Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Beautiful Dark by Jocelyn Davies

A Beautiful Dark drew me in with it's storyline right from the start.  The beginning was similar to other paranormal reads:  mysterious new guys, girl with tragedy.  Part of the fun was trying to piece together the way Skye, Devin, and Asher fit together.  About half way through the book, you begin to understand who and what Asher and Devin stand for.  I found this a really interesting take on this mythology.  The dilema Skye finds herself struggling with is what really what attracted me to the story.  "On one level, that was totally true.  I was torn, trying to choose between two things: Asher or Devin, The Order or the Rebellion, Self-preservation or heartbreak.  Control--or finally letting go"  This quote perfectly describes the conflict that Skye feels.  Most of time is trying to piece together who is good for Skye.  I found myself questioning things I always thought about light and dark.  In other words, this book made me think. 
The second half of the book is faster paced with more action and twists coming that I really didn't forsee.  The only reason I didn't give this a full 5 stars was because of the abrupt cliffhanger!  It is really a good one which can be frustrating for someone impatient for a nice ending like me.


  1. Hi, Louise from Goodreads popping in to say hi! Do you review Indie books?

  2. I have found many good Indie books and love to read new things. I am finding some of my new Favorites as Indies. Do you have a book in mind? I have never been asked but would consider doing a review but honestly it has to be romance or paranormal or a combo. I always hated reading some of those required readings for Literature course..LOL :)