Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Easy By Tammara Webber

Jacqueline follows her long time high school sweetheart to the University of his choice instead of attending a Music Conservatory. She suddenly finds herself single and unsure of who is without her boyfriend. Then, to add to her turmoil she is in trouble of losing her scholarship because she has skipped the last two weeks of her economics class so she didn't have to sit in her assigned seat next to her ex.

After a meeting with her professor, Jacqueline starts using the class tutor Landon through email. Thus, begins an on-line relationship that kept me drawn with witty emails. Landon is smart and quick with intelligent emails that draws Jacqueline to him. It is a touch of my favorite movie "You've Got Mail" that I loved.

Then there is the bad boy Lucas who is covered in tattoos, sketches in the back of class, and saves Jacqueline who is almost raped by an aquaintance after a frat party. Lucas is just yummy but quiet. However, I was so drawn to him that I could identify with Jacqueline. Lucas and Jacqueline's romance is intense but there continues to be secrets and until they are fully discussed no relationship will ever work.

I loved this book. I began to read it as a number of my friends gave it great reviews. I have to agree it is a re-read for the keeper shelf. I loved how this romance went and was throughly satisfied.

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