Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Howl (Howl 1) by Jayme Morse and Jody Morse

Fifteen-year-old Samara McKinley is not your average teenager. Unlike her best friend, Emma Taylor, Samara’s life does not revolve around partying and trying to fit in at school. In between playing the peacekeeper for her troubled family and crushing on the cute new boy at school, Samara sets out to stay to true to herself. Luke finally asks her out after a game of beer pong at one of Emma's party.  At first, Luke and Sam have great chemistry and Luke plans a romantic stargazing date. But that all changes when she is bitten by a wolf. Samara begins living a double life – human by day, wolf by night.
Samara is finally approached by the wolf that bit her who mysteriously explains that he is her Alpha but can't tell her exactly why he bit her yet, who he really is or who is in the rest of her pack. Her Alpha can speak in her mind both as a wolf and human and no one else can do this but her Alpha and her Mate.  Soon another Alpha approaches her and reveals that she should be on their pack because of her bloodline but because she got bit she could be on either pack.  Sam will have to choose between packs, friends, and potential mates.
As Samara watches her relationships with those closest to her fall apart, she finds refuge in the mysterious wolf that bit her. Determined to keep her alter-ego secret from her family and friends, Samara soon discovers that her family has a few secrets of their own – secrets that could turn her life upside down forever.
I enjoyed the Briar Creek Vampire Series from the Morse Sisters and automatically wanted to read this new shifter series.  I wasn't disappointed!  The story is easy to lose yourself in and a great story that you won't want to put down trying to figure out who the mysterious Alpha and pack members are.  The world the Morse Sisters have developed is compelling and I can't wait to read more.  This book is a steal at this price being well written and edited.

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