Saturday, February 11, 2012

Making You Mine by Elizabeth Reyes (Moreno Brothers 5)

The latest in the Moreno Brothers series gives the reader a inside look at the eldest brother, Sal.  While, Sal has been more of a fixture in the last couple of books, he is by far the most reserved of all the brothers.  Sal spent most of the series in college getting his business degree.  He has big plans to expand the Moreno's restuarants and is meeting with investors and in charge of staffing. 
Grace is a Culinary student who has been cooking since she was little and is desperate to get a job to get her and her sister out of a bad home life.  She lies about her age to increase her odds of getting a job.  Sal immediately fights his fascination with Grace and is shocked when Alex overrides him by hiring Grace. 
As soon as Sal has to be around Grace at work, the Moreno blood makes him possesive and he falls quickly for Grace.  Like all good Moreno brothers, once he decides what he wants, Sal goes after it with full force.  This is what I LOVE about the Moreno brothers--they know what they want and go get it.  Again, Sal is one of the Alpha Males that is possesive to a point and loves with his whole heart.  This books also follows with updates on all the couples and family members near the end. 
BTW, There needs to be one more book for Rose and Vincent. :)

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