Monday, January 2, 2012

Guardians of the Cross by T. R. Graves (Warriors of the Cross 2)

Guardians of the Cross is the follow up to Warriors of the Cross by T. R. Graves, an epic series of good versus evil that defies placement in any genre.  Guardians is full of plot twists and a roller coaster of emotions that will have you unable to put the book down.  The paranormal/religous battle between good vs. evil reminds me of the blockbuster movie/book The DaVinci Code.  There are secret societies both dedicated to their belief's of good and evil.  At the center of the storm, Allison La Crosse has begun to embrace her role as the the Warrior Priestress and her ability to heal the most gravely injuried through the Salvedere.  Allison's relationships are also central to the plot.  She is bonded to those she has rescued in a way that defies logic.  They share emotions, symtoms and sometimes thoughts.  Clark the first person, Allison saved in utero, is bonded to her and her most fierce defender.  Brody, the Warrior Priest, is Allison's true love and ready to take their relationship into a lifelong commitment.  Allison is torn trying to keep everyone happy and safe and follow her heart.  She is also trying to prevent prophesies that have foretold of the suffering of those around her. 
Gaurdians further explains the inter-workings of the Disciples of the Cross and begins to explore the prophesies behind their mythology.  More history into the lives of Brody, Julia, and James are revealed.  There are so many layers to this series it is impossible to explain and put into a category.  This second installment explores more of the secrets of the Disciples by revealing Julia's most inner thoughts through her journals and diary.  Allison must learn who to trust and rely on without endangering those closest to her heart. 
Devin DeMorte is back as the leader of The Sect after the horrible assualt on Allison at the end of Warriors.  Allison believes that Darryl, Devin's deceased twin was forced into Devin's comatose body by his mother Angela's Satanic prayers.  As a result, Allison is bonded to Devin from her previous Salvedere to save him.  However, Devin is traped and being held mental hostage by Darryl.  Darryl has many evil plans to get Allison to bend to his will.  He will use or kill anyone who stands in his way, especially those Allison loves.
This series is a MUST read for anyone who loves paranormal romance.  It is fresh and unique and the plot twists will keep you reading long into the night.  There is so much going on in these books that they are best read in order.

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  1. What a great review, Jody. Taking into account the fact that I respect you - one of my very first supporters - and your opinion so much, your comments are all the more humbling. THANKS! THANKS! THANKS!