Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Significance by Shelly Crane

Significance is the perfect paranormal romance.  The chemistry and descriptions are create a beautiful love story between Maggie and Caleb.  Maggie has been having a really sucky life.  Her mother abandoned her family but not before she took all their money with her.  Her Dad is practically catatonic and she had to start working to help pay for things around the house.  Her academic year is shot and she isn't sure she could get into a good college if she tried.  Maggie used to have friends but has pulled away from them because of her family troubles.  She has been hiding her life from everyone.  Her High School sweetheart Chad, breaks up with her three days after her Mom leaves with everything.  She is devastated and withdrawals from everything she has known. 
Significance begins at Maggie's graduation where she is sitting among her peers but still just going through the motions.  Kyle turns around and asks her to hang out and for some reason after turning him down several times over the past year, Maggie says Yes.  After graduation, Maggie's Dad behaves like a complete jerk and she ends up just escaping out of her house for a walk.  As she begins to walk around she is waiting to cross the road when she notices a cute tan guy with headphones in his ears.  She ends up saving him from being run over by jerking back from the curb at the last minute.  She feels attracted to him from the start but finds out he is Kyle's cousin Caleb who is actually in town celebrating Kyle's graduation.  They walk to Kyle's together.  Kyle isn't thrilled when he sees them together thinking Caleb is encroching his girl.  Just as Maggie goes to leave on her date with Kyle, she shakes Caleb's hand and then the magic starts.  She starts to change and she and Caleb imprint with each which means they are soulmates. 
Maggie finds herself the center of a large paranormal family with amazing abilities and the perfect guy in Caleb.  This book is pure magic and romance.  Many times I read a book and feel like the just as the couple gets together it ends and you miss all the good stuff.  Well, Significance is all "good stuff"!  Caleb is sweet, protective, and HOT!  I would bet Caleb could beat Edward and Jacob in a best boyfriend contest hands down.  Although they are dependent on each other, I feel this just adds to the mystical connection between them.  Maggie and Caleb compliment each other as so many of the significants do in the story.  Significance is not all romance but has some rival clans, a kidnapping and soulmate withdrawals that Maggie and Caleb must get through. 
I hope that more people will read this 5-star romance.  I would recommend this for YA Romance lovers who like paranormal.  I will definitely be picking up Ms. Crane's other books and cannot wait for Accordance to continue Maggie and Caleb's story.  For me this book was better than Twilight which I read over and over.  I am sure this is the first of many readings for signifance that are in my future!

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