Monday, September 12, 2011

Must Love Lycans by Michele Bardsley

Must Love Lycans is the 8th book in the Broken Heart Series.  Broken Heart is the paranormal community and a haven for witches, shifters, vampires, and a demon.  The Lycan Triplets, Damien, Darrius, and Drake are gorgeous Alpha male Shifters who are royal lycans that can shift at will.  They are the head of Broken Heart's security force.  This book happens 3 years after the last book in the series as most of the town has settle into normality and the attacks have been far between.
Damien finds himself naked and being held in a specialized clinic because he has amnesia.  He has been rescued from a labratory where he is being tested.  Kelsey Morningside is the head psychiatrist.  She is fresh from a personal tragedy from having believed she had reformed a serial killer only to be attacked by him.  She is haunted by having to kill him to escape.  She was rescued by financial ruin by her employer. 
One night Damien escapes and bites Kelsey claiming her as a his mate.  She is transitioning to Lycan and may Die if Damien cannot interpet her dream correctly and uncover his true past.  Damien has to come to terms with his heritage and claim his birthright.
Broken Heart OK is one of my favorite series of all time.  These books are funny, sexy, and romantic!  Each books stands along but they are so good you should read them all and in order.

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