Sunday, August 28, 2011

Uprising by Shelly Crane

Uprising continues with Shelly and Merrick's love story that began in the apocolypic Collide.  The chemistry is explosive and draws the reader into the relationships that build among the rebels.  This book opens as the resistance has built an expanding underground bunker under a convenience store.  It is the perfect hideout outside of town and provides much needed shelter for the group.  Throughout the book, the group continues to grow in numbers as they seek out other Keepers and Specials who need shelter.  Sherry has taken a caregiver role by cooking and mothering the group.  Merrick and Jeff are looked to as the leaders and protectors of the ragtag family.
Relationships are what really make this book shine.  Sherry and Merrick continue their wonderful love affair and are the glue that binds the group together. Lines between Specials, Keepers, Lighters, Enforcers, and Regular People blend and flow naturally as wonderful new relationships blossom and grow.  This book will make the reader question the definitions that we put on people in our lives and how that affects your relationships.  The labels for people in our lives are nothing compared to love.  There are many suspenseful scene of action, resistance fighting and rescue also that round out this story.  Again, Ms. Crane delivers a great tale of love and relationships set in a world of paranormal creatures from another place.

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