Saturday, September 10, 2011

After Eden by Katherine Pine

After Eden was easy to read and I liked the story about an outcast Devi, who meets a mysterious guy at her favorite used book store.  Devi's twin brother Kai was taken by an Angel when she was 10.  She has always felt she was missing something ever since that day.  She has been plagued by migraines since his disappearance.  Her father commited suicide on their couch because he couldn't stand the loss of his son.  Davi's Mom is an alcoholic and more absent than present in her life.  When Devi meets Oz, the bookstore guy, he seems to know all about her headaches.  She is attracted to him but has been a loner for so long that she keeps him at a distance.  It turns out Devi was born without a spirit and therefore when she dies she will cease to be.  Apparently this makes her a Demon magnet.  Oz protects her and she seems to have an Angel.  She wants to make her Angel appear so he can take her to her brother.  Oz helps her because he loves her.  She doesn't realize his feelings and I often wanted to shake her.  I loved Oz even though he was a demon.  I wanted her to be with him but it just never really happened.  Oz is sexy and saves her more than once.
The book deals with some interesting mythology  regarding Angels and Demons.  Demons are the Angels that were sent to gaurd and watch over Eden but fell in love with God's creation and therefore were banished from Heaven to life immortally in the creation they loved so much.  Oz is one of these Demons.  Oz makes being a Demon not seem bad.  It is almost as if it wasn't their fault they loved creation so much.  Then there are Devils who are the Angels whom were thrown out of Heaven for wanting to become better than God.  Lucifer is the Prince of all.  Lucifer has sent his Devils to collect Devi as she is the only person who has been born without the spirit in centuries.  Then there is Devi's brother Kai who was pure spirit and therefore belonged to Heaven.  It was a little like they shouldn't have been 2 people but one.  This was a good story and I will definitely read the next one but I do wish Devi would get more together with Oz. 

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