Wednesday, June 1, 2011

First Post! Introduction!

Well, I have been wanting to do a blog about the books I read as I began to review on Goodreads.  I enjoy sharing books and likes with other readers.  I have found so many good books to read by the suggestions of others.  For example, I would have never found Amanda Hocking without suggestions from Goodreads friends.  Amanda Hocking has quickly become one of my favorite authors of all time.  I have devoured all of her books and eagerly await her new books.

I am a mom who works from home as a contractor for people with diabilities.  My oldest Daughter has Autism and has taught me to enjoys the simple things and tolerance for all people.  I have 2 other children who keep me hopping.  I often feel as through I am the ringmaster of a three ring circus.  Reading is an escape that has always been able to take me on wonderful adventures.  When I am reading, I am able to escape into another realm and recharge my energies.

I love paranormal romance and paranormal books of all kinds.  When reading to escape, why not enjoy escaping reality as far as you can get?  I also enjoy reading all types of romance:  sappy, quick, historical, and yes even erotic.  I really enjoy reading young adult fiction even though I am far from a young adult.  The stories are usually have great endings and leave the mystery to romance when I don't want to go all there.

I hope to just publish my reviews and recommendations from good reads.  I am very generous in my ratings and don't mind that.  I simple don't read what I don't like.  I am a re-reader who loves to re visit my favorite books and story. 

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