Thursday, July 5, 2012

Effortless by S. C. Stephens

Effortless is the continuation of Kiera and Kellan's love story.  Since their romance started while Kiera was still dating Kellan's best friend, Denny, there is a great deal of mistrust between them.  Kiera is also st ruggling with her self-confindence and Kellan's rock star personna.  Kellan has written her name on his heart to keep Kiera close.  Kiera has to continually remind her self of Kellan's love to be able to deal with his on-stage flirting and the constant attention Kellan gets from women.  Not to mention, Kiera is constantly running into people Kellan has sleep with before. 
As Kellan and Kiera have just started to find their way back to themselves, after the pain and thoughless actions from before, the D-bags are given the biggest opportunity of their lives to go on tour with another popular band for six months.  Kiera must stay behind for school and both are terrified of what this seperation will mean for their relationship.  Kellan is afraid Kiera will get lonely and seek solice in the arms of another.  Kiera feels Kellan may be tempted to go back to his man-whore days.  Both must learn to trust each other and be open and honest on a new level of intimacy. 
This book is definitely my favorite of the two.  Kellan proves himself even sweeter and more dedicated to Kiera.  I don't want to spoil the things he thinks up to keep Kiera thinking of him but it is swoon-worthy.  Kiera is better to tolerate in this book.  I think one thing that makes her hard to take is the writing(Kiera's POV) is honest and frank and yet, Kiera often lies to herself and refuses to meet her suspicions head on.  If they would both just be honest!!! 
Kellan and Kiera are still completely hot and combustable together and some of their love scenes read with butterfly inducing intimacy.  There is sex and drinking in this book so it definitely is not for young teens.  But I would definitely recommend it.

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