Monday, August 8, 2011

Fate Fixed: An Erris Coven Novel by Bonnie Erinna Wheeler

Fate Fixed opens as Lexie is moving to a small town in Maine with her new blended family.  Lexie's real father died about a year ago in a car crash where she was driving.  Since then, she has been drowning in guilt and trying to break through her little sister's anger.  Her Mom, Ruby has remarried after falling in love with a Romanian immigrant through eHarmony.  Dragos has 3 sons: Maxim, Alix, and Nikolai.  The move is a big change and Lexie is trying to get used to her new brothers.  Lexie's family is at best creepy and unusual.  The mystery around her family continues to build until the action explodes.  Ms. Wheeler does an excellent job at building the mystery and creepiness of Maxim.  Alix is social and friendly building a comradere with Lexie.  Both brothers seem to be at times too posessive and attracted to Lexie.  Shortly after the move, Lexie's Mom begins to change and has mood swings that are unlike herself.  She turns off Lexie's phone and internet which further creates a isolated strangeness about her new family.
Torin is a mystery that I don't want to give too much away about because that is part of the fun. There are four fine cousins with Torin being one, Teagan, Cian, and Braden rounding out the group.  Braden has completed the change and is the "older brother" personality of the bunch.  Teagan is the ladies man, Cian the devoted boyfriend and Torin the brooding and tortured soul over what he will become.  When Lexie the girl of his dreams, turns up in Erris, he immediately knows she is his other half.  But before Lexie and Torin can get too comfortable, there are animals being slain and gruesome finds in the woods surrounding the town.  The cousins are trying to piece together the mysterious slayings before they get exposed or someone gets hurt.  Torin and Lexie must fight to put together the mystery before it rips them apart or kills those they love most.  This isn't your usual teen paranormal romance where everyone is "good" deep down.  In this world, monsters do exsist.

Reading the summary for Fate Fixed intriqued me so much that I downloaded it from smashwords for my Nook and began reading it almost immediately.  The story is told from different points of view- Mostly Lexie and Torin but also a mysterious wolf.  The story starts slow and really takes some time to build.  This is the first in a series so much of the first half is world and character building.  I'll admit that I am a romantic sucker for the whole fated love thing which is why I wanted to read this in the first place.  But Torin and Lexie seem to connect instantly but it didn't feel forced to me.  The connection and romance is beautifully written on a soul level.  It was like a beautiful symphony coloring the air.  What really makes this book unique is the action that starts about two-thirds and doesn't stop.  Secrets are exposed with some unique twists that I think will take most readers by surprise. I wouldn't recommend this book for younger teens as there are some mature graphic killings.  I fully enjoyed this and read it in about a day.  I love indie authors some of the best reads I have read lately have been indie.  The next book is coming out in Fall 2011 so hopefully it won't be a long wait!

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