Friday, January 20, 2012

Malevolence (Kilkenney 2) by Devyn Dawson

Malevolence is the continuing story of Abel Casey, a phophesied "Great Wolf".  Abel is growing into his role as Alpha of the Phelan pack.  Dolly has taken over the pack after the General's death while Abel is learning about his powers.  Dolly and Pru have taken off to track down the General's killer while Oakley and Abel are dealing with a sudden increase of "bitten" new werewolves near the Farm.  Abel and Oakley find a girl with amnesia who was left in a field with some cans of soup and a note for her to go to the Phelan Farm.  She doesn't know who bit her or who she is and Abel has to explain to her that not only do Werewolves exsist but she is now one of them.  Bitten werewolves have difficulty not going feral and with shifting back to human.  They will soon have to decide wether these werewolves are able to be saved or must be destroyed. 
Dolly and Pru are hunting down leads to the General's murderer when they stumble upon Allie, Abel's Sister and the self professed King of the Vampire's Pascale in Paris.  Pru calls the Pack for back-up when the vampires threaten to expose their secret exsistence to the world and a hit is placed on her mother. Abel and Oakley fly over and are joined by members from the Kilkenny and Maine Packs. 
Malevolence is a great follow up to 'The Legend of Kilkenney'.  Abel's journey to become the great wolf continues as he gets used to his new powers and sense of commanding the pack.  Abel is a natural for the Alpha.  Abel is such a cool and sexy character.  I would have loved to see more romance for Abel.  *hint, hint*  There are a few scenes between him and Crissy his girlfriend but I am a sucker for romance and want MORE :).  Oakley and Pru don't disappoint in the romance department but Pru has a new sexy bodygaurd, Gus and the chemistry between him and Pru cause some ripples in Pru and Oakley relationship.  The best part of the whole novel is the end when Abel literally becomes a kick ass Wolf.  It will have you cheering like any awesome action movie.  I can't wait to see what will happen next in this series.

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