Thursday, June 9, 2011

Review: Virtue by Amanda Hocking

Amanda Hocking weaves a unique fairy tale that has elements of Snow White and the Princess Bride with Angels and Demons sewn into the story. The story drew me in and developed a fantasical world were imaginative creatures leap off the page. The story opens following Lux who is a mysterious man on a mission for an unknown creepy boss. Lilly is the Lord's daughter who stumbles upon Lux in the garden and is immediately drawn to him. They share a moment until Lily runs off and Lux is taken into the stepmother's secret room where she practices witchcraft. The stepmother wants Lux to take Lily to his boss. Lux immediately recoils at the idea of taking the breathtaking Lily to his evil boss but knows if he refuses someone else worse will be sent to do the task. So Lux persuades Lily to run off with him and then leaves her in the necrosilvam which is a dead magical wood that dark creatures live in. However, the magic of the place will mask Lily's location if the witch or Lux's boss Valefor try to find her. There is so much to this story I could write forever. Lux essentially has to try and save Lily from his boss who manages to steal her away at a certain point. There is a certain battle between good and evil. Peccati are minions of demons that represent the seven deadly sins. Irin are their good counterparts which represnt the seven virtues. Irin are born and peccati are basically made. Lux and Lily are on different sides of this equation. The world depends on this balance which Valefor is trying to destroy. This is different from Hocking other books but still an awesome tale. I recommend for fans of the Iron fey series, Princess bride and Fantasy worlds.

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