Sunday, February 12, 2012

Just One Drop (Prince of Wolves 3) by Quinn Loftis

This is the third book in a series that just keeps getting better and better.  Not only do we get to continue to see Fane and Jacque but all of the snarky friends.  I love the way Jacque, Sally and Jen interact with each other and finish each other's sentences.  Jen has finely fell in love with Decebel the Beta for the Romanian Pack.  However, it would seem that Jen has a drop of wolf blood and therefore could be a mate.  Decebel acts like Jen is his mate by going all Alpha protective of her.  His wolf has claimed her but the mating signs are not there.  Without being able to prove they are mates. Decebel is getting out of control.
Then packs from all over plan a "The Gathering" a great nuetral gathering of unmated males and females in hope of finding true mates.  Since Jen hasn't found her true mate that can be proven and she has a drop of wolf blood, she is forced to participate.  Decebel must watch her interact with unmated males while his wolf is barely in control of his temper. 
Also, unbeknownst to all, there is a plot underfoot to take down the strongest Alpha of all, Vasile. 
I love this series.  The interaction between characters is funny, touching, and hot.  Decebel is a hunk of burning Alpha male and loved seeing him trying to deal with his inner wolf and Jen's loud mouth.  They are essentially perfect for each other with a chemistry that is smoking.  I can't wait for the next book.  This one ends abruptly in a horrible cliffhanger that will have me biting my nails until the next one comes out.

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