Saturday, January 14, 2012

Soul Mates: Scent By Elizabeth A. Lance

The title attacted me to this book--I am a sucker for soulmates and fate.  I found the book easy to read and was immediately drawn into the story.  It was a change to read a book from the hero/male POV.  Max was also an all-american boy quarterback who is dating the head cheerleader, Jenny.  It was different to have a popular normal hero.  So often the hero/heroine is odd, dark and mysterious but not Max.  The shifters in this novel are born from a gift bestowed on them from the goddess Diana. 
Max notices a dark haired beauty watching him and feels drawn to her.  It begins to cause fights between him and Jenny as the green eyed monster takes over.  When she shows up at school, Max is thrown for a loop and not only seems to forget about Jenny but can hear Anna in his mind.  Max confronts his mother about his history and finds he is a shifter, a jaguar and Anna is most likely his soulmate.  As long as Max shifts before his 18th birthday, he can become a felidae or feline shifters.  There is a Lion shifter, Fredrick who want  to marry Anna to get a spot on the ruling council. To marry Anna, Fredrick will kill anyone in his way i.e. Max. 
Max takes to shifting quickly and begins to show even new abilities that expose his other birthright, a fae prince.  Max is highly talented and begins to train in the fairie mound at Auberon's invitation. 
I enjoyed to the building of this world and it's characters.  It was a fun romance with mindtalk and soulmates--two things that although cheesy--I love.  Max is awesome and grows into his own man with great powers that demand respect.  Anna is sensitive and loving as a supportive mate to Max.  Anna had the potential of being a real witch but I felt the author did a good job making her sensitive to Jenny.  Tony is a great friend and side character who can see fae and becomes a great confidant to Max.
I would recommend this for those who loved Jessica's Guide to Dating On the Dark Side by Beth Fantasky and Prince of Wolves by Quinn Loftis.  Both have the fated love and mind talk that is present here too.  I hope there is a continuing story.  There are so many possibilities as the Unseelie fae are after Max, His baby sister is set to be a fae heir and of course any children Max and Anna have.

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