Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Beautiful Evil by Kelly Keaton (Gods & Monsters 2)

I really enjoyed "Darkness Becomes Her", the first book in this series about a post catastrophic Hurricane New Orleans called New 2.  Ari found out that she is a 'god-killer' or Gorgon at the end of book one.  Her best friends and everyone of the Nine controlling families now know what evil lurks inside her.  Some want to use her for protection from the evil Athena and as a bargining chip in a politically fueled duel between the Goddess and the Families.  Ari wants revenge on Athena for her mother's death and desperately wants to rescue her little friend Violet and her Father.  She is unsure of how Sebastian feels about her anymore since he hasn't spoken to her since the show down with Athena.  Ari is sure he feels she is a monster.  But Sebastian continues to feel drawn to Ari, himself a misfit as a half vampire-half warlock, and he helps her on her mission for revenge. 
Ari is granted permission to search the secret library that only the council knows about for any information to help remove her curse or free Violet and her Father from Athena.  Henri, Sebastian, and Ari manage to get into Mt. Olympus by following one of Athena's minions to a magic doorway.  After stumbling into a banquet right in front of Athena, herself, the three must a way to rescue their friends and themselves. It is a roller coaster reading ride that you will be unable to put down.
This series is like nothing I have ever read.  Keaton does a wondrous job of creating a fantasy New 2 that is based in real life.  She also makes a mythological villian, the Gorgon, an identifable and courageous heroine.  The story is action, romance and coming of age in a world that is seeped in mystery and magic.  This is an incredible series for anyone that enjoys paranormal and highly recommended. 

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