Friday, February 24, 2012

More Than Magic: Semester Abroad By Elizabeth Kirke

What if you went out to stargaze while on a cruise and saw someone get pushed over the side of the boat?  This is exactly what happens to Jennifer one night on her Semester Abroad Program.  Needing some air, she decides to come up to the deck to watch the stars and sees a group in other students talking and horsing around.  Suddenly, one gets pushed off the side as a joke.  Jennifer rushes foward when nobody acts to help the student.  They try to convince her she didn't see anything and when Dani, the student suddenly vaults back onto the deck, Jennifer is stunned.  The next day, she is followed from class to class by different members of the group all day long.  They won't tell her what is going on until they met with Jon, their boss.  After Jon determines that Jennifer is a witch and all of the students in the group are magics of different types.  As Jen is introduced to a world that she didn't dream exsisted, there is suddenly a danger on the ship: a vampire.
Jennifer is immediately submerged into a wonderous world learning about magic and magical creatures.  She is able to bond with the others and becomes one of the tight group of friends.  Jennifer and her new friends are tested by having to face the horror of a vampire roaming the ship creating dhampirs and killing students.  Jennifer faces grave danger because her blood is changing as she gets in touch with her magic.  Witch blood is 3x as potent as a humans and makes Jen a target. 
Semester Abroad immediately engaged me and drew me into a world of magics.  At first, I was a little frustrated with Jen as her questions went unanswered.  But soon answers are revealed in a manner that slowly builds a believable fantasy.  I loved Jen who is somewhat niave but believable to me because I was just like her.  Dani, Charlie, Thomas, TS and Mariana became my friends as I read about them and learned their stories.  The adventures they have both fighting the vampire and going on trips at the ports was well told and a roller coaster ride of emotion.  The only thing that would have made this more perfect was more romance.  I can't wait to see where this goes in the next book.  This story would be a good read for even younger teens who enjoy paranormal but I highly recommed this for fans of Harry Potter and the Paranormal.  This was an excellent read and so worth the price. 

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