Monday, March 26, 2012

Shayla Witherwood: A Half-Fairie Tale by Tamra Norton

Shayla Witherwood starts her first day at public High School invisible literally.  Shayla is half fairie who has previously home-schooled her entire life while traveling the country in an RV with her human grandparents.  She knows almost nothing about using her fairy magic except what she has learned by accident like turning invisible.  She begins school and immediately makes a few friends and a couple of enemies.  Shayla is genuinely nice to everyone and decides to be friends with the social outcast instead sitting with the popular crowd. 
"Mind your magic, Shayla Dove" her grandma reminds her before school each day.  Grandma and her homeschool tutor Trebor are Shayla's only friends that truly know her.  As she becomes more and more involved with others at school, she must try harder to hide her true identity.  There is an unknown danger from revealing too much. 
This was a quick read that was easily engaging and fun.  Shayla was a likeable character who is shy and self conscious of her magic.  I felt Shayla will be identifiable for teens who feel like others don't understand them.  I loved her magic and how much she could do even when she wasn't sure what she is doing.  I would highly recommend this for any teen who enjoys magic and fey.

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