Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

Hex Hall is one one those books that you pick up and it just draws you immediately into the story.  Sophie has moved around most of her life with the knowledge that she is a witch.  The story opens as Sophie tries to do a love spell to help a girl who is crying at the prom.  As with most of Sophie's spells this one blows up in her face.  She is sentenced to the juvenille hall for Prodigium(fairies, witches, and shifters)which is nicknamed Hex Hall.  She immediately finds out that is rooming with the only vampire on campus and almost gets attacked by a shifter.  She also meets her crush Archer Cross. 
Archer Cross is the crush-worthy student who is already dating the most phenominal girl on campus, Elodie.
Elodie, Chaston, and Anna are the most powerful Dark witches on campus and want Sophie to join their coven only Sophie has having never grown up around magic is frightened of their power and doesn't.  To get back at her Elodie pulls a Queen Bee move and gets Sophie on Cellar Duty for the semester.  However, Archer defends Sophie and ends up sharing the cellar duty with her.  Cellar duty is purely a redundant crazy cataloging magical items that move themselves each night making Archer and Sophie start over each time.  Mostly, Archer and Sophie became friends and Sophie's crush grows. 
But, romance aside, something dark and sinister is happening at Hex Hall.  Last year, a girl was murdered and found with punture wounds on her neck and slit wrists with her blood drained.  Next other students are attacked the mystery deepens.  Everyone wants to blame Sophie's best friend and vampire roommate, Jenna.  So Sophie sets out to find out who is behind the attacks. 
Hex Hall jumps into the supernatural by creating a school for those who risk exposing the secret of their exsistance to the world.  Sophie and Archer's chemistry sparkles and the characters are well rounded.  I highly recommed the Hex Hall series.

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