Sunday, June 12, 2011

Captured Sun (A Highland Home Novel) By Shari Richardson

Captured Sun is the 2nd book in the Highland Home Series. Again the beginning of the book had a twilight-y plot feel to it. But I love the genre so this doesn't bother me, however if you want a completely different type of vampire plot line you may want to make a different choice. That being said, I was so glad I stuck with it as I really enjoy the characters. Captured Sun again follows Matthias and Mairin who having defeated the demi-god in the last book are happy and in love. Mairin still is having prophetic dreams but this time it is of a vampire she cannot quite see killing people in East Hampton. The problem is that by the time she dreams of it and alerts the panther pride, it is always too late. Mairin is unable to sleep and can only sleep when Matthais sneaks in her room and holds her through the night. Let's face it--isn't that every girl's fantasy. This book introduces quite a few new characters such as Alfred who is the vampire that rescued Matthias and guided him so he feels as though Matthias is his son. Alfred's Maker Serina comes looking for him as it seems the bond between maker and vampire can actually create a strong almost slave like blood bond. She ends up capturing Matthias as a prize to keep Mairin and her family safe. She takes him to England to torture him as a slave. Mairin has dreams of his torture and defiance. She gets Alfred to help her go to England to save him. She almost dies for his freedom. When they come home Matthias does the whole you will be safer without me and leaves. What I really appreciate is that although brokenhearted. Mairin is mad and doesn't mind letting her feelings known to Matthias. I think this is much more realistic a reaction than Bella's just forgiving him right away. Also in this book, Kerry who is Mairin's little sister takes a much bigger role as a supporting character along with her boyfriend Xavier the leader of the pride. My only complaint is that I want to know more about Kerry and Xavier. Maybe a companion book or a couple of chapters from their point of view! I enjoyed the read and I am sucker for a happy ending. Also, it is hinted that Kerry and Mairin have big things in their future and are not quite human which continues to peak my interest.
I would recommend this for fans of the first book and fans of the Twilight series.

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