Sunday, July 29, 2012

Stealing Grace by Shelly Crane

This was a very interesting book.  Only Shelly Crane could take a subject like human trafficking and write a romance.  This was the only book I haven't read by Ms. Crane.  Her Significance series is my all time favorite and has made me a full lifeime fanatic. 
Elena is stolen off the streets and taken through the seedy world of human trafficking.  She ends up being sold into being a wife as a part of a cult-like society.  But Alex, her husband, has always felt that the treatment of the women was abusive and wanted to pick a wife just to save her from his mother's own bitter fate.  As a result, Elena starts to see the good in Alex and a deep love is formed.  Together they make a difference by helping some of the other women escape.  In the end, they must run for their lives from not only the community but the human traffickers themselves.

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