Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Romero (Moreno Brothers 4) by Elizabeth Reyes

Romero is the 4th book in the Moreno Brothers series.  Although, Romero isn't a Moreno by blood, he is as close as family with the Moreno family.  With this book, the author introduces us to Romero's less than perfect world and the things that have shaped him.  Romero's Dad is in jail and he has been raised by his two uncles who own a topless bar.  Manny and Max, Romero's uncles are crass and in your face loud but they love Romero beyond words.  Romero has never been ashamed of his upbringing and been a somewhat player.  Moreno meets up with Valerie's roommate Isabelle at Angel's wedding.  This book starts with a few insightful scenes into Romero and Isabelle before they met.  These scenes build the characters and storyline investing the reader into their lives. 
Isabelle couldn't be more different than Romero. Isabelle's family are all over-achievers and push Isabelle to her type A personally.  But Romero and Isabelle balance each other and the chemistry is HOT.  I love that all these books have a strong male character that have a devoted soft side.  Romero enjoys ruffling Isabelle's perfect world and getting a reaction from her.  Pretty soon he is addicted to watching her expressions and can't imagine his world without her.  When Isabelle's father decides to make a run for San Diego Mayor and thrusts his family into the spotlight, Romero isn't sure he will be able to fit in.  Then there is Isabelle's witchy older sister who is all about impressions and thinks Romero isn't good enough for Izzy.  Between trying to fit in and her meddling older sister, Romero has his work cut out for him.  But Romero is his own worst enemy who lets his rage and short fuse get the best of him. 
I love these books and have given 5 stars to all of them.  I highly recommend these books to any fan of romance.  They have all made my keeper shelf.

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