Sunday, September 11, 2011

Coexist by Julia Crane

Coexist is about Elves but not the short toy-making kind but human looking elves that blend seamlessly into our own society.  Keegan is a bubbly high school girl who is hiding the fact that she and her family are elves.  Elves also have special abilities that allow them to use magic.  Keegan can turn invisible and her brother Thaddeus is already a strong warrior and seer.  Thaddeus tells Keegan her Chosen's name so that she can call to him in a time of need.  Elves are given their chosen at birth but cannot meet them or know of them until a special ceremony at the age of 18.  Rourk, Keegan' chosen, is a skilled warrior who is drawn to her every time she thinks of him. Rourk watches her from afar to protect her.  Rourk already loves her and the magic of the chosen makes them halfs of the same whole. 
Thaddeus forsees a great battle between the light and dark elves in Ireland around Keegan's 17th birthday.  He also sees Keegan's death.  As a result, Rourk is put on full time watch to protect Keegan and she begins training to learn to fight with Thaddeus.  Rourk and Keegan meet at a get together for the warriors and their families.  They are instantly drawn together like magnets.  Richard, Keegan's father and leader of the light elves, decides to give them a weekend together and then after the great battle when Keegan is 17, they can be together. 
Keegan and Rourk are adorable together.  Rourk is a sexy warrior who is only concerned with Keegan's happiness.  However, during the big battle, Keegan rushes into save her friends and Thaddeus' prophey comes true.  The book ends with Keegan not knowing Rourk or feeling the chosen magic.  Rourk, however, still does and is miserable.  Keegan finds that she isn't the only supernatural among her friends and is also attracted to another boy at school.  I am sure book 2 will address Rourk trying to win Keegan back the "human" way and Donald trying to court her also.  I hated that Keegan can't remember Rourk.  I loved Rourk and didn't want them to end;.  I hope he can win her back. 

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  1. I was intrigued by the book before I started reading it because I have never read anything about elves before so this was a good choice to start. It was a fun read and fast-paced which I like because there is no boring part throughout the book. Overall, I enjoyed reading the book immensely. :)