Friday, June 10, 2011

Sometimes By Moonlight by Heather Davis

Thank You Heather Davis!  This novella is a follow up to "Never Cry Werewolf".  We finally get to find out what happens to Shelby and Austin.  Austin the son of a rockstar and followed by tabloids and also happends to be a werewolf.  Shelby saved Austin in the first book by helping him escape from 'brat camp' which blossomed into a relationship.  During the escape, Austin accidently bites Shelby.  I continued to wonder about that bite and what it would mean for Shelby.  I wanted to know!!  I am so glad Heather Davis when ahead and wrote this novella to satisfied my curiousity but now I want to know what will happen next.  sigh!  I recommend this if you enjoyed the first book as it will answer some lingering questions.shif

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