Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cry Wolf by Angela Campbell

Cry Wolf is an unusual werewolf mystery.  It is more modern and truthful and not based in so much paranormal fantasy.  Andrea Lockhart is a reporter for a leading Tabloid and usually gets to work on celebrity pieces but her new boss who happens to be an ex sends her to woodbine, South Carolina to chase after a wereworlf story.  It isn't until she meets the local Paper Editor, Sean Hunter that things get interesting.  Sean Hunter had been her mentor and competitor in college and she had a crush on him.  But Sean told her she would never make it as a reporter because she was too nice.  Andrea is still smarting from the last meeting and isn't sure what to make of this new Sean.  Andrea is determined to make and break the real story of the Werewolf and accepts help from Sean as professional curtesy.  Soon the pages heat up with attraction and passion.  But can Andrea get past her feelings in the past and trust that Sean has always had her best interests in mind?
The Werewolf is a mystery that has been cultivated by local business owners much like the loch ness monster to influence tourism.  Some of the townfolk are supportive and some are down right mean and want to run the silly girl reporter out of town.  Andrea must deal with her feelings for Sean, the mystery of the Werewolf and cranky townspeople.  It is a very interesting read and not you everyday werewolf romance

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