Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Because Of Low By Abbi Glines

I can't tell you how glad I was that Marcus got his own romance in the next book of the Sea Breeze series.  I fell in love with Marcus in Breathe and couldn't wait for him to find his own love story.  The story begins several months after Breathe ended and Marcus' family is facing a crisis.  Of Course being the upstanding dependable guy that we all love, Marcus comes home to be there for his Mom and sister.  Marcus moves into an apartment back in Sea Breeze with Cage who reminded me a little of Travis Maddox(Beautiful Disaster--If you haven't read this you are missing out!!!).  Cage is a self proclaimed Man-whore who parties with a different girl every night.  Soon after Marcus moves in, Low shows up on the door step wanting to stay with Cage.  Marcus is immediately drawn to her but she sizes Marzus up by his father and instantly thinks she has no chance with Marcus.  Marcus is fascinated by the vulnerable girl who appeals to his protective side but gets shut down by Cage who proclaims he is going to marry Low.  Low always turns to Cage who has been her constant through her crappy childhood, shielding her and helping her out time and time again.  Marcus longs for Low to turn to him and trust him with her secrets.  Low feels like Marcus could never identify with her family drama. 
Again, Ms. Glines weaves a romance with real characters whose lives aren't perfect.  The imperfections make them indentifiable and allow them to crawl into your heart where I guarantee they will stay long after you put down the book.  This story made me laugh and cry along with the characters and will be a re-read on my keeper shelf.

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