I don't want to go all there.

I hope to just publish my reviews and recommendations from good reads.  I am very generous in my ratings and don't mind that.  I simple don't read what I don't like.  I am a re-reader who loves to re visit my favorite books and story.