Friday, July 27, 2012

Thomas & January by Fisher Amelie

When you first meet Tom in Callum & Harper, he is happy-go-lucky bass player known for his tied dye shirts.  Then his heart gets broken when his first love gets engaged to someone else.  Tom moves away from his New York "family" to Austin where he becomes a music scout with a hard veneer.  Tom is excellent at his job because he is tightly in control of his emotions and concentrates on the quality of the music.  January ends up at one of his scouting job and they are instantly drawn to each other.  The attraction is hot and severe that creates enough fireworks to burn the book out of your hands.  Tom is cruel and is afraid of what this attraction means for his frozen heart. 
As a twist of fate, has January and Tom teaming up through Europe to scout new bands in a contest against another scout.  Soon they can't fight the fire, but will it be enough for Tom to take a chance on love?
If you haven't read a Fisher Amelie book yet, you HAVE to drop everything and start now.  She is an AMAZING writer who immediately pulls you into the story with a well developed world that has realistic imperfect characters.  The relationships between these characters are what she does best.  Even the friendships inspire deep seated feeling in the reader and when she gets to love, the pages very nearly glow with passion.  I loved this book and can't wait to read more from this incredible author.

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