Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sweet Sofie (Moreno Brothers 3) by Elizabeth Reyes

One of the best Moreno Brothers books yet.  Sweet Sofie allows the reader to see the growth of Eric and Sofia's relationship over time.  This books starts in childhood and follows the couple through several emotional growing pains.  Eric such a sweet guy who has loved Sofie since childhood.  He treats her so well and is slightly less possessive than the Moreno Brothers.  Sofie tends to be the Fiery tempered one in the relationship.  Eric does get over-emotional when Sofie kisses a childhood acquaintence. He feels hurt and unsure of whether he can get over the feelings of betrayal.  Sofia is slightly naive but loves Eric deeply.
I loved the sweet romantic relationship between Eric and Sofia.  It was so much fun to see all of the Moreno family throughout childhood as they grew up.  This book again takes place along side of Forever Mine.  Ms. Reyes does an excellent job of keeping the story consistant and yet more insightful into the couples.  The brothers try to keep Sofia protected and away from boys and sex.  But Sofia has other plans, she has always felt drawn to Eric. 
I highly recommend this series for anyone who enjoys romance.  This books is slightly explicit. 

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