Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Prince of Wolves by Quinn Loftis

Prince of Wolves is about soulmates and fated love.  If you happen to be a hopeless romantic who loves the idea of finding your one and true mate, then this is the book for you.  This is actually a large ebook being 1000+ pages on Nook but I was so invested in the story and characters that I read it in a day and a half.  Jaque is a girl in a small town that is spying on the new foreign exchange student that is moving in across the street.  As soon as he arrives, Fane is immediately drawn to Jaque and can send thoughts to her.  Jaque actually thinks she is having a mental breakdown but soon recongnizes the mental voice as Fane's.  Fane is a foreign exchange student from Romania where he is next in line to be Alpha of the biggest pack of Grey werewolves in the world.  He is drawn inexplicably to the small town and finds Jaque his one true mate. 
Ms. Loftis has a great new voice in writing paranormal romance.  I loved the interaction between Jaque and her two BFF's, Sally and Jen.  The quips fly as well as the sarcastic wit.  I laughed outloud several times at Jen and Jaque's outrageous personalities.  I loved the fact that Jaque didn't swoon and just bend to the fate that was handed to her.  Jaque is a spitfire and enjoys putting Fane in his place.  Fane loves Jaque's spunk and the fact that she isn't afraid to speak her mind.  The chemistry is awesome. 
Fane was very careful when he choose his exhange town so that he wouldn't encroach on another pack's territory but apparently there is an unregistered grey pack in town.  Since the ratio of Alpha Females is 1 to 30, Lucas, the local Alpha is trying to claim Jaque for himself.  Lucas challenges Fane in a fight to the death.  The action is great and the emotional turmoil for Jaque is easily identifiable to the reader.  This book had the same feel of "Jessica guide to dating the dark side" being that Lucias and Fane are both princes from Romainia and come to find their soulmates.  But Prince of Wolves develops a quicker romantic tie between Fane and Jaque because they are able to share thoughts and are immediately attracted to each other.  I loved this book and consider it a great independent find.  I am hoping for a follow up that includes the bonding ceremony and Jaque's life in Romania. 

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