Saturday, August 27, 2011

Collide by Shelly Crane

Collide is one of those books that takes you on a wonderful journey.  There is so much to this book that I don't know how to do it justice.  Collide is a apocolyptic book that weaves a story that tests courage and family.  Sherry has always felt there was something more and someone watching over her.  When the Moon disappears from the night sky, strange things come to earth.  People start to disappear only to return later acting differently.  Danny, her little brother has had to move in and sleep on her couch since her hippie parents have packed up to stand with others to welcome the aliens to our planet.  Sherry also has to dodge her abusive, egotistical ex-boyfriend Matt.  Matt has been coming by drunk and pounding down her door until she is afraid to death of him.
Sherry's journey begins as a normal day when she is confronted by Matt on her way home in the parking lot of her apartment.  Except Matt says he isn't Matt but a Keeper and she and Danny need to come with him right away if they want to live.  Sherry thinks that not only is Matt abusive but he has gone crazy.  So Matt drugs her with a special drug that keeps her aware but unable to move or communicate.  Matt puts her in the car and then she hears him return with Danny.  Matt drives them to an underground bunker where she wakes to him in room without Danny.  Matt tells her that his name is really Merrick and he is a Keeper sent to watch over Danny because he is a Special and must be saved so that he can complete his a task for the good of the human race.  Sherry believes him because his mannerisms and eye color have changed.  None of Matt's swagger or cockiness are present in Merrick.  Together they convince Danny of Merrick's change.  Merrick also tells Sherry and Danny that Lighters have come to take over the earth and they are responsible for the disappearance of the moon.  However, Lighters are using complusion through the news to blame Keepers as a means to track down Specials and kill them.  If the Lighters manage to kill Specials, they will be able to take over the earth because society will no longer advance and they will be in control.  They will use fear to rule.
A ragtag bunch of Specials and Keepers soon assembles in the underground bunker.  Sherry notices that Merrick is very uncomfortable with her and misinterpets this as dislike.  Sherry and Merrick are drawn to each other but Keepers are only supposed to be here for a short period of time and are more pure than humans.  Merrick is sure that someone as good as Sherry couldn't love anyone like him who isn't even human.  Sherry doesn't care that Merrick isn't human but enjoys the way he is always there for her and knows everything about her.  Merrick and Sherry's love story is epic and draws the reader into the book.  Love manages to win even at the end of the world.
I highly recommend this for anyone who enjoys romance with dystopian or paranormal twists.  The Action is really good as the group has to run from Lighters and Markers.  Warning you will want to read the next book Uprising almost immediately.  I believe Ms. Crane is an author to watch and feel so "special" to have discovered her talent so early in what will surely be a long career.

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