Thursday, February 16, 2012

Destined to Die (Briar Creek Vampires 3) by Jayme Morse and Jody Morse

Destined to Die is the third in an interesting new vampire series from sisters, Jayme and Jody Morse.  I was excited to read this installement after the cliff hanger of the last book where Austin rescues Lexi and is shockingly alive.  Lexi finds out Lexi and Gabe have been working together and Austin was turned right before his parents tried to kill him.  Gabe has been having visions and in almost all of them end in Lexi's death at the hands of the vampires in Briar Creek.  Lexi has been declared the suspect in a murder so she must hide in order not to be turned into authorities by the well-meaning public.  In order to hide, Gabe and Austin take Lexi and enroll in Huntington High a Vampire Hunter school in the nearby town.  Lexi finds out that the "Hunters" were a line of vampire hunters and she might be too.  But also at Huntington is the slutty vamp that made Gabe and wants him back.  After Lexi catches them in a compromising position, she seeks solace in the arms of an old flame. 
The main reason I didn't give this 5 stars is I didn't understand why Lexi would just go to Craig.  Craig is a character that I have never been able to believe as a love interest for me he is just sort of creepy.  I can't explain it really but I don't see him and Lexi as a couple.  Because of this ackwardness, part of the story is hard for me to fully get into.  It seemed like Lexi just immediately turned to Craig instead of mourning her relationship with Gabe.  She didn't really seem that upset about it--no sleepless crying nights.  But I still enjoy the unique storyline.  Briar Creek is a wonderful new paranormal vampire romance series that I would highly recommend.

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